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Italian Wedge Salad

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Who wants to cook on these hot summer days?  Salads are usually the answer, and nothing is easier than a retro iceberg lettuce wedge salad.  Wedge salads are usually thought of as being smothered in dressing, with bacon,  cherry tomatoes, and maybe a sliced hard-boiled egg alongside.  How about a refreshing version with a modern Italian twist to keep your kitchen cool and tantalize your taste buds?

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This updated version features a dressing made with flavorful roasted walnut oil,  olive oil, some tangy blue cheese, a touch of lemon, and a splash of white wine.   It is drizzled over an iceberg wedge and garnished with more blue cheese, chopped tomato, and toasted hazelnuts.  Sit back, relax, and serve the salad with the rest of that white wine!

Want to make this “Italian Iceberg Wedge Salad” for yourself?

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