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Herb Garden Prize Package

369 Comments | Written on March 4, 2013 at 5:00 am , by

It may not seem like it in some parts of the country right now, but warmer weather is on the horizon!  That means it’s time to start thinking about your spring and summer garden plans.  Even in a small space, it is possible to plant a lovely herb garden!  This week, we are giving away a complete prize package to get you started.

Keep reading to learn how to win!

First…the winner of the “Cuisinart Bread Maker? giveaway.  Congratulations to #423 Nancy Smith!  Check your inbox, I will be emailing you with details on receiving your big prize!

Here is what you could win this week:

Herb Garden Kit:

-Gardening Tools
-Kneeling Pad
-Gardening Gloves
-Watering Can
-Seed Packets
-Herb Garden Markers

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us why you want to plant an herb garden!  

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!

*Note: Comments need to be approved through WordPress. If you don’t see yours right away, don’t worry…I will get to it as soon as I can! Remember to leave a comment right here on the blog itself, not on one of the photos, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.  Thanks!

369 Responses to “Herb Garden Prize Package”

  • 1
    Crystal Schlueter says:

    Herbs are so expensive to buy in the grocery store! I would love to be able to just snip off what I need & not have to worry as much about the herbs going to waste. Plus gardening with candy colored tools would make it so much more fun!

    • sandra Lawless says:

      herbs are the salt and pepper of my culinary life! I love to experiment with all of them.

  • 2

    I want to plant a herb garden to smell there beautifull aromas as I walk past them and to have the pleasure of the freshest herbs on hand for cooking.

  • 3
    cheryl says:

    its organic and readily available and you save money by not having to go purchase it

  • 4
    Christina Oddy says:

    I love fresh herbs and would like to start growing my own!

  • 5
    David L says:

    Good luck to all

  • 6
    dietcoke says:

    Living in Upstate NY The pattern on them makes you think of spring and all the gardening to come. They would be nice to have.

  • 7
    Sierra Stancliffe says:

    I use a lot of herbs and spices every week when I make dinner. I am also interested in their medicinal uses and growing them myself would make them a whole lot better!

  • 8
    Susan says:

    Well, I already have an herb garden but I need new motivation and this fun set is just the thing!

  • 9
    Marilyn B. says:

    I love to cook with fresh herbs, especially sweet basil and flat leaf parsley. Fresh herbs can make all the difference in a dish!

  • 10
    Susan Bickta says:

    I plant a small herb garden by my back doorr every summer. My gardening tools are kind of worn out …. been using the same ones for over 20 years, now. Sure would like some new ones!! Thanks for offering this great prize!

  • 11
    Katie P. says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because I’m sick of paying nearly $2 every week for a bundle of cilantro! I’d rather just grow it and be able to eat it fresh anytime I want.

  • 12
    Sue D says:

    I like to use fresh herbs in my cooking.

  • 13
    Emilie says:

    Fresh herbs add great flavor to my healthy dinners.

  • 14
    Robin M says:

    I love using fresh herbs when I am cooking. It would be lot better to grow your own than to keep buying them.

  • 15
    connie kunz says:

    To have better control over what my family eats, I grow almost all our fruits and vegetables. One of the things that has been lacking in my garden is the herbs to season the food. I just love the herb markers. Time and weather will not make the names disappear and me wondering what I planted. Fingers Crossed!

  • 16
    Eddy says:

    I want to plant an herb garden, so I can pick happiness for dinner.

  • 17
    Judith Rubin says:

    Nothing enhances the flavor of garden fresh vegetables and fruits than just handpicked herbs. On their own, they make a great breath freshener and when hanging to dry, the aroma perks up the kitchen.

  • 18
    Mandy Anderson says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs and making medicinal tinctures and infusions as well. I would love to have my own herb garden.

  • 19
    Linda Szymczyk says:

    I would like to do an herb garden to have better spices in eating and cooking. I’m trying to get healthy, and I am looking at raw fruits and veggies for now and love different flavors that herbs can give to help with that, especially in homemade salsa! Thanks for the site!

  • 20
    shirleyd says:

    We ALWAYS have an herb garden — and if I won this I’d give it to my granddaughter who is getting married in June. I believe she has space for a garden and it looks like this would be a good ‘incentive’ for her and her soon-to-be husband!

  • 21
    Lynn Talt says:

    I would love this, fresh herbs are one of the keys to fresher healthier meals. My husband has promised a new raised bed close to the house this year devoted to my herbs, what a fine start this prize would be.

  • 22
    Debbie L. says:

    I would love to serve dishes with herbs from my own garden. Love to watch things grow in my garden and nothing would give me more satisfaction!

  • 23
    Dorothy Hul says:


  • 24
    Shirley C says:

    I’d love to plant a herb garden for two reasons. I know that cooking with fresh herbs is best, I don’t know much about cooking with fresh herbs so I’d like to learn. Having an herb garden would help me accomplish that goal.

  • 25
    Lori B. says:

    My husband and I planted an indoor herb garden this winter. It’s amazing what a difference home-grown herbs make in recipes! It’s also a fabulous way to save money. Those little herbs are expensive at the grocery store!!!

  • 26
    Erica says:

    I love gardening and plant in containers. Since I use herbs at nearly every meal, planting them in containers near the kitchen door makes herbs and planting them a good combo.

  • 27
    Cathy Roland says:

    I think I should definitely win this prize. I am an avid gardener and cook. This would be a lovely addition to my gardening tools, and I love cooking with fresh herbs! Yes, please, send this one to me 🙂

  • 28
    Jennifer says:

    I would love to win to help inspire my son as a new generation to gardening and then cooking. This would give us a great project for togetherness and learning. Thank you.

  • 29
    Bobbie says:

    I’ve heard from people that herbs are good for you. I’ve never tasted them. I would like to experience growing and cooking the fresh herbs in my foods. Also be able to start a herb garden would be fun and help my daughter in homeschooling science class.

  • 30
    Amy Clark says:

    I have grown basil before and found that I use herbs much more when they are growing right outside the kitchen. I think this will be a good way to get my son interested in gardening as well.

  • 31
    Lisa G says:

    I planted somewhat of an herb garden last year…Basil, Rosemary and Parsley. I would love to expand it this year.

  • 32
    camille spillman says:

    I feel like you appreciate what you cook/eat that much more when it is grown yourself. I have always had a garden and it is so important to know where your food comes from…even herbs!

  • 33
    nancy says:

    I’ve been wanting a herb garden for a long time – for fresher tasting meals and to save money

  • 34
    Holly says:

    Fresh herbs can make a dish so much tastier. From salads to pasta to roasts, I use them in almost all of my cooking. This set looks so colorful and would make a lovely addition to my battered gardening tools!

  • 35
    Beverly New says:

    Nothing makes food taste better than the addition of fresh herbs! The aroma of the foods cooking with fresh herbs will entice you to want to stand over the food and smell all those flavors melding together. Who couldn’t ask for more!

  • 36
    Michelle P says:

    To enjoy the great smell when you are working in the garden, and they help with the garden pests!

  • 37
    Anne says:

    For the last few years, I’ve grown herbs in containers, with limited success. This year I’m hoping to put in a real herb garden. I love herb plants–the way they look, smell, taste, and grow.

  • 38
    Hayley Locke says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs. I would love this. Thanks.

  • 39
    Christine says:

    I’ve been wanting to plant an herb garden for awhile so I can use more fresh herbs while cooking! The little packages at the grocery store are way too overpriced so I hardly ever get them.

  • 40
    Erin P says:

    I love making cocktails with fresh herbs. Having a selection readily available would be awesome.

  • 41
    Eugenia Hall says:

    I love planting my own herbs because it lets me have access to multiple types of a single herb (say different kinds of mint) and lets me be secure that there are no pesticides or chemicals on them except whatever I choose to use.

  • 42
    Susan says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to
    grow HERBS in my garden!
    I have had the chance to cook
    with fresh herbs before; but I
    haven’t ever really grew any
    for myself.

  • 43
    Michael G. says:

    We love fresh herbs! My wife always cooks with fresh herbs.

  • 44
    Cindy white says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs. My very own herb garden would be perfect!

  • 45
    DONNA FOSS says:

    I Would love to grow fresh herbs to go with the vegetables my husband already grows.

  • 46
    Paula says:

    Because nothing makes food taste better than fresh herbs.

  • 47

    i need to win this ,so I can plant herbs in my flower bed…

  • 48
    Susan says:

    There’s nothing like having fresh herbs to enjoy the nicer weather coming!

  • 49
    Teresa F says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs, but they can be more than I want to pay for. Having an herb garden would be wonderful! Thanks.

  • 50
    teresa scarborough says:

    use herbs daily in cooking, great way save money and it’s fresh

  • 51
    patricia skinner says:

    Herbs are useful in cooking as well as having healing properties. I have a small herb garden and want to enlarge it.

  • 52
    Ron Miller says:

    anything to help the wife’s cooking

  • 53
    jacqueline says:

    I want to start growing my own fresh herbs to cook with and this would be an amazing start. Nothing like fresh vegeatbles with fresh herbs on top!!!

  • 54
    Amanda says:

    I’ve been following this blog for a few months, and I have to say this is the best giveaway prize yet! I really want to win it! I want to plant an herb garden because I’m tired of shelling out almost $3 per small package of fresh herbs at the store. And how cute are those gardening tools! I would feel so much more motivated to make a garden with this prize!!

  • 55
    Carrie Conley says:

    I want to plant a herb garden because I have wanted one for a long time….I am now retired and I have the time…

  • 56
    Debbie says:

    I would like to plant an herb container garden,and learn how to cook with fresh herbs.

  • 57
    david lotz says:

    That stuff would really come in handy.

  • 58
    Cindy Merrill says:

    Would you believe $5 for a tiny package of fresh dill? I’m not kidding. The prices on herbs are nearly criminal. I’d so love to win this special giveaway because I love to cook.

  • 59
    RJ L. says:

    I want to grow my own because they are expensive at the store

  • 60
    Sharon says:

    I have been wanting to discover my green thumb for years. My mother has one; I’m hoping I inherited it! Plus, my daughter and I really want the healthy options that an herb garden offers, and the convenience of having it in my own backyard (or front porch, etc.).

  • 61
    anna huff says:

    I love love love fresh basil!

  • 62
    Dorthy C. says:

    I love this. It is so pretty and would be such fun to use in my garden.

  • 63
    April Wolfe says:

    I would love to win this! I am currently trying to teach my children the importance of growing our own food…composting etc. This prize would be great!

  • 64
    Kelly says:

    There is nothing better than picking fresh herbs to compliment and complete your meal. I live in a condo so growing herbs is one of the only pleasures I have!

  • 65
    carol brooks says:

    I found in my parents basement two wash tubs on wheels, I feel this would be the perfect items in which to plant a herb garden . . . fresh herbs make food taste more delectable!

  • 66
    barb carlson says:

    It satisfies the soul to take a seed and nurture it to full growth.

  • 67
    Angie Clute says:

    Would love to plant an herb garden. My mom has had one for so many years and I’ve always loved it!

  • 68
    Elaine Micciolo says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs. They are expensive to buy and do not last long. What a joy it would be to grow and pick my own for any recipe.

  • 69
    Kathy Lambert says:

    For Christmas I received a mortal and pestle for grinding herbs from my daughter-in-law. It is made out of a fossilized material and is just beautiful. I want to put it to good use this summer using my very own home grown herbs!

  • 70
    Sarah d says:

    I love the tantalizing flavors herbs contribute to dishes! If I grew them myself no flavor would be lost between the grocery store and my home!

  • 71
    Jen Lynn Rutsky says:

    Living in NYC I can’t have a large garden but I can have an herb garden. My herb garden helps make the food I prepare for my family that much more flavorful and natural!

  • 72
    rebecca Lowe says:

    I love experimenting in my cooking, herbs are always a staple. having my own garden would be completely beneficial because i would have them fresh off the plant instead of from a store where i dont know where they were grown.

  • 73
    Linda says:

    I am now semi-retired and am looking forward to the spring and planting a garden, especially an herb garden. These fun looking garden tools will definitely get me started. Not to mention the rewards of fresh herbs.

  • 74
    Rita Rolfs says:

    I love to grow my own fresh herbs as the are awesome!

  • 75
    Susan S says:

    I would really love to have fresh herbs out of my garden and smell their aroma and taste their difference in my food. Thank you!

  • 76
    Lynette says:

    I have a black thumb.
    Maybe I can grow herbs?

  • 77
    Ginger V says:

    I would love to have really fresh herbs instead of the grocery store “fresh herbs”.

  • 78
    Holly Gray says:

    I am 76 years old and have never planted an herb garden. It would be fun to cook with fresh herbs that I have grown myself.

  • 79
    Becky Costley says:

    I love fresh and that’s hard to get in the Midwest unless you grow it yourself. 🙂 My family enjoys good for you food especially if its full of flavor-would love a starter kit to jump start a great herb garden!

  • 80
    Kay Z says:

    I love planting herbs because fresh herbs always liven up any recipe!!

  • 81
    Marcia says:

    I plant herbs every year; parsley, cilantro, basil, rosemary. The aroma of fresh herbs is intoxicating!

  • 82
    MarthaC107 says:

    My kids and I would really like to start a herb garden.

  • 83

    My husband made several raised beds last year, and this year I plan to have an herb garden in one on them. I love to cook with fresh herbs, and would LOVE to grow my own!!

  • 84
    Marilyn H says:

    I love fresh herbs and veggies. I container garden now but have fenced off a small area for an in-ground garden this year. I would love these new tools. It would make working in my garden even better!

  • 85
    stacey signor says:

    Well herbs and things are so expensive in the stores and I love love love to garden, it’s so relaxing and makes me proud when my garden is beautiful and growing with yummy things that I can share with friends, family and neighbors 🙂

  • 86
    MaryJo Toepfer says:

    I would love to win this herb garden prize – I love to cook and everything always taste better with fresh herbs. To have them readily available on hand would be such a bonus! It’s always a nice sign of nicer weather when the herbs start growing and flourishing!

  • 87
    Gayle says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because I love to dig in dirt. It takes me back to my childhood and gardening with my sweet Daddy.

  • 88
    Cindy Smith says:

    I love to use fresh herbs on fresh vegetables, and the smell as you touch them is soothing.

  • 89
    Gerri Aylor says:

    I only have a small area to garden, so this would be perfect for me, if I were to win.

  • 90
    dell spier says:

    I would like to plant a herb garden because I never know what herbacide was used on the herbs I purchase. It gives me pleasure and relaxation to work in the garden and this would give me an extra incintive to cook healthier.

  • 91
    B says:

    I’d love to save money by growing my own!

  • 92
    Diane Flood says:

    This would be a lovely gift to win. Having your own herb garden is a godsend. No driving to the store and find what you want. I love the idea of home grown.This gardeb would truly be used a lot!

  • 93
    Bill C says:

    I have a 73 year old mom who grows the biggest tomatoes and best corn. She’s starting to slow down a bit as she ages but am sure she would love to use these in her garden this year.
    Thanx Bill

  • 94
    Lisa Mecham says:

    I have a few herbs right now that I love and one I have kept indoors all winter, but I would really like to expand my garden and add some more.

  • 95
    Kay says:

    I would love to plant an herb garden. I love cooking with herbs, I love the smell of herbs and I love using them in other ways. It’s so expensive at the store to buy them, I’d love to have my own.

  • 96
    Morgan says:

    I love fresh Herbs! They add a much better flavor than the dried ones from the supermarket and they are very aromatic as well! I have always talked about planting an herb garden, don’t know why I never got around to doing it, I could have saved myself a bundle.

  • 97
    Susie Windsor says:

    I have started eating healthier and the herbs would be a great way for me to give my foods the flavor they need instead of salt.

  • 98
    Helen Wiley says:

    I Love to have fresh herbs for cooking they make the flavor so much better. I enjoy gardening, it is such a pleasure to enjoy things out of the garden.

  • 99
    Brenda Davis says:

    Cooking is so much easier it you can go outside and snip off herbs for your dinner. People who use herbs tend to use less salt with their meals and we all want to be healthy.

  • 100
    Raquel says:

    Fresh herbs add to the meals you are cooking but also to the feel and scent of the room… That is why having a herb garden at home is so great! Plus it helps lighten the weight on the pocket at month end 😉

  • 101
    Sharry McGuire says:

    Herbs appeal to many of our senses. They are visually beautiful with the varied colors & leaf shapes; the aroma when tending and harvesting is so very exquisite not to mention the lingering aroma left on ones’hands; and, the flavors they lend to our foods that awakens the taste buds! Ummmm. good! They are a delight in so many arenas/

  • 102
    Shannon says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because I love herbs and love being outside digging in the dirt! Thanks!

  • 103
    Maryann Wann says:

    I love the smell of herb plants. I also want to expand my knowledge of cooking with different herbs. I have tried growing herbs indoors without much success. I am ready to expand my horizons with an outdoor herb garden. I have thought about doing this for several years but have never gotten around to it. This package would give me the incentive that I need.

  • 104
    JUDITH R says:

    We raise a garden, now I would like to also add a herb garden too.

  • 105
    Geraldine Heslin says:

    My 12yr old son is the greenfingers and the top chef in our household so I know he’d like to win this prize for sure!!

  • 106
    Ruth Manning says:

    I plant herbs every year and can’t wait to get started this spring.

  • 107
    Marissa Fuqua says:

    Being 25 this is the first time in my life to have my own backyard and I cook a ton. It would be lovely to connect with earth and save money planting herbs.

  • 108
    Kathy says:

    I would love, love, love to have an Herb Garden!! We moved so I need to start from scratch this year. I love to cook with fresh herbs they add so much flavor to a meal. The store bought herbs are so expensive!! It would be wonderful to have my own fresh herbs right outside my door!! I love the tools too !!

  • 109
    sandra henry says:

    I love love love fresh herbs to cook…..make teas with…for myself and to add to my pets food.

  • 110

    This would be for my daughter. She likes using fresh herbs in her cooking and finds that buying them, she wastes some as she cannot use it all before it goes bad. So growing her own herbs allows her to snip what she needs and the plant continues to grow and NO waste. Thanks for considering us.

  • 111
    Brenda Riley says:

    I plant lots of herbs, basil, parsley, cilantro, etc. I also have flower beds and grow a few vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. Fantastic prize, so girly!

  • 112
    Mishelle Hidle says:

    I would love to have an herb garden because I love eating raw and fresh herbs makes it even more flavorful! Thank you for this give away

  • 113
    Sharon says:

    I love having fresh herbs available for quick use when cooking.

  • 114
    Cindy Seaman says:

    There is nothing like fresh herbs to make a simple recipe elegant and delicious. Fresh herbs taste so much better and add a beautiful green to please the eye.

  • 115
    Mindy says:

    I would love to win this prize for my kids! I believe the thought of winning a prize woud get them excited and more engaged and “plant some seeds” of inspiration in them! Not only would they learn how to plant the seeds and watch their seedlings grow, they might learn a few cooking lessons along the way and ultimately- maybe just maybe, they might try some thing new to eat!

  • 116
    Amy says:

    An herb garden would smell great, make our food taste better, and look pretty!

  • 117
    Deb C says:

    Always wanted an outside garden, figured an herb garden would be a good manageable start. Looking forward to cooking with my freshly grown herbs!

  • 118
    Rose says:

    Would love to start an herb garden in my yard. I need fresh herbs since I enjoy cooking.

  • 119
    Cheryl says:

    I would like to have fresh herbs to use. And the great looking tools to do it with!

  • 120
    Sheila Lashley says:

    I love to use fresh herbs when I cook.They add that special flavor that you can’t get any other way.

  • 121
    AuraR says:

    I’d love to plant an herb garden, tend them, care for them and then eat them up!

  • 122
    Melody Ringo says:

    I use all of the herbs for cooking and love to dry them. They make great gifts

  • 123
    Irene Morgan says:

    Herbs are so vital to good health and are a part of my garden each year. Great for juicing and using to cook with. How can one do without them!

  • 124
    Diane Lutz says:

    Herbs are more fun to pet than dogs and always smell better! It is impossible to have too many and rewarding to carry bits around the garden while you choose what to pick to share with others. People may be surprised by a herb bouquet, but they do like them.

  • 125
    Bobbi Biehl says:

    My favorite movie of all time is ” Uncle Buck ” with John Candy. Im definitely not one to watch a movie twice but I could watch this movie over and over again!!!

  • 126
    Bobbi Biehl says:

    Would love to win this so that I could plant and watch it grow with a disabled child that I take care of…this would be a good learning project for us to do together!

  • 127
    Christy Pope says:

    Fresh herbs equal yummy recipes!

  • 128
    Sarah Beth says:

    I use a lot of fresh herbs when I cook and I would love to start growing them at home so I don’t have to buy them anymore!

  • 129
    MaryAnn Fortunato says:

    i’d really like to win this for my daughter who just moved into her first house. she loves to cook and uses fresh herbs as often as possible. how lovely if she could grow her own!

  • 130
    Joyce Bohling says:

    I would love to use the herbs in cooking. So please help by pushing me to plant herbs!

    Thanks, Joyce

  • 131
    Barbara says:

    Never used fresh herbs before

  • 132
    Shannon Molden says:

    Fresh herbs are a double blessing. Not only do I get to plant them, watch them grow and smell their wonderful aroma in the garden, I am able to harvest them, using the fresh herbs to enhance the flavor of all of my recipes.

  • 133
    Delores Armstrong says:

    I enjoy working in my yard, tools are very good to help with the work you are doing.

  • 134
    Debbie Willis says:

    I want to plant a herb garden inside because I have all kinds of animals that eat them outside. They also smell so delicious in the kitchen window.

  • 135
    Ginny Green says:

    I would like to plant a herb garden to use it for making dinner for my family, I also think it would add color and beauty to my yard. It would also be something I could teach my children.

  • 136
    Karen Rambo says:

    We are learning new and healthy ways to cook and an herb garden is important to us

  • 137
    Susie B says:

    I use herbs mostly for my spaghetti sauce. We recently moved and no longer have my beloved oregano bush that I used to use most of the year.

  • 138
    Chris says:

    There’s nothing better than going out to the garden to pick fresh herbs you have grown!They add so much flavor to your cooking!

  • 139
    Onie says:

    I have always wanted to do a herb garden. I love fresh herbs and cooking with them. I have just got a new house and now a herb garden is a possibility.

  • 140
    Jenna Scofield says:

    I love herb gardens & I can’t wait until spring so I can enjoy the outdoors and digging in the dirt!

  • 141
    Karen I Ford says:

    Having an herb garden is wonderful. Having fresh herbs at your finger tips helps you make every meal more creative!! Fresh chives for a salad or to top a baked potato or rosemary spears to use instead of skewers for the grill or fresh mint to flavor your iced tea — the possobolities are endless!!!

  • 142
    Linda Misak says:

    I love herbs! I use them almost everyday in one form or another! Cooking, flavoring oils or using them in facial care or laundry. I would love to win this herb garden prize because as you know your tools make your gardening easier. Having your own herb garden would be less expensive and so much fresher. AND if you dried the herbs what a bonus too. To walk out by back door and pick them is just a little bit of heaven!!!!

  • 143
    Andrea M says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because I love to cook and there is nothing like homegrown herbs! AND my husband and I are doing a fundraiser in order to pay for the adoption of our children and one of my specialties is Whole Wheat Rosemary Bread – can you even imagine that with fresh & organic herbs?! What a treat! 😀

  • 144
    Angela Jaenisch says:

    I love using fresh herbs, it gives such a fresh taste to everything you use it in.

  • 145
    Michelle Shryock says:

    I Love fresh herbs. I have them growing in my front picture window ( to my husband’s dismay – tehe ) during the winter so we can enjoy fresh herbs all season long. I am in a new home and this will be the first season to plant a real herb garden in our new yard. I so miss my herb and vegetable garden that I had in my previous home. I even had a cold box for growing in the winter. Please consider me, I would love to start my new herb garden with new garden tools. Thank you.

  • 146
    G says:

    I love gardening. It’s very enjoyable to see your plants growing every day like your own baby. And the atmost joy is to use it, and enjoy your own plants that are sure to be the freshest and healthiest and guaranteed to be organic.

  • 147
    Jean Hanscom says:

    I am new to planting herbs and would love to be able to have some success in doing so. I think eating healthy nutritious meals is important and having them taste good would encourage others to plant their own fresh herb garden. Adding herbs to my dishes would make me feel like Julia Child!

  • 148
    Sandy Rishel says:

    I have a small herb garden, and would love to enlarge it to have more types of herbs available anytime I want or need them. Home grown herbs are so fresh and tasty!!

  • 149


  • 150
    Heather Epperson says:

    Hi! I want to plant an herb garden because fresh herbs are soooo much better than dry herbs in a bottle. Cooking with fresh herbs brings out so much flavor in the food that you are cooking it with. Plus I am a green thumb at heart and love all plants in general. Plus…who wouldn’t want to use the cool looking tools to play in the garden with. 😉 I can’t wait to win my new herb garden kit!!!!

  • 151
    Michael says:

    Cute prize.

  • 152
    Doreen says:

    give to my daughter fror her new home

  • 153

    I’d love to win the Herb Garden Kit. I love organic foods, including herbs, and I’d like to plant my own herb garden! Some of the herbs found in the grocery stores can be so expensive, especially organic products. Aside from this, I love the design on these tools!

  • 154
    Darlene says:

    Can’t wait to plant my herb garden this year. Having fresh herbs handy allows me to use them more often and to experiment with new flavors. Was not able to plant last year and missed the herbs so much.

  • 155
    Arlene Steuber says:

    I love to cook with fresh herbs but they are terribly expensive. It would be great to have more inspiration to create my own garden and cultivate my own. Besides I love being outdoors in good weather. Have a lot of flowers but haven’t tried an herb garden.

  • 156
    Wendi B. Knowles says:

    I would love to have an herb garden because I am constantly cooking and expanding the flavors. I love using fresh herbs but live in a state that the only fresh herbs you get come from somewhere else. If I had an herb garden in my kitche (which is where I would have it!)I wouldn’t have to worry about where they come from. I would be able to serve my family fresh flavors from my own garden!

  • 157
    eileen b says:

    i would love an herb garden with a nice variety of herbs so i can try new dishes in the kitchen!

  • 158

    I am just beginning to use herbs in cooking and it would be fun to have them available.

  • 159
    Billie Myers says:

    I cannot afford fresh herbs from the grocery anymore since I am on a fixed income and if I could raise them, I think that would be so neat and something that I have done for myself as well. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • 160
    Joyce Penney says:

    I love to cook with fresh herbs, and since moving into my house in the woods a year ago I haven’t had an opportunity to plant any. This would be a terrific way to get fresh herbs back into my life.

  • 161
    MaryAnn says:

    I have a an organic area where I grow rosemary, thyme and sage. I make my own soil to make sure it is organic. I have had alot of cancer and I’m very careful what I eat. Herbs make the foods I do eat tasty and keeps me from using salt. I usually just use my hands to garden, but I have grown older and these tools would make the job easier and the colors would bring a smile. thank you

  • 162
    Deb says:

    I haven’t been able to this for a while and looking forward to starting them again this year.

  • 163
    Deb says:

    I use to be able to do this garden and will be able to do it again this year.

  • 164
    Jean says:

    I would love to show my grandchildren that they can grow their own herbs in the yard.

  • 165
    Marie says:

    Herbs add spice to life!!!!!

  • 166
    diana says:

    would love to garden with these cheerful tools

  • 167
    farmkat says:

    Love herbs… grew basil last year and dried it. still smells great. Would love to do a bigger herb garden this year.
    Why? because fresh herbs are so expensive in the store – for the price of one small bunch, you can grow all summer long.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 168

    Now that I am retired, I have time to do the things I want to do. I have always had some sort of garden, but never an herb garden. I just bought a $6 plastic container with a small package of herb seeds (all mixed together). About 15 seeds have sprouted, I am not sure which. This is NOT how to grow herbs. I would LOVE to win this prize. I want to have my first REAL herb garden… THANKS

  • 169
    Sandy says:

    well pretty up the garden

  • 170
    Mary A. Steele says:

    Now that I am retired, I have time to do the things I want to do. I have always had some sort of garden, but never an herb garden. I just bought a $6 plastic container with a small package of herb seeds (all mixed together). About 15 seeds have sprouted, I am not sure which. This is NOT how to grow herbs. I would LOVE to win this prize.

  • 171
    Vicki Schaaf says:

    My fibromyalgia prevents me from doing the gardening I would like to do. So I sit on my steps with a half barrel planter on each side. Herbs of all kinds are therapy for me. I would love to win this prize to enjoy my painfilled summer with your lovely giveaway.

  • 172
    Beverly says:

    I want to plant an herb garden, because I’ve moved from Austin, Texas to a small town outside Amarillo and the lack of fresh produce and herbs is appalling! I use (when I can get them!) a lot of fresh herbs in my cooking, particularly basil, thyme, lemon basil, sage, rosemary, and mint. I am a single mother and a high school teacher and I need some help in getting started with my herb garden! Thanks!!

  • 173
    Donna Becker says:

    would love to start eating better and seaon my meals with fressh herbs

  • 174
    Kimberly says:

    Why plant herbs? For my fresh garden salsa of course! You can never have enough salsa around!!

  • 175
    Andrea says:

    I love planting fresh herbs in my garden. They add such a wonderful flavor to everything I bake. Yum.

  • 176
    sonialee_01460@yahoo.com says:

    What fun! Does the job and brings joy to the eyes. Sonia lee

  • 177
    Perri says:

    I have had an herb garden in the past although last summer I was unable to take care of my yard due to a few brain tumors and bone cancer. I am feeling better (although the tumors will not go away) and would very much like to get my herb garden up and running again. It is great to have fresh herbs in my meals.

  • 178
    penny mcclain says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because nothing seasons food as well as fresh herbs and the extra can always be dried for later use.

  • 179
    Suzanna Hocq says:

    My husband found out on Christmas eve he is diabetic. So I am trying recipes that are healthy and “tasty”. Starting an herb garden would sure give me plenty of options for that “tasty” we’re looking for!

  • 180
    janet says:

    i have 2 young granddaughters. we do lots of crafts together.I would like to have an herb garden for myself, but think this would be a great project for myself and a learning project for the girls.

  • 181
    Jan Hall says:

    My husband and I are trying to do more to watch what we eat. We have a garden and I am learning to cook more with fresh herbs. I would love to win this. Thank you

  • 182
    Angela S. says:

    I grew an herb garden for a few years when I was in my early twenties and just loved not only using the fresh herbs, but how wonderful the garden smelled! I keep thinking about growing another one (its 15 years later) but haven’t done so. This would get me moving on that task!

  • 183
    Pam says:

    I love growing my own basil and cilantro. I just take what I need…no waste.

  • 184
    Melanie says:

    Fresh herbs are amazing

  • 185
    Teresa says:

    Fresh herbs add so much flavor, aroma and color to a dish, I can’t think of a better addition to any kitchen. Would love to win this garden!!

  • 186
    Joann Langdon says:

    Never had an herb garden, would love fresh herbs for my recipes.

  • 187
    Betty Flinchbaugh says:

    I would love to have fresh herbs to cook meals with! Nothing like it!

  • 188
    anna says:

    i live in Costa
    Rica (now – still a US citizen) and some spices/herbs are really hard to find – would love to grow my own!

  • 189
    Ken Robinson says:

    I want to plant an herb garden so I have fresh herbs to use in my meals.

  • 190

    I planted some herbs in a pot several years ago and have enjoyed being able to just snip what I needed. I would love to expand my herbs by using the planter in front of my apartment. Fresh herbs make the recipes taste so much better and also the salad dressings.

  • 191
    Jeanette says:

    Our church has a mission in Hancock County/Sneedville, TN. (The poorest county in TN). They help keep the youth off the streets by helping them learn the basics of life such as planting seeds and using the produce/herbs in their food. If I win, I will donate the supplies to that area.

  • 192
    Patty says:

    I love the smell and the taste of fresh herbs, and they make a pretty garden too!

  • 193
    Brenda Thayer says:

    I can’t wait till it’s warn enough to start planting!

  • 194
    Shawn Lemieux says:

    After having to moving from my beautiful perennial garden with my beautiful flowers and aromatic herbs, I’m having to start all over from scratch. This gift would be the best way to help me get started in the Spring after Minnesota’s cold winter months.

  • 195
    stubhai says:

    Herbs are the spice of life.

  • 196
    Marina Cameron says:

    I’d like to start a herb garden to have fresher ingredients on hand when I cook. Thank you.

  • 197
    carol kieda says:

    Hi, I would love to win this Garden Prize.
    I cook a lot with fresh herbs in my spaghetti and use other herbs in salads.
    It would be great to have a garden on my deck right outside of the kitchen.

  • 198
    Marilyn says:

    We just bought a new home with a great big dinner room window with a very large shelf running under it. As I sat in there the other morning I thought it would be a perfect place for herbs to grow. I always have had window gardens this will be my first year expanding to a yard. Wish us luck.

  • 199
    Misty says:

    I am very fortunate in that my children are fairly adventuresome when it comes to food (they like Mom’s home cooking). They do not pick herbs out of their food as many children do. To have fresh herbs on hand for my daily cooking would be awesome! Much better than buying limp, not-so-fresh herbs from the grocery store! Thanks!

  • 200
    Tanya Tonelli-Coady says:

    I want to have a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my family and fresh herbs will help me accomplish that.

  • 201
    cybercook@ameritech.net says:

    Everything tastes better with fresh herbs.

  • 202
    Sylvia A says:

    Growing my own garden lets me have fresh herbs on hand, and nothing makes food more flavorful and healthful than fresh!

  • 203
    Maranda says:

    I would love to win this herb garden package because it would be used on a daily bases when preparing meals for myself and family. We are all practicing daily to eat healthier so that we may live longer. Not only would I share the nutritional value of the herbs with my family but also when cooking edible gifts that I love to bless friends,relatives and others with. Essentially I would be helping others as well as my family and myself. Thank you for this opportunity to be able to enter and win this great gift.

  • 204
    Pamela A Goff says:

    I’d like to make my cooking better with fresh herbs!

  • 205
    alyce poalillo says:

    I love to cook and use the freshest organic ingrediants so growing my own is the way to go

  • 206
    Ana Bailey says:

    Many years during growing up time, we lived on small farm and had a zillion different types of fresh fruit and vegetables. As an adult I so miss that and the only thing I can look forward to is containers where I can grow herbs and a few flowers. I would love to receive the goodies.

  • 207
    Ava Friddle says:

    I am a 80 year old grandma who loves to cook big pots of “everything” for our large family, and also the many extended family members who are often gathered around my kitchen table. I have a heavy hand with the herbs and spices that help make delicious sauces – and happy memories. I have two half wine barrels outside the kitchen door for my herbs, but, unfortunately they all froze last year. Planting time here is next month. What a blessing to have everything at hand and ready to go!

  • 208
    SALLY says:


  • 209
    Mary Willis says:

    As a senior citizen and a recent widow, this new project would put some activity back into my life.

  • 210
    Louise Price says:

    Fresh herbs are far superior to dried herbs, hands down. Not to mention they smell so much nicer than dried herbs.

  • 211
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    I’ve always wanted to try fresh herbs so this would be perfect!!!

  • 212
    Rhonda says:

    I am trying to eat healthier without drastically increasing my food budget. Growing my own herbs would help with both!

  • 213
    Toni Taranto says:

    I would love to be successful in growing herbs, as I love to cook, and I use them frequently. The times I have tried to grow them, they died a quick & silent death!!! I have recently read a lot of information that has given me the knowledge that I feel will help me be successful.

  • 214
    Lynne P says:

    I love using fresh herbs in my recipes, but the cost is prohibitive. The stores sell most of them by the “bunch” and often I only need a few sprigs of one kind, & a TBS of another. The rest goes bad before I can use it. This would be so great to win.

  • 215
    Dorothy says:

    Herbs are so expensine,and growing my own would be great, as i could just snip some off as i make alot of recipes that call for them, and this way they would be fresh. That would have to be better.

  • 216
    darla biederman says:

    I want to plant an herb garden to have fresh herbs to include in my delicious culinary creations!

  • 217
    Linda Frede-Tripicco says:

    There’s nothing like cooking with fresh herbs and nothing says summer like tons of homemade basil pesto, hummus with plenty of parsley and pasta salad with plenty of Italian seasonings.

  • 218
    Sue Chapman says:

    My son has congestive heart failure, and is restricted to 1,500 mg of sodium per day. I am having to be “creative” in my cooking to still have a lot of flavor while using ZERO SALT, so I’m working with herbs and spices to up the flavor without further harming his health. My own herb garden would be great, as FRESH beats DRIED any time!

  • 219

    I am so ready for an herb garden. Ive never had one.

  • 220
    Hope Fleming says:

    I would try herbs more, I like it in eggs but the church needs it more in Tn Hope they win

  • 221
    DeLee Nagy says:

    There is nothing better than fresh herbs in cooking, it makes such a difference! This prize package would be awesome to win!

  • 222
    Dianna Smith says:

    I have end stage muscular dystrophy which has caused my doctors to place me on a very restrictive diet. I am constantly developing recipes which will provide needed nourishment. Herbs provide important vitamins and minerals which are difficult to get on restrictive diets. My doctors have been requesting many of my recipes for their other patients. I am limited in what I can do, but I can still plant in containers and cook. The cost of many of my specialized ingredients are costly, so purchasing a kit like this prize is not in my budget, but would be well used by me as I use fresh herbs whenever I can for their beauty, nutritive value for myself and others who are given my recipes, and for the joy of Mother Earth and the feel of her soil and and flavor of her bounty.

  • 223
    Kathy Arens says:

    I have been wanting to start an herb garden for sometime – herbs cost so much retail, but add so much to food – it is a quandry.
    I’m a procrastinator, but getting this starter kit just may get me “started”.

  • 224
    Mary Godfrey says:

    I would love to plant these with my 6 and 4 year olds and then cook with them .

  • 225
    Susan C says:

    I moved recently, and no garden. I need to start from scratch this year.

  • 226
    Dwight York says:

    We try every year but the heat always gets it but this year we will but them in pots and bring them in!!!!

  • 227
    Christine A. says:

    To have my kids learn about gardening & grow my favs for flavor & fresher meals.

  • 228
    Martha C says:

    To have fresh herbs at hand and not have to hope they have them at our local grocery store.

  • 229
    Mary Louise says:

    What a wonderful gift for someone with a green thumb. Love this!

  • 230
    Kate D. says:

    I want to plant an herb garden because there is no substitute for fresh herbs. Raised in an Italian family, my Dad always had a garden and it always contained herbs (lots of parsley and oregano, among others). Even after he was confined to a wheelchair/scooter, he maintained an extensive garden.

  • 231
    Tammy says:

    I love to cook & the fresh herbs will only enhance the flavors.

  • 232
    Samuel Fred says:

    I use fresh herbs and would love this prize!

  • 233
    Emily says:

    I would love to plant a herb garden to have fresh herbs to cook with .

  • 234
    Bertha Bluhm says:

    I have a small herb garden started but would like to expand and try new herbs. Also I would like to grow enough to dry so I can have organic herbs all year around.

  • 235
    paul jerzak says:

    My wife and I just love fresh herbs.Everything is better with a little herb in it.Fresh Basil or Dill–Whoo is that good.

  • 236
    S Carter says:

    I live in a high rise and cannot garden but this will be a gift for a co-worker. She brings me veggies from her garden ALL summer. I even have my own tomato tree in her garden!

  • 237
    Kathi Jarabek says:

    I had a lovely herb garden in Florida..my husband and I loved to use the fresh herb in our cooking…we moved to Connecticut and built a new home…no gardens yet but would love to start a new herb garden…nothing like fresh herbs to brighten a day!

  • 238
    Dee S says:

    I use fresh herbs in my daily cooking! This would be perfect for us!

  • 239
    laura says:

    My daughter-in-law to be and my son just purchased a house. She loves to cook and has previously grown her own herbs, which she had to leave behind under the snow when they moved. This would be an awesome thing to share with her!

  • 240
    LaDonna Hopkins says:

    I want to plant an herb garden to use for enhancing my diabetic recipes because my brother has recently moved in with me and we both have Diabetes.

  • 241
    Johnette Jackson says:

    Although I have a garden, I have not had much luck with herbs – maybe this will help!!!!. YEA

  • 242
    Carla OBrien says:

    It’s not only functional…it’s a work of art. I would be honored to make my girlfriends jealous! Just beautiful!

  • 243

    My neighbor told me herbs growing in the garden would keep the deer away and my flowers would survive through the summer. I cook lots of Italian dishes and love to use fresh herbs.

  • 244
    Amanda Laudenslayer says:

    I would love to plant a herb garden because I live in a small town not real close to any big cities, which means that if I am lucky I can get cilantro and parsley at the grocery store, but that is about it. I love fresh herbs and would like to have a larger variety for cooking with!

  • 245
    judy says:

    I am fairly new to herb gardening. Would like to have proper tools and tips to do a better job. Thank you.

  • 246
    Marcy says:

    My daughter suggested that I use fresh herbs last growing season. I tried basil and rosemary. I didn’t realize what a difference fresh herbs could make in my recipes. This year I plan to experiment with even more herbs and this herb package would make it so easy.

  • 247
    cathy j says:

    There’s nothing like fresh herbs in a recipe!

  • 248
    jeff j says:

    Fresh herbs make a recipe taste so much better.

  • 249

    Herb and Flower garden are the best rewards.

    They also are the best tranquilizer at the best price.

  • 250
    Jeana says:

    Well I am a novice gardener. I’ve only done this for about 5 years or so and I don’t have all the things I need for an herb garden. I usually just write the name on a door shim, there supper cheap and they recycle in the compost. I love herbs I’ve just never had any luck. Maybe with the right gear and seed it will be a better season. Thank you for the chance.:)

  • 251
    Lynda says:

    I love the idea of growing my own fresh herbs, they are so expensive at the grocery store and not always fresh either. The whimsical design of the tools is delightful. I can hardly wait for spring to get started.

  • 252
    Mary Wippold says:

    Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs.
    I love having a garden especially when it gets hot and I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store a lot. The fresh vegetables and herbs are definitely more healthy.

  • 253
    Linda Montes says:

    The aroma from a herb garden is so theraputic. I would love to have my own herb garden.

  • 254
    L Hanner says:

    I would love to plant an herb garden as the one I had got messed up with new septic tank being put in and then with health problems. I love to cook and use a lot of herbs to cook with.

  • 255
    Susan Plank says:

    Fresh herbs are always better than dried. Can’t wait to plant a herb garden.

  • 256
    Sheryl M says:

    I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. I am a heart patient and it helps me to use less salt. I grow some every year but this set looks really nice.

  • 257
    Sharon McDonald says:

    I have always loved to use fresh herbs in my cooking, I would love to grow my own and get out in the garden.

  • 258
    susannah zygmont says:

    I tried this early, and for some reason it did not work out, Better luck this time,I hope,I hope.

  • 259
    Lauren Skinner says:

    I want to use organic herbs for cooking instead of store bought. I am beginner and would love to try.

  • 260

    I just bought my first home & spring is coming. I would love to plant my own herb garden to enjoy in my cooking. I’m so happy here:)

  • 261
    Marcy Sue says:

    A year and a half ago, I woke up in the hospital to find out that I had spent the previous 5 weeks clinging to life. I was unable to walk, talk, swallow, care for myself in any way. Recovery was a difficult and lonely process. But, today, finds me in a very good place. I am able to function as a full participant where it counts most; as a mom to my wonder boys. Cooking was always something I enjoyed prior to getting ill. Now it is something that gives me a creative outlet and benefits my children. This is a fresh new start. Trying new recipes and experimenting with old standards. Fresh products are key to how I am approaching meals. Herbs make the differences in salad dressings, roasted chickens, Italian tomato based sauces, fresh mint iced tea, even weekend scrambled eggs. An herb garden would be a well used key element it preparing meals for my very special boys. Fresh products are more important to me now than ever before.

  • 262
    angie says:

    The best thing about an herb garden is having freshness at your fingertips when cooking. The plants help the enviroment as well as add decor.

  • 263
    Terri says:

    I love to cook w/ fresh herbs. I live in a very rural area so I only shop 1-2x a month, so to keep my food tasting fresh I use fresh herbs. To get fresh herbs I started an herb garden. I’m still learning – a LOT. But I have learned that even an omelet is transformed when fresh herbs are added.

  • 264
    tanya smith says:

    Nothing beats fresh herbs!! They make a huge difference when prepping food! And I’d love to win because I never win anything! 😉

  • 265
    Becky says:

    I really like cooking with fresh ingredients, especially when seasoning dishes. They also make the whole house smell really really good.

  • 266
    Kim says:

    There is nothing like cutting your own fresh herbs when preparing a meal for those you love.

  • 267
    Jo Stires says:

    I just moved from California to Utah and bought a house. I had an herb garden before and would like one at my new house. I’m sure gardening here is very different.

  • 268
    Lorie says:

    I would plant basil, lemon balm, dill, garlic, and lots of others. I love the smell of lemon balm and mint so I would plant those deffinatly!

  • 269

    Wanting to go as organic as possible as I have Fibromyagia and trying to eat clean to avoid as many toxins as possible. Herbs are great replacements to add flavor without adding preservatives and fillers.

  • 270
    JoAnn Keyes says:

    Fresh herbs are so refreshing and they smell so wonderful. At this time I can only grow them in pots but they give me so much pleasure to grow it’ worth it

  • 271
    Dawnie says:

    I;m trying to teach my 3 grandchildren to eat health and how to grow your own. Now a days everything is so high. and it teaches them motor skills and good health

  • 272
    Cheryl says:

    I love the smell of herbs in the garden. Adding them to dishes I’m preparing has added a new dimension to my cooking. They add so much flavor to whatever I am cooking. I like having the herbs available to me in my garden because they are fresher and I can take just the amount I need. So much of store bought herbs goes to waste since rarely do I use a big bunch like you get in the stores.

  • 273
    Sarah says:

    I love fresh herbs and they are especially pretty growing on my porch. More economical to grow than to purchase separately at grocery.

  • 274
    cindy lott says:

    Nothing is better than going out, plucking your own fresh herbs for feasting!

  • 275
    Judy Ring says:

    I love the smell of fresh herbs and the flavor is so much better in my cooking than when I use the dried ones. Would love this!!

  • 276
    Peggy F says:

    Fresh herbs make any meal taste better.

  • 277
    Carol C. says:

    Having fresh herbs to add to all your dishes is wonderful. Having a small garden of it allows you to add delicious aromas and beautiful sights to your “space” as well. Growing herbs yourself, allows you to control pesticides, etc. I could go on and on, but growing things like herbs is easy and so beneficial!

  • 278
    Diane Howell says:

    Spring is coming and I’m anxious to start gardening.The beds are begging for company.

  • 279
    Vernon Luckert says:

    A wonderful thing about an herb garden is having fresh flavor at your fingertips when cooking.

  • 280
    Anneli Kelley says:

    I would love to win this herb garden since I enjoy growing our salad vegetables (I’d grow more but am limited on space!). I know how much better fresh vegetables taste than any you can buy in the store, so I’d like to experience the same benefit from the herbs I add to all my cooking! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • 281
    Denise MacNeil says:

    While we all try to eat healthy, we need to eat what tastes good too. Having fresh herbs to add to sauces, salads, and side dishes gives everything a better taste. Sounds good to me! Makes me kind of hungry too!

  • 282
    Cheryl Cal says:

    What a wonderful prize, fresh herbs are the best complement to my fresh dishes.

  • 283
    Twila. Crosby says:

    What else is there to say? But if I win, there will be happy children, who wants to play in the garden.

  • 284
    sFranko says:

    Fresh smelling herbs and greens are very healthy.

  • 285
    Vanessa says:

    Love fresh herbs. Usually buy herbs at grocery store for a recipe then end up throwing the rest away.

  • 286
    Phyllis says:

    I love growing my own herbs. I really love walking out to the yard and cutting off want I need. It makes everything taste so much better. I also have people I work with that depend on me to bring them fresh herbs. My little herb garden serves us all well. I can’t wait til the snow melts and spring arrives so my husband and I can plant my garden of herbs.

  • 287
    Sally says:

    The tools are cute! I cook with fresh herbs all the time, and would love to grow some myself.

  • 288
    Laurie Emerson says:

    I would love to win this and plant my very own herb garden just like the one my mom used to have. She always told me and showed me that you can take the simplest of foods but when you added some fresh herbs you had a dish fit for a king. Fresh herbs always pull a dish together and make it something so delicious and so special!

  • 289
    Amy Thornton says:

    I love to cook and would love to have my own fresh herbs to use.

  • 290
    Diane Kroese says:

    Planting an herb garden would be lovely

  • 291
    Debbi R says:

    I love to cook with fresh herbs; but, I live in a small town and cannot always get them at the grocery store.

  • 292
    Crissy D. says:

    I would like an herb garden because I have switched to a vegetarian diet and would love to grow more of my own ingredients

  • 293
    Georgia Willis says:

    Fresh herbs and a fresh healthy meal, it doesn’t get any better than that! Lets make it happen!

  • 294
    Betsy says:

    i love fresh herbs, this looks like a fun project i’d like to try.

  • 295
    Joan says:

    Nothing beats the flavor fresh herbs when cooking. They can be quite expensive to purchase in the produce department of the supermarket, Having a variety of fresh herbs available at your fingertips would be awesome and so worth the little bit of work involved.

  • 296
    Pat says:

    It would be fantastic to have the herb kit
    to grow fresh herbs. I already use them in
    cooking when I can. Herbs add flavor and
    nutrition to my dishes!

  • 297
    Debra Harp says:

    I am SO heartily sick of snow! A little ‘green’ growing in my kitchen window should do the trick!

  • 298

    I want a herb garden because I love fresh and natural foods.

  • 299
    jen gersch says:

    I want to plant my own fresh herbs to save money and put in my juicer with tomatoes

  • 300
    Angela Yer says:

    I would love to plant herbs because they are so expensive in stores, and I would like mine to be organic and save money. I cannot cook without herbs.

  • 301
    Chuck says:

    Fresh herbs are so great when I do my canning. This would be a great win. Thanks 🙂

  • 302
    Eli Stamp says:

    I love herbs!

  • 303
    Elizabeth Howard says:

    I love herbs. They make my food more interesting and what I don’t use I put in a dish and as they dry they make the house smell wonderful!

  • 304
    Theresa J says:

    I would love to have fresh herbs available all the time

  • 305
    Lanette says:

    I enjoy both growing and using fresh herbs. It awakens food without salting the death out of food! I also dry herbs so I can use then year round.

  • 306
    Louise Valiere says:

    Fresh herbs make food taste so much better than dried. I would love to plant my own herbs.

  • 307
    Julie Smith says:

    I’m going to try my hand at urban gardening this year, and this herb kit would be a fabulous addition! (I’m also going to try potatoes in a garbage bag and some container gardening)

  • 308
    Karla says:

    Fresh herbs make food taste wonderful. I’d love to grow my own to save money.

  • 309
    Christne says:

    I have changed the way and what I eat to a healthy diet. I have learned that fresh herbs add great flavor that more than make up for fats and clories I now avoid.

  • 310
    Bonita says:

    I love to cook with fresh herbs- especially rosemary and basil.

  • 311
    Donna C says:

    I would love a kitchen herb garden. I love to garden and I love to cook.

  • 312
    Susan P. says:

    I love using fresh herbs in cooking and this would be a very economical way to get them. Fresh from my herb garden!

  • 313
    Mary W says:

    Herbs grow well down here in the South so we have them year round.I keep fresh parsley, basil and dill in my raised bed garden. The butterflies love it too and that’s the best reason of all to plant an herb garden.

  • 314
    Jenny says:

    I have wanted to plant my own garden for sometime now. It would be so much fun with my two-year-old to have one in our yard and make it something we do together! Plus, I love fresh smells of herbs!

  • 315
    Mikki Cross says:

    I have been trying to stay away from salt, & ssome fats so I have been seasoning my foods with different herbs. This would make my herb gardening much easier.

  • 316
    Ann Fantom says:

    I’m going to plant a herb garden because cooking with fresh herbs tastes so much better than dried herbs

  • 317
    Meta says:

    I’m on a new diet and need to cut back on sugar and salt but don’t want to cut back on flavor. If I had my own herb garden I could use the fresh herbs to flavor my food.

  • 318
    Barbara McCrary says:

    Freshens up every dish!!

  • 319
    Debbie G. says:

    I have always wanted to have fresh herbs at my fingertips. The dried one are just not the same and to buy fresh herbs is so expensive. So these would be a great start to my own herb garden!

  • 320
    Dee Guelcher says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs & it would be wonderful to be able to win this & have fresh herbs right here at home!

  • 321
    Ginnie Cope says:

    I cook with fresh herbs and would rather grow them than buy them

  • 322

    I would love to plant an herb garden b/c I use fresh herbs often in my cooking. Plus, they smell lovely. 🙂

  • 323
    Derrick Johnson says:

    I love cooking with fresh herbs when they’re available,growing my own would be great for my kitchen.

  • 324
    RoseMarlene Lytle says:

    I would love to start a Herb Garden. Having Fresh Herbs to put in Salads, and Cooked Dishes will help lower my husband’s diabetics and Blood Pressure. Eating healthy is my goal!

  • 325
    Pam thompson. says:

    My daughter a newlywed and pregnant with our first grandchild has been wanting to grow a garden for the first time. She wants to provide fresh homemade foods for her new husband and their children as they create their new family. I’d love to win this for them to start out their gardening adventure! Thank you!

  • 326
    lori clark says:

    me me i want to WIN

  • 327
    Suzanne Offner says:

    I want to start an herb garden because I love to cook with fresh herbs, but I never seem to have what I need at home. They’re awfully expensive to buy in little bunches because they don’t always keep well.

  • 328
    Pam thompson says:

    I’d like to win this for my daughter and son in law. They are newlyweds and recently pregnant with their first (and our first GRAND) child. My daughter wants to create fresh foods for her little family by planting a garden. I’d like to be able to give this to them to start them out right!

  • 329
    Carol Miller says:

    Fresh herbs are a great way to reduce salt in your diet and add some zip to your meals.

  • 330
    Gaye M says:

    Herbs are so great to spice up your cooking, but way too expensive to buy at the grocery. If you grow your own and just snip off as much as you need, you know they’re fresh and available. (And these tools are too cute!)

  • 331
    Bonny says:

    oh my – just in time for gardening!! sweet

  • 332
    Jennifer Saylor says:

    I am starting an herb garden and vegetable garden because I have fibromyalgia and have been on an elimination diet for the last month and have felt a lot of improvement. I plan to transition to a mostly plant-based/whole foods diet and would love to have it handy in my back yard!

  • 333
    jennifer sullivan says:

    would love to pay it forward to my small children to do their garden.

  • 334
    rachel yahwak says:

    With 16 different types of basil alone in my garden, I am always seeing what is out there to add to it. This might just be the answwer to my wishes.

  • 335
    Jane says:

    I have started my process of cooking only foods that I grow and of course tasty foods can’t be tasty without great flavorful spices that are fresh. I’m learning to store and package my foods to make them last longer without losing flavor. These products would help to make it easier for me to grow my own food. Thanks for your consideration.. GROWING GREEN

  • 336
    Annmarie Bell says:

    I am now retired and I am experiencing cooking using herbs to flavor my meals for a healthier life. It is amazing how flavorful foods are with natural herb seasonings.

  • 337
    Karen says:

    I would love to have my own herb garden because where I live I can never find the herbs called for in most recipes and the ones I do find are extremely expensive and you never know what pesticides have been used on the ones you can find. This is crazy that I saw this today as I just got back home from buying sweet corn seeds to plant in our garden. We have a HUGE garden every year. (75-100 tomatoe plants for starters)

  • 338
    Sarah says:

    I would like an herb garden for flavoring foods,medicinal uses as well as to add to homemade soaps and potpourri .

  • 339
    Angela W says:

    I use fresh herbs all the time and would love this prize!

  • 340
    heather Swarthout says:

    I have a family full of gardeners and I absolutely love herbs. The fact that this prize would help me start will be awesome!

  • 341

    I would love to start an herb garden because it can be planted in containers. I don’t have a yard, but I do have a tiny deck.I love fresh herbs!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • 342
    merry partridge says:

    I could use these in my garden, plus i love the colors

  • 343
    Gloria S says:

    i love to garden and am already getting spring fever

  • 344
    Katherine Donovan says:

    I love to garden. TO be able to pick fresh herbs….there’s nothing better!

  • 345
    vmlayton says:

    I would love to win this. I am planting a veggie garden for the first time this year. Wish me luck!

  • 346
    Lorayne Gothard says:

    I want to plant the garden with my girls so they can learn to be more self sufficient with the food they eat and the herbs they have. It is a step in the right direction!!

  • 347
    Kat Emerick says:

    I love fresh herbs! I want to plant this year.

  • 348
    Gaye M says:

    There’s nothing better than fresh herbs from your own garden to season your food!

  • 349

    I have used herbs in my cooking ever since my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It would be marvelous to grow my own esp. with the economy downturn.

    Thank you,

  • 350
    Janet says:

    I would love to grow a herb garden because fresh herbs make recipes so much more tasty; but they are expensive to buy at the stores

  • 351
    Teri Post says:

    I love to use fresh herbs on homemade pizza and to make my own pesto. Great start to a fun springtime.

  • 352

    I love the herb garden set! Herbs add so much to my cooking, I just couldn’t cook without them. I grow them just outside my kitchen door door and it is so great to just go outside and snip them for yummy dishes.

  • 353
    Meagan Davis says:

    My husband and I are trying to be more self sufficient and an herb garden would be perfect. We started a garden but I would love to have herbs at my disposal as well.

  • 354
    Laurie Ekenman says:

    I love going out and picking fresh herbs whenever I need them. I keep trying new ones every year and have fun with all the different flavors.

  • 355
    Laurie Ekenman says:

    I love going out and picking fresh herbs when I need them. I like to try new ones every year and have fun with all the flavors.

  • 356
    Christina says:

    This is a beautiful set! Last few years my husband just sort of plopped our herbs in the ground. I’m not sure where or what everything this. I am in the process of creating a whole new garden layout for this year, and these would come in very handy for the execution.

  • 357
    Linda Beus says:

    How fun matching gardening tools!

  • 358
    George Thodoropoulos says:

    WOW! My own herb garden!

  • 359
    Alice Craig says:

    I love the striped color of the tools; also,
    one of my late uncles just loved my cream of tomato soup. I used to make it throwing in all kinds of herbs.

    Also, I agree with others that herbs are expensive in the stores & I have dreamed of
    having an herb garden growing outside my kitchen so that I can go snip some to cook with. I have been cooking with herbs lots since I was in college & beyond.

    I like to use herbs in almost everything–especially, meats, salads, some soups, etc.

    I really would love to win this.


    Alice G. Craig

  • 360
    William says:

    I’m 67 and just starting to learn to cook. But with just two of us ( my wife ) it is hard to keep fresh herbs. I’d love to be able to use fresh herbs from an herb garden. PS: I now know how a young bride feels in learning how to cook.

  • 361
    Debbie says:

    I have been a Type I insulin using diabetic for 54 years and have found that spices instead of salt and sugar give the best taste of all. I would love this herb garden to help me herb my way to continued, fresh and less caloried eating. Can’t you see me outside with my gardening hat and cute tools?:)

  • 362
    Sue says:

    I am investing in my very first full fledged herb garden this year. I have done my research about which herbs that I want to have are invasive and will be putting those in containers and and using complimentary gardening techniques to support my entire garden. Now if it would only stop freezing in Oklahoma, I could get everything started into the ground!

  • 363
    Anna Teal says:

    I not only cook with herbs, but make my own poultices, teas, and tintures! Having recently moved over winter, I could not take my beloved herbs with me! I really need to jump start my new herb garden. Here’s to hoping I win!

  • 364
    Shelly Jaksch says:

    We are in the process of redoing our entire outside area of our house. The one thing I told my husband I HAVE TO HAVE is an herb garden!! I cook every day for my family and I love it!! Fresh herbs are such a great thing to have as they add an important aspect to the flavor profile of a dish. I make my own spaghetti sauce as well as pizza dough, and pasta. There is nothing better in a crispy pizza crust than some fresh basil baked right into it!!

  • 365
    SCA says:

    Getting a new property with a fantastic space for a herb & vegetable garden! Nothing better than great food prepared with home-grown ingredients!

  • 366
    Megan Dobbins says:

    I love herb gardens for adding flavor to meals but most important, herbs are the best way to treat and prevent minor ailments.

  • 367
    Tracy says:

    I love the look of a beautiful garden plus the wonderful organic benefits of growing it yourself. Keeping even the small things healthy for my family means a lot to me. The biggest reward will be teaching my family the basis of the Farm to Table experience.

  • 368
    Sandra Pongvachararak says:

    I have a small herb garden already, but would like to have better tools to make it look better. Herbs are something that I use extensively and I love using them in new and different ways.

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