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20 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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Living a healthier life in 2013 doesn’t mean you have to log endless hours at the gym to achieve your goals.  In fact, small changes in your everyday life can increase your activity level and burn calories.  Every little bit helps!

Here are 20 easy ways to burn 100 calories without feeling like a “workout.”

Keep reading to learn how to burn calories without even trying!  

20 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

1)  Weight train with light weights for 15 minutes

2)  Run up the stairs for 6 minutes

3)  Bike moderately and watch your favorite sitcom for 25 minutes

4)  Set a reminder for yourself to stand for 10 minutes of every hour for 8 hours

5)  Stand during your morning conference call (45 minutes)

6)  Sit tall on an exercise ball at work (2 hours)

7)  Vacuum for 25 minutes

8)  Organize, dust and clean out your desk (30 minutes)

9)  Carry your groceies in a basket instead of a cart (30 minutes)

10)  Make dinner from scratch and set the table (30 minutes)

11)  Unload the laundry and put away (40 minutes)

12)  Fidget all day:  twirl your hair, tap your leg, move your shoulders, pet your dog (100 cal an hour!)

13)  Take your pet for a brisk walk (15 minutes)

14)  Practice soccer drills wtih your kids (15 minutes)

15)  Turn up the volume and dance to your favorite tunes (20 minutes)

16)  Shop and try on clothes (30 minutes)

17)  Window shop the entire mall (45 minutes)

18)  Give a loved one a shoulder massage (20 minutes)

19)  Carry your baby or grandchild (24 minutes)

20)  Enjoy a walk outside (30 minutes)

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