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Best Vegan Recipe Ever – Pasta with Kale in Lemon Cashew Sauce

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Hey all you vegans out there, pay attention.  This recipe is awesome…

That goes for all the non-vegans as well!  I may not be a vegan, but I found this recipe to be rich, hearty and satisfying.  Definitely one to file away and make again and again.

Get ready for a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and delicious recipe!  (Heck, it could be gluten-free too if you use quinoa pasta…)

Keep reading for the winning recipe…

Congratulations to “deekoala89” on her winning recipe!  Deanna also happens to be a vegan food blogger.  You simply must check out her site, “An Officer and A Vegan.”  (I mean, is that not the cutest title ever?!  I’ll be a vegan if it means Richard Gere will show up.)

Through Deanna’s winning recipe, she shares a really easy and delicious technique for making a vegan pasta sauce.  Cashews are an excellent go-to vegan ingredient.  They have a rich, creamy texture that mimics cheese or cream in a recipe.

In order to “quick soak” cashews for this pasta sauce, all you have to do is place them in a bowl, cover with water, and microwave for 2 minutes.  That’s it!  Then they are ready to puree with the other ingredients into a rich and creamy sauce.  I am filing away this idea for sure…genius!

This was the perfect day for me to make and photograph this recipe, because I am currently staying at my sister’s apartment in Manhattan.  Sure, she may have the smallest kitchen in history (the fridge has to be kept in the living room!) but she also has access to the “Garden Club” in her building.

Imagine a giant green oasis is tucked away behind the brick walls of a Village apartment building.  Last weekend she helped plant an array of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  (That’s her personal herb garden above!)  It’s still early in the growing season, but it will be lush and full of life very soon.  This organic urban garden inside a metropolis seemed like the perfect setting to photograph our Best Vegan Recipe Ever!

For the complete recipe, click below to view and print the “Best Vegan Recipe Ever!”


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