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Best Egg Recipe Ever – Breakfast Sleepy Joe Bagels

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The winner in our “Best Egg Recipe Ever” contest is a cute and creative dish that is perfect for a weekend brunch.   If you like Sloppy Joe’s for dinner, wait until you try “Sleepy” Joe’s for breakfast!

 Keep reading for the winning recipe – Breakfast Sleepy Joe Bagels

Isn’t that a catchy title?  Congratulations to Dfrosty41 on the winning recipe!

The “sloppy joe” portion of this recipe is made with country breakfast sausage.  It is served over bagels instead of buns, and topped with scrambled eggs.  Plus, you spread a bit of herb and garlic cheese over the bagel for another layer of flavor.  I love the addition of pickled jalapeños for a little morning kick!  Give this fun and hearty breakfast a try this weekend, I think you will love it as much as our judges.

Click here for the winning recipe!

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