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Best Pork Chop Ever

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Has anyone ever told you, “You make the best Pork Chops ever!”  Well, now is your chance to prove it!  Oh, and you could take home up to $10,000.00 for your recipe.

This week the theme is “Pork Chops”  Do you make the “Best Pork Chops Ever?”  Enter today!

Keep reading to find out how you can win up to $10,000.00! 

Several ways to win:

1)  Editor’s Choice – $250.00 weekly prize, $10,000.00 Grand Prize

All entries will be judged by a qualified panel and one winner will be announced each week.  At the end of the contest, a Grand Prize winner will be awarded from among the weekly winners.

In addition to the $250 prize, the winners will also be featured right here on “The Daily Dish.”  Winners will also receive a badge they can post on their own blog or social media.  Every winner will be presented with a signed certificate that they make the “Best ___ Ever!”

(Hey bloggers, winning this contest is a great way to show off your skills and promote your site!)

2)  Reader’s Choice – $250 weekly prize, $1000 Ultimate Reader’s Choice prize

Get your friends and family to vote for your entry each week!  (One vote per person per day)  Email the link, share a link to your recipe on Facebook, post it on Twitter, “pin” your entry on Pinterest, blog about your entry, or more!  Get creative and hopefully walk away a Reader’s Choice winner.

Plus, there is a new twist this time around.  There will be a two week “vote off” at the end of the contest.  The Reader’s Choice winners from each week will go head-to-head and an “Ultimate Reader’s Choice” prize will be awarded!


-Can I win more than once throughout the duration of the contest?  Yes!  There is a limit of one (1) prize per person and per email address per calendar month. Other than that, keep those entries coming!

-Do I have to submit a photo?  In the weekly contest, a photo of your entry is not required.  Although photos are optional, we certainly encourage you to photograph your dish and show it off!  Just don’t lift a photo from the internet that is not your own.  This will disqualify your entry from winning any prize.  (We don’t judge the quality of your photo, so any snapshot of the dish is totally fine!)

-How does the voting count toward prizes?  Votes are for the Reader’s Choice prizes only.  Remember, votes are not taken into consideration for the Editor’s Choice winner.

-Can Food Bloggers enter?  Bloggers are allowed and encouraged to enter the weekly recipe contests!  As long as the entry is an original recipe, it is ok if the recipe has been previously posted on your own blog.

-Who won previous weekly contests?  Check out “The Daily Dish” every week for a new winner to be announced.  You can also see an archive of winners here:

-If you have any questions about this contest simply leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

-When in doubt, read the Official Rules for the full scoop!

2 Responses to “Best Pork Chop Ever”

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    Bill Lloyd says:

    4 3/4″ pork chops
    2 tblsps. black peppercorns
    3 tblsps. corriander seeds(Crush them separately in a plastic bag with a saucepan and mix together. You need to do them apart because they’re two different sizes.)
    Totally cover the chops in the crushed spices and poke both sides all over with a fork. Mash the spices into the meat and let stand 30 minutes.
    Heat a 12″ skillet to medium with 1 tblsp butter and 2 tblsps olive oil.
    Brown one side @2mins, turn over and put 2 large cloves of sliced garlic in with the chops till they turn just golden.
    Add 1/4 cp of dry white wine, cover, turn flame to lowest and cook for 30 mins.
    Uncover, heat back to med, evaporate liquid and slop the chops over and over in the syrup. Move to a warm plate, tent with foil and let stand a few minutes before serving.

    Serve over sweet rice.
    1 cp. washed white rice
    1 1/2 cps water
    1/4 cp of crushed pineapple with a little juice
    2 tblsps coconut flakes
    1 tsp kosher salt
    Squeeze of about 1/2 lime or more (depending how juicy)
    High heat, boil till water comes down to the level of the rice, cover, cook on super low 12 mins, scrape the bottom an stir the rice, cover off heat for 5 mins and serve.

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    Bernice Polivka says:

    6 Pork Chops, with fat intact. Do not use lean chops.
    1/2 tsp Pepper
    1 Tsp Lawry’s Salt
    1/4 tsp garlic powder
    1 Tbsp Dried Onion
    1 Tbsp Dried Sweet Red Pepper
    1 Tsp Caraway Seeds

    Mix all dry ingredients,
    Place chops in small roasting pan. Sprinkle dry ingredients over and turn chops so they are evenly seasoned. Cover pan and place in oven to roast for 1 hour at 360oF turning once half way through. You can uncover for a few minutes at end of time to reduce moisture and brown. Watch carefully not to overcook.

    Serve with Dumplings and SauerKraut or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

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