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Best Bundt Cake Ever – Double Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes

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This week’s “Best Bundt Cake Ever” contest features a classic chocolate bundt cake with a trendy and delicious twist – Greek yogurt!  I love how the yogurt helps keep the cakes moist and delicious.

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Congratulations to the creative cook behind this winning recipe, “ChefNextDoor!”  The mini cakes are easy to make, keep well, and the fruit served with the cakes can be seasonal.  Such as raspberries in the summer or strawberries in the Spring.

The cakes also have dark chocolate chips in the batter which add another dimension of flavor and texture.  We think you will love these easy and delectable mini cakes to make year-round.  Use your imagination for garnishing with your favorite seasonal fruits, or even edible flowers.  The possibilities are endless!

Follow this link for the winning recipe, “Double Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes.”  –>

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