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Sushi Pops!

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We know that “cakepops” are all the rage, so how about a savory version of this whimsical and portable treat?  If you like your food fun and “on-a-stick,” Sushi Pops are for you!

Keep reading to learn how to make “Sushi Pops!”  

Did anyone catch Top Chef last night?  (If not, click here for a recap)  The Cheftestants competed on board a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska!  They were on the Infinity, the same ship I took from Seattle to Alaska last year.  They even served the Top Chef contenders many of the same dishes I enjoyed at their speciality restauranti, Qsine.

One of the most unique and interactive appetizers offered at Qsine is something they call the “Sushi Garden.”  Imagine your favorite rolls brought to the table by a roaming server and enjoyed on-a-stick!  She even had squeeze bottles filled with soy sauce, wasabi, and spicy mayo hidden inside the blades of “grass.”

I figured this would be a simple and exciting presentation to try back at home.  I just bought some cakepop sticks (found them in the baking aisle of the grocery store, near cupcake liners, etc..), a few servings of my favorite sushi rolls, and a couple of containers of live wheatgrass!

Simply insert the sticks in the bottom of the cut sushi rolls and stick them in the “grass!”  Hint:  I found that sometimes it can be tough to pierce the layer of seaweed on the sushi rolls.  Just get it started with a skewer or a toothpick, then the cakepop stick should go in easier.

Of course, if you are really ambitious, you could even make your own sushi!  Check out this step-by-step guide “How to Make Sushi” for tips.


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