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Best Mexican Recipe Ever – Tinga Poblana Tacos

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There was fierce competition this week in the “Best Mexican Recipe Ever” contest!  In the end, one recipe caught our judge’s eye.  “Tinga Poblana Tacos” may sound fancy, but they are actually easy to make in a CrockPot.

Keep reading for the winning recipe…

“Tinga Poblana” is a classic pork and chipotle stew from the Puebla region of Mexico. This slow cooker version of the dish is perfect for a busy lifestyle.  The tender and juicy shredded pork can be used as a filling for tacos, burritos, or piled high on a tostada shell.  Top with sour cream, diced tomatoes and sliced avocados.

Our winner, known as the  “daringgourmet” here on Better Recipes, has a blog of the same name.  There Kimberly Killebrew focuses on world flavors, so it is no surprise she took home the top prize in the Best Mexican Recipe Ever contest!  We are so glad she decided to share her creation in our weekly contest – be sure to follow Kimberly on her Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages as well.  Congrats!

I made this for dinner last night and you know what really puts this taco filling over the edge?  Chorizo!  Oh, how I love chorizo…This spicy, smoky, and spectacular Mexican sausage simply takes the recipe to the next level.

In the end, how can you not love a “fix it and forget it” recipe made in a CrockPot?

Convinced?  Follow this link for the winning recipe!  Tinga Poblana Tacos


4 Responses to “Best Mexican Recipe Ever – Tinga Poblana Tacos”

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    Thank you, Better Recipes! It’s an honor!

    • Samuel Young says:

      Dear Miss/Mrs Kimberly:

      My mother would make various Mexican foods as she was born there. I may be wrong, but I never heard my mum speak of Tinga Poblana. If that last word–Poblana–was used, it was in reference to a Chinese young lady in Mexican history who–I may be wrong–when the enemy was taking over a part of Mexico City,this young lady wrapped herself in the Mexican flag and leaped to her death from a high cliff to her death so that the flag of Mexico would not be taken. She was known as China Poblana. I shall in the next few days be trying out your recipe. Thank you. Samuel Young

      • Rodney says:

        Poblano is the name of a pepper. It is quite tasty. I use it for chiles rellanos. I think I have read that it is somewhat similar to the Anaheim pepper. I am told that it has some heat to it, but not as hot as a jalapeno.

        (Yeah, they both just taste good to me. I can’t tell that they are hot. I can detect more ‘taste’ in the jalapeno.).

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    […] This Daring Gourmet recipe was selected by Better Recipes as the winning entry for “Best Mexican Recipe Ever“. […]

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