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Bellini Recipes

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I love entertaining at home, but no one wants to be stuck playing bartender all night.  That’s why one of my go-to solutions is setting up a DIY “Bellini Bar!”  I have three different bellini recipe ideas here, but you can get creative with your favorite fruit flavors.

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 A great bellini can start with fruit juice, fruit puree or even your favorite fruit liqueur.  Below I have three different options:  PAMA pomegranate liqueur, peach puree or blueberry juice.

I think a bellini looks beautiful when there is fresh fruit dancing among the bubbly prosecco or balanced on the rim of the glass as garnish.  If you want to go gourmet and push the flavor envelope, you can even incorporate fresh herbs!  This is a great opportunity to embrace seasonal flavors and produce.

A few ideas to try:




To build a bellini, start with a splash of liqueur, puree or juice in the bottom of a flute.  Add fresh fruit and fill with glass with Prosecco.  Offer your guests a colorful array of options and they will enjoy serving themselves throughout your party.  Cheers!  

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