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Organic vs.Conventional Produce

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As you are browsing the produce aisles of the grocery store, it can sometimes be difficult to read the tiny little stickers and understand the codes.

When it comes to deciphering organic vs. conventional produce, let me show you how to tell the difference.   If you are trying to make an informed decision for your purchases, I have an easy rule of thumb!

Keep reading for an easy tip!

The photo above shows two Granny Smith apples from my local grocery store.  One is certified organic, the other is conventionally produced.  Can you tell the difference just by looking?

The key is in the UPC code on the produce sticker:

All organic produce has a 5 Digit UPC code starting with the number 9.  That’s all you need to remember!  The word “organic” is written in itty bitty letters on the sticker, but I would need to walk around the store with a magnifying glass to read it!

On the other hand, conventionally grown produce uses a 4 Digit UPC code.

In the example above, you can see that the numbers “4139” indicate a Granny Smith apple.  When there is a 9 in front, it indicates an Organic Granny Smith.

An easy rule of thumb to remember on your weekend grocery shopping trip!

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