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Mini Corn Dog Pops

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Growing up in the Midwest, county fairs and hometown carnivals were a summertime staple.   The minute my nose catches the deep-fried, on-a-stick goodness of  fair food I am immediately transported back to those carefree summers of my childhood.

I wanted to recreate a bit of that experience without the hassle and mess of using a fryer.  These corn dogs can be prepared quickly and easily at home.  Best of all, they are mini!

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All you need is a corn bread muffin mix, a couple of hot dogs and a few cake pop sticks.  Simply prepare the corn bread muffin mix according to package directions.  Pour into mini muffin pans and insert a hot dog slice.  When they come out of the oven, insert a cake pop stick and you are done!

I like to think of these mini corn dog pops as a “copycat” version of a classic state fair corn dog on-a-stick.  They are a great way to enjoy one of the flavors of summer any time of year!

Want to make these “Mini Corn Dog Pops” for yourself?

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