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How to Display a Cookbook Collection

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Raise your hand if you resolved to get organized in the New Year!

(Yep, that one is right up there with eating healthier and hitting the gym….)

If your bookshelf looks like this messy “before” picture, I have a solution for you.  It is an inexpensive and chic way to show off your cookbooks.

Keep reading to see the “after” photo!

I love collecting cookbooks, but I hate how messy my bookshelf becomes with all the different colors, shapes, and sizes.  It turns out, a solution is as close as your kitchen!

With a few rolls of parchment paper, I created easy “book covers” for all my cookbooks.  It gives each book a beautiful white hue, without completely obscuring the words and images.  Close up I can still see the names of the books, but from far away it creates a cohesive look.

For a few of my larger books I used a roll of tracing paper from an art store.  It matched the parchment paper perfectly!

Then, to keep the look clean, I decorated with white flowers, vases and candles.  I think it streamlined the look and kept it from seeming too cluttered.

Full disclosure:  I actually took this idea from the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters in Des Moines.  They have a beautiful showcase kitchen with built in shelves and all the cookbooks are covered like this.  There is even a fireplace filled with white birch logs to complete the look!

With my IKEA shelf and a few rolls of parchment paper, it worked just as well.  Give it a try for your collection in 2013!

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