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Best Sandwich Ever – The Ultimate BLT

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Get ready to re-think everything you know about the classic BLT.   This is much more than “bacon,” “lettuce” and “tomato.”  Oh, so much more… 

Keep reading for the winning recipe…

The winning recipe in our “Best Sandwich Ever” contest comes from “krystiandennis” for the “Marinated Tomato BLT Croissant Sandwich.”

Every component in this creation is designed to heighten flavor. Let’s break it down:

Bacon – Amazing on just about anything, right?  Now imagine candied bacon…  That’s right.  In this recipe, strips of bacon are crisped with a brown sugar/black pepper medley for sweet/salty/spicy perfection in every bite.

Tomatoes – This recipe calls for slices of tomato to be marinated in an Italian herb and balsamic dressing.  Genius!

Spread – Another surprising twist is the fig jam and Dijon mustard spread.  If you like honey mustard, wait until you try this combination!

Do you need any more convincing?  Or are you already on your way to to grocery store?

Yep, I thought so…

Click the link below for the recipe!

Click here for the ultimate BLT, “Marinated Tomato BLT Croissant Sandwich” recipe –>

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