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Healthy 2013 Giveaway!

447 Comments | Written on December 31, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

Happy New Year!!!

The holidays are complete, we have all indulged a bit, and now it’s time to start off 2013 right!  This giveaway will make eating your greens a pleasure.

Keep reading to learn how to win!

First…the winner of the “Foodie Game Night” giveaway.  Congratulations to comment #128 Raye Wiedner.  Check your inbox, I will be emailing you with details on receiving your big prize!

Here is what you could win this week:

Core Bamboo “Park Avenue” Salad Bowl – $120
Core Bamboo “Park Avenue” Servers – $30
William’s-Somona Salad Cookbook – $16.95

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us how you plan to eat healthier in 2013!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!

Official Rules

*Note: Comments need to be approved through WordPress. If you don’t see yours right away, don’t worry…I will get to it as soon as I can! Remember to leave a comment right here on the blog itself, not on one of the photos, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Thanks!

447 Responses to “Healthy 2013 Giveaway!”

  • 1
    Sue Haynes says:

    I plan on lowering my blood pressure with more excersize and better eating habits. I also plan on getting back in physical shape with my recent total knee replacement.

    • Kathy Clark says:

      I have found when I eat raw fruits and vegetables my over all feeling of well being is much greater. I plan to eat more raw vegetables for my health in 2013

    • Carol H. says:

      Will try growing my own fresh vegetables. I want to eat more fresh and natural foods and stay away from boxed and processed mixes and products.

  • 2
    Kim says:

    I will be incorporating more veggies into my family’s diet.

    • Luke P. says:

      This is a great center piece where we could fill it with all the healty fruits and vegtables we’re going to eat for the New Year!!

  • 3
    Fran O says:

    By eating more salad, you can never have enough greens.

  • 4
    Judi Spizzirri says:

    I plan on eating less red meat, trying out some new seafood.

  • 5
    DONNA FOSS says:

    I just plan to pay more attention to what I eat.

  • 6
    Rev Melinda Melhus says:

    I plan to eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits every day…salads are my favorite! few sweets…except a little dark chocolate… This is a wonderful gift–for member or a couple I know who are getting married!

  • 7
    Rev Melinda Melhus says:

    Plan to eat fresh veggies and fruits every day…healthy salads are my very favorite! Also cut outmost sweets…except a little dark chocolate… This is a beautiful gift-for me or a couple I know who are getting married…

  • 8
    Susie B says:

    Healthy dinners aren’t a problem for me, it’s lunches! I’m going to try not eating fast food lunches as much this year.

  • 9
    Diane Kroese says:

    This will help me love my greens even more!

  • 10
    Jane Cubelli says:

    I am definitely cutting out the sugary snacks and just leave healthy ones around the house so I have no excuses.

  • 11
    Crystal Schlueter says:

    I don’t have a salad bowl or tongs! I would use them alot as I’m a vegetarian!

  • 12
    Karl says:

    I plan to eat mmore veganish in 2013

  • 13
    Robin M says:

    I plan on less sugar in 2013 and adding more fruits and veggies. I love salads and I always make sure that I have several a week with dressing on the side.

  • 14
    Paula says:

    I plan on eating more fruits and vegetables.

  • 15
    Anne says:

    Although I’m not giving up snacks, I plan to incorporate healthier snacks into my daily routine. Yogurt, nuts, fruit, veggies, and whole-grain baked goods will all make it easier to eat a little better.

  • 16
    Marilyn B says:

    This would be such a pleasure to serve from! I can see myself whipping up a homemade caesar salad in this for a dinner party! Thanks for this ‘healthy’ opportunity!

  • 17
    Kathy says:

    Eat more veggie. Also add pureed veggies to casseroles

  • 18
    rose b. says:

    need new ones mine is wornout

  • 19
    michelle young says:

    I am commited to juicing more

  • 20

    more veggies & less red meat…and no fast food

  • 21
    Michael G. says:

    We’re limiting carbs, reducing cheese, and eliminating most sugars (especially corn syrup)

  • 22
    Eddy says:

    For me, eating healthier in 2013 means eating a bit less.

  • 23
    Jennifer says:

    II plan to eat more produce, particularly by trying to eat a salad everyday. This set would be great for me!

  • 24
    Alicia says:

    My plan is to incorporate more fish, fruits, and vegetables but also to increase the amount of water I drink daily.

  • 25
    Andrea M says:

    We plan on being healthier in 2013 by adding more vegetables to our diet at each meal 🙂

  • 26
    Holly B says:

    I plan to get fit and healthy in 2013 by exercising more (Zumba!) and eating mostly vegetables, grains and fruits. NO more cookies for me!!

  • 27
    kathy furneaux says:

    I plan on cutting down the amount of processed foods we eat.

  • 28
    james johnson says:

    eat less fats more green alive food

  • 29
    Tammy Vazquez says:

    I plan to increase my excercise regimen and incorporate more veggies into my diet.

  • 30
    Oanh H. says:

    I’m going to cut out eating junk food for late night snacks. I’ll replace it with a piece of fruit.

  • 31
    Rebecca Graham says:

    I plan on adding more vegetables to our diet.

  • 32
    Connie Branscum says:

    I will make the first step to eating healthier by discontinuing my habit of eating while watching TV!

  • 33
    Tara Raimondo says:

    Defintely more fruits and veggies and less carbs.

  • 34
    Glenda Marriott says:

    eat more greens less food saturated in fats and lots more seafood!!! more fruit and fresh veggies from garden and a ton of water to wash it all down!! 🙂

  • 35

    While I have been struggling for a long time trying to eat right, in 2013 I plan to take some healthy eating classes. I love to cook for my family all the time, therefore I believe that cooking healthier will benefit us all! Happy & Healthy 2013 to all!!!

  • 36
    Joe Stanley says:

    I plan to eat more salads and vegetables throughout the new year. My bad cholestrerol was over 1400 and I am diabetic, s I am going to do better to live longer!

  • 37
    lisa says:

    I plan on eating healthy in 2013 in a few new ways of adding kale and broccoli-slaw recipes and sides also, making sure to workout/walk at least three days a week.

  • 38 says:

    I am going to eat more fruits and veggies and LESS JUNK!

  • 39
    Alisa Arnts says:

    I plan to garden this year and feed my family all the fresh fruits and vegetables that we can grow! Also can and freeze what we can’t use up fresh.

  • 40
    Heather says:

    I plan to incorporate a Rainbow selection of fresh produce everday and strive to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily while reducing my sugar and fat intake. Get plenty of daily exercise. 2013 Is going to be a great year!

  • 41
    leann pabich-schiller says:

    Would LOVE this! As a Type 1 diabetic hoping to try to get pregnant again (lost 2, have 0), I would love to start a good habit…immediately! 🙂

  • 42
    Teawench says:

    We plan on eating more salads, growing our own veggies and having at least one meatless day. I’m also hoping to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

  • 43 says:

    Try to eat MORE healthy veggies and less JUNK food!

  • 44
    Alice M says:

    First , Thank you for your Kindness & doing this, We would enjoy every time we used it & that would be a lot & each time we would remember the kindness of were it came from .
    we eat veggies always but we have nothing as nice as this.
    Thank you once again
    Alice <3

  • 45
    Janet Mertz says:

    We are going to concentrate on eating together and not rushing-

  • 46
    JenT says:

    I plan to eat less sugar, drink more green smoothies, and start training for a mini marathon!

  • 47
    Anne Lehnick says:

    We have actually already started eating smaller portions with fewer sugars and carbs. Plus we are trying to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  • 48
    Brenda D says:

    I plan to watch what I eat and use smaller amounts.

  • 49
    Susan Marker says:

    I need to eat healthier and start exercising. I want to lose 50 pounds and set a healthy example for my two daughters.

  • 50
    Shirley C says:

    Less take out. More eat in. Lots of salads.

  • 51
    Suzanne Stone says:

    Although I love salads, my family isn’t so keen on them. But my New Year’s resolution is to incorporate more greens into mine and my family’s diet, and more excersize,so we can all be healthier. I’m also going to start walking more, and have already gotten a head start with my new reduced calorie cookbook.

  • 52

    I am cutting down on flour (that means less bread, pasta and sweets) and working to incorporate more dark leafy greens into my diet. It’s a gradual process but 2013 is the year I really commit to it!

  • 53
    SANDY L SEWELL says:

    My 25 year old son and I are going to be each others coaches and help each other lose weight for 2013………..

  • 54
    Susan D. says:

    Raw veggie diet at least 4 days a week!!! Lean and mean by summer! I would love this salad set!!!! I love love LOVE it!

  • 55
    Mary Louise says:

    Bring on more veggies and fruits which I continue to enjoy!

  • 56
    darline curry says:

    Eat more veggies for sure

  • 57
    Jean says:

    I will try and eat only fat free food

  • 58
    Christine A. says:

    Trying to make veggies,legumes and fruit at least 60 percent of our diets this year. Expecting glowing skin,hair, nails and less sickness and a better quality of life as a result. Out with the chemical processed junk that takes precious energy and vitality from us all.

  • 59

    I plan on eating more raw veggies in 2013.

  • 60
    Cristi says:

    Less processed food. Mostly fresh food.

  • 61
    Charla Haggard says:

    In 2013 we plan to eat more fresh fish, using fresh herbs and olive oil. We also want to include fresh vegetables grown in our own garden. Lots of salads, homemade dressings, and our own veggies. Veggies can be fresh, roasted or sauted.

  • 62
    Sharon Krumm says:

    I plan on cooking with more fresh vegetables & fish as well as using less processed foods.

  • 63
    Amanda Small says:

    One of my new yrs resolutions is to eat healthier, this beautiful salad set would certainly make adding salads a fun, easy and good looking way to do that esp since I don’t own a salad serving set, hope I win, Thanks!!

  • 64
    J9 says:

    Being more active

  • 65
    Barbara Mayes says:

    Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices to make your goals. I plan to cut soft drinks and ice cream out of my diet, and I’m going to start riding a bike. Planning to start parking a million miles away from everywhere I go to force myself to excercise. I need to get more active, the sedentary life is catching up to me.

  • 66
    Marsha Estefan says:


  • 67
    Mary Bennett says:

    I plan on starting a new eating plan because I will be going through dialysis. I need to be on a heatly plan

  • 68
    Wilma S. says:

    Limit starches and sweets! Those are my downfall.

  • 69

    I plan to prepare healthy meals for the week on Sunday so I don’t have to worry about what I eat and keep better prepared with healthy snacks at work. I want to eat more veggies and fruit. And drink more water each day as well as trying out fresh juices such as carrot, peach and papaya blended juices to get some good Vit A and C.

  • 70
    Krystle DeWilde says:

    I plan to add more excerises in my daily schedule. Eat more and healthier foods and drink more water and less non healthy foods and drinks…. i have already started losseing a little weight and will do more… I love to eat salads and others,,, bulid more self confence in myself and my families get more healthier too….

  • 71
    Jim K. says:

    Salad and soup should be a daily requirement

  • 72
    J Marsh says:

    Guess more salads are in my future if I win this prize!

  • 73
    ljmh says:

    less processed foods for me in 2013

  • 74
    Dara Marie says:

    Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

  • 75
    Sara Turner says:

    I plan to use the Elimination Diet again. I used to be a meat eater, but now I’m a lacto-vegetarian. Still, I’d like to loose some weight and oust the milk. Vegan eating is delicious and savory. I put on a lot of weight from multiple cups of cafe au lait every day. Out they go!

  • 76
    Christi says:

    I plan to cook at home more, and reduce our sugar intake.

  • 77
    Sheri says:

    I plan on going a lot more green in 2013! That will show in my eating, I plan to add a ton more color and veggies in the new year and drop some excess weight.

  • 78
    Sherry P says:

    I plan to eat more salads and fresh vegetables in 2013

  • 79
    Teresa Rawlinson says:

    We plan to eat more vegetables, salads and fish. For our deserts fruits. Thanks

  • 80
    Lew says:

    Whole grains, salads and fish

  • 81
    Connie T says:

    I’m planning on eating more fresh veggies and cutting farther back on my carbs

  • 82
    Lisa says:

    Well…me and my husband both learned we are diabetic. He is worse than me and has to take insulin shots. There is no choice now that we both have been diagnosed we have to learn to eat better. Very surprising that all the fruit my husband ate is making his numbers out of control. We have alot to learn and salad will be a great starter!

  • 83
    ShirleyD says:

    Plan to add even more fruits/veggies to our meals and cut down on sugar. Lovely salad set– someone will be lucky!

  • 84
    Ali A. says:

    Prepare more homecooked meals to better meet the dietary needs of our multi-generation household. Then personally watch my serving portions.

  • 85
    Courtney says:

    I have been collecting recipes that I can change and put in good ingredients that have vitamins that our bodies will absorb. I plan on trying these recipes at the beginning of the new year. Eating raw vegetables is going to be a challenge for my children but there are great recipes out there that I am going to try. Hopefully we can all feel better and have more energy!

  • 86
    Susan C says:

    Ditch the SUGAR and coffee.

  • 87
    Nancy Jachcik says:

    I plan on cutting out the sugar and sugary products and instead eat more vegetable and fruit servings

  • 88
    chrissy rams says:

    More veggies and MEAT.

  • 89
    Shar says:

    Portion control and sensible eating! Those are my goals!

  • 90
    Liz Blunt says:

    I’ll be adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to our daily meal plans — for a healthier 2013 for my family!

  • 91
    Hal Maulden says:

    My colon and I had a long chat. We decided “more veggies, less red meat, less starchies” It was a battle but he won. We’ll see!

  • 92
    Jennifer Hill says:

    I’m cutting out fried foods and processed sugars. Except for chocolate. Baby steps.

  • 93
    Ashlee says:

    I plan on following weight watchers! it works!

  • 94
    Lisa G. says:

    Planning to kick start the low-carb way of life!

  • 95
    Suzanne C says:

    try to eat more organically!

  • 96
    Suzanne C says:

    eat more organic fruits and vegetables.

  • 97
    Catherine A Kennedy says:

    I plan to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • 98
    jeannie cox says:

    I have a passion for food and food preparation. I know the importance of “eating with your eyes” before you eat with your mouth! With attractive serving dishes you can make even the simplest salad greens look scrumptious! So, for 2013, I plan to eat more vegetables to lower my cholesterol and utilize attractive serveware to make me want to eat them in abundance!

  • 99
    Brittney says:

    I plan to make many changes to my lifestyle in 2013. I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. As a result, I have been planning ways to incorporate more exercise and more healthy food into my daily routines 🙂

  • 100
    Joan says:

    I’ve already started eating healthier and will continue in 2013. I plan on eating smaller healthier meals and healthier snacks.

  • 101
    Hayley Locke says:

    More fruits and veggies and water.

  • 102
    BeckyLW says:

    I plan to focus on proteins and veggies. I absolutely love a spinach salad with a piece of grilled chicken or fish. I started working on my goal the day after Christmas instead of waiting till New Years.

  • 103
    Renee says:

    I would like to cut back on dairy products.

  • 104
    Joyce says:

    Goals are : 1) to achieve a healthier ratio between protein, complex carbohydrates and natural sugars(e.g fruits), 2) paying closer attention to the gycemic index of vegetables and fruits and 3) increase the consumption of green smoothies with an ocean sea extract (e.g seawood) weekly.

  • 105
    Steve Orth says:

    Soups, salads and fruit for about half my food, with a focus on increasing my daily potassium intake.

  • 106
    Bonny says:

    I plan on doing the Master Cleanse – and eating mainly vegetarian . . . . .hopefully find out where I can get raw milk products too!

  • 107
    sharee hill says:

    mmmmy resolution is to lose 110 lbs this year, think i can do it? I hope so or at least I can come close

  • 108
    Carole Resnick says:

    More fruits and vegetables.

  • 109
    Arlene says:

    I plan on making most of our food from scratch, I don’t like the chemicals so many companies are putting in canned and prepared foods. I also plan on baking our bread.

  • 110
    beth zelanko says:

    I will seek out local produce at my nearby health food store.

  • 111
    Lauren says:

    I plan to eat a wider variety of vegetables.

  • 112
    Beth says:

    I check at my nearby health food store for local produce.

  • 113
    Cynthia says:

    I plan to cut down on processed sugars, eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

  • 114
    Angelia says:

    Our life is the most precious gift God has given us. So am going to show appreciation by watching what i put in my temple… more natural grown food.. Which will be greens, colorful veggies, fruit, fresh fish

  • 115
    Crissy D. says:

    I plan on not only eating better myself, but also making better choices for my family. i will incorporate at least one vegetable into every lunch and dinner I prepare and make sure that everyone drinks more water.

  • 116
    Cindy Aiton says:

    I plan to cut out sugar and caffeine. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  • 117
    Shawna says:

    I was looking into joining weight watchers, and I’ve decided to start planning meals ahead of time instead of trying to find something last minute.

  • 118
    Meta says:

    I’ve started to improve my diet – cutting down on portion size and snacks, reducing starches and adding more green vegetables. It would be great to have such a nice salad set to encourage me to incorporate more salads in my diet.

  • 119
    Angelica Gunn says:

    I plan on cutting down on fried foods and more exercise.

  • 120
    Leann Lindeman says:

    I will pretty much eat the same way I do now! It would be great to eat more fruits and veggies though!

  • 121
    Kristin Hunt says:

    I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and lupus, so I will be cutting most of the carbs out of my diet. I plan to buy more fresh fruits/veggies and eat more lean proteins.

  • 122
    Kathy S says:

    I need to eat more dark green veggies.

  • 123
    Kathy S says:

    I need to start eating more dark green veggies.

  • 124
    kimberlie says:

    My husband and I have cut out ground beef Completely and switched to ground turkey and we only eat a good cut of steak once maybe twice a month and we try to have a big salad with dinner every night with out dinner and I eat salad almost every day for lunch.

  • 125
    Teresa says:

    I eat lots of fruits and veggies, but my biggest problem is that my husband brings sweets in from the store and I end up eating them also. So my plan to eat healthier in 2013 is have more will power to not give in to eating the sugary snacks.

  • 126 says:

    I’ve just gotta kick fried foods

  • 127
    Madeline says:

    I read about a potato diet and it sounded intriguing, so I plan to eat more potatoes this year!

  • 128

    My plan to eat healthier in 2013 will be eating more fruits and more salads

  • 129
    Samantha says:

    I plan on making healthier choices to gain more energy and stamina. So I can lose my weight for good.

  • 130
    Jennifer says:

    Fresh veggies in lots of colors!

  • 131
    Elaine Reeder says:

    I plan to eat more fruits and veggies – the more colorful, the better! I also plan to cook more this year and experiment with flavors.

  • 132
    Kevin says:

    In 2013 I am going to eat more veggies more fish and more recipes out af the Better Recipes web site.

  • 133
    Jean Sagarese says:

    I have not been eating fast food unless I am out for the evening and won’t be home till it is too late to cook something healthy

  • 134
    JUSTINA says:

    I plan to basically start eating less meat and more vegetables and fruit. Usually I will cook 2 meats and have some kind of pasta to go with it.

  • 135
    Susan H says:

    I will eat more vegetables and fruit every day.

  • 136
    Nancy says:

    To get my blood sugars undercontrol

  • 137
    Barbara Klein says:

    I am working on not eating right before bed. Why do I get the munchies at that time of night?

  • 138
    Cookie says:

    I plan to serve and eat meat a lot less-I replace meat in most reciped with eggplant and/or portabella mushrooms for plenty of flavor and fiber!

  • 139
    Deb Arnold says:

    I LOVE salads. The more the better.

  • 140
    Diana K says:

    I will start with a 21 day *Quantum Cleanse* which eliminates all animal products (including dairy), processed sugars, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol. It’s a huge commitment but the jump start to healthy living works best when I start fresh.

  • 141
    Linda Sperline says:

    I’m committed to counting calories, continue my exercise program and eat more veggies! I also want to limit the sugars in my diet…too many Christmas cookies!

  • 142
    Keturah says:

    I am a diabetic and plan to eat right to get the sugars down and cut down on my consumption of diet soda.

  • 143
    Michelle D'Angelo says:

    I plan on eating more raw vegetables. I eat a lot of salad now, but want to incorporate the raw vegetables into every meal.

  • 144
    Sharon Kiellach says:

    Back to Weight Watchers, the best way I’ve found for eating healthy, while losing weight. Oh, yes, and I have to get back to exercising!!

  • 145
    Denise Green says:

    I plan on losing 20 pounds in 2013 thru eating less carbs and refined sugars and more exercise.

  • 146
    Lynette says:

    I am a teacher and I will not eat school lunch…I will not eat school lunch…I will not eat school lunch…

  • 147
    Susan H. says:

    I plan to pay more attention to proportion sizes and to drink more water.

  • 148
    Lisa LeDoux says:

    My goal is cut back on sugar and chemicals more than anything. That will, in turn, automatically cut back on the junk food and sweets.

  • 149
    Jen Lynn Rutsky says:

    I plan to be healthier in 2013 by eating lots of salad and veggies, whole grains, and generally cutting down my portion sizes.

  • 150
    Cara says:

    2012 was my year of indulgence and my size 14 pants are holding a size 18 rear-end. I have joined Spark People and they have so many delicious recipes. I’m looking forward to eating well and not feeling like I’m missing out on taste!

  • 151

    We are eating smarter these days!

  • 152
    Tanya says:

    I plan to be really be diligent in making sure I eat fruit and vegetables every single day. I plan to workout 2-3 times a week, no more excuses. I have tendancy to think I have to control and run everything in the house. So I crowned my husband king of the house on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I could achieve my goal.

  • 153
    Barb says:

    I plan to continue what I’ve been doing for months and that’s to cut down on sugar and increase my veggies and fruits plus cook healthy meals for my unhealthy husband so we can enjoy each other’s company for years.

  • 154
    Maria says:

    Exploring spices. Healthy food with different and new spices from exotic places. Expand by trying healthy foods with a new spice.

  • 155
    anna h says:

    I intend to eat healthier by packing healthy lunches and limiting eating out to once a week. Also, more salads!

  • 156
    Kathy says:

    I plan on reinstituting dinner time with my family and serving healthier meals. Also, more exercise!

  • 157
    amber says:

    I plan to eat a little healthier and exercise a little more. Fruits and veggies are on that list as well!

  • 158
    Kenny says:

    I need to reduce my carb intake. It will be difficult since I am a big fan of rice & pasta!

  • 159
    Jennifer M. says:

    I plan on incorporating more organic fruits and veggies and cuttting down on processed foods.

  • 160
    Pamela says:

    I plan to eat healthier by incorporating more raw wholesome foods into my meals.

  • 161
    thelma says:

    Eat more salads

  • 162
    Jan says:

    I plan on eating better for myself and preparing more healthy meals for my husband. He needs to lower his blood sugar. Together, we both need to lose a few extra pounds.

  • 163
    Linda Wright says:

    I plan on eating lots of vegetables and fruits so I can lose weight. I am doing exercises that I started yesterday and plan on eating right. I will have a small portion of red meat once in a while. But, I will cut down on my starches. I am 69 years old so I know it is going to take a while to lose the weight I have gained, but, I am determined that it will come off. I think determination and having a good outlook on life is the best way to go about eating healthy and losing weight.

  • 164
    Debra Dunford says:

    I am tried of being overweight and staying in same place up and down weight. I am going for it; for me and my family. Wish good luck and prayers.

  • 165
    Beverly says:

    I started before new years with less calories and less junk food. Fell off the wagon Christmas day and New years Eve but I have jumped right back on the wagon. Failure is not in my new years! Healthy weight here I come!!

  • 166
    jessica paynter says:

    I plan on eating “clean” food. So limiting my preservatives, and processed food and trying to eat more fruits, veggies, and WAY more water!!

  • 167
    Sheri says:

    I need to lose 20 + pounds. In order to do so I am going to watch my portion size. I also need to lower my blood pressure so I plan on not using salt as much as I used to. I also plan on cutting down on my carb intake and drinking more water! I love this bowl set, it would definitely help me!

  • 168
    Crystal Brigman says:

    We’re going to make weekly menus to help with our health and budget. I’m also cutting down the number of times I go out to a restaurant a week (including the bar). And buying (and eating) more fruits and veggies so they’re always on hand.

  • 169
    Colleen Higgins says:

    I plan on making healthier food choices with exercise

  • 170
    Melissa says:

    Keeping a food diary. I will write down each morsel. That will hold me accountable for “hidden” calories. I will also drink more water.

  • 171
    Linda Wright says:

    I plan on eating lots of vegetables and fruits so I can lose weight. I am doing exercises that I started yesterday and plan on eating right. I will have a small portion of red meat once in a while. But, I will cut down on my starches. I am 69 years old so I know it is going to take a while to lose the weight I have gained, but, I am determined that it will come off. I think determination and having a good outlook on life is the best way to go about eating healthy and losing weight. My husband also brings in lots of ice cream and cookies. I have been very good about not eating any of those.

  • 172
    Teddy O'Brien says:

    Being a diabetic means you are always looking for ways to keep your blood sugar at a normal range. This year will be different for me since i now have a new hip. Exercise will be alot more easier without pain and as far as food goes veggies and fruit are my main staple this year. I still will have protein but will be limiting it. Fish is a must for me.

  • 173
    Debbie says:

    Make an effort to reduce sugar consumption!

  • 174
    Kim says:

    Exercise, exercise, exercise much more in 2013….I love salad already so that’s why this one caught my eye….it’s a beautiful set!

  • 175
    Laurie says:

    You are what you eat. Better food in better me .

  • 176
    kathy d says:

    My down fall is sweets and because I bake on a daily basis it makes it hard to not sample but this year I am really going to try to stay away from the sweet stuff and eat more fruits and veggies

  • 177
    Betty Addison says:

    My 2013 will begin (and hopefully end) on a healthier note with more fruits and vegetables, including more beans and grains for protein. Cold salads and hot salads will comprise the majority of my meals.

    Happy New Year!!

  • 178
    Martha Spiegel says:

    I plan to get back on track with my Weight Watchers program–even on the weekends!

  • 179
    Imane says:

    My plan to eat healthier in 2013 is having more Fruits, Vegetable, Fish and specially Fatty acid fish and lots of water.

  • 180
    Teri G. says:

    I WILL use my juicer at least three times a week (or more). I already eat and love veggies and fruit. This will be an added treat. 🙂

  • 181

    make Mom;s classic Korean salad

  • 182
    Jean Bell says:

    I plan to eat two pieces of fruit everyday which I take to work with me. When I get hungry, I can have a healthy snack. I will plan my meals and take them with me so I can keep track of calories. Also any form of exercise each day!

  • 183
    Suzanne Miller says:

    Eating healthy is fun and delicious. What’s more, we all know how to do it. The problem is, we slowly start developing bad habits for a number of reasons-busy lifestyle being the biggest culprit. I plan on revisiting all of the healthy meals I have loved over the years, taking the time to develop menus and grocery lists to accommodate them and put them all into practice. Bon Appetite! And why?…because I am worth it! So are you.

  • 184
    Chris w says:

    I plan to do away w/ lots of the carbs & fried food!! So far so good!!

  • 185
    linn tinsley says:

    I am using the start of this year to improve the way I eat and to begin the journey to the new healthier me. Since our diet has always been the foundation of a healthy life,I hope to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my life.This includes the search for more inventive uses of the standard “salad” recipe. Easy to make, convenient to take with you and a sure win to order at any restaurant to prevent wrong choices. By improving the way I eat, I hope to reverse my prediabetes and start my new life of healthy choices that taste good and are good for me.

  • 186
    Dee Mauser says:

    I plan to start off in baby steps by drinking 64 ounces of water daily and eating more fresh fruits and veggies. I have been drinking way too much diet soda and I know that doesn’t help.

  • 187
    Ingrid Singh says:

    Recently, my health has taken a nose dive. So I am making a conscious effort to eat better. I will not be consuming as much sugar and will be staying away from fatty foods as much as possible.

  • 188
    MaryAnn Fortunato says:

    I’m going to cook less at dinnertime so there are fewer left-overs — these are my downfall b/c I’m the one who cleans them up.

  • 189
    Pat says:

    Move more
    eat less
    smile more
    read more better recipes
    and stay positive that I’m doing everything I can do be happy and healthy.

  • 190
    Mary Olnhausen says:

    I plan on lowering my intake of Junk foods and trying to increase my exercise. I have become a serious couch potato, this needs to change and I want to eat better.

  • 191
    Liz says:

    This year I plan to avoid the microwave oven; not warming coffee, not warming soup, not heating water for tea, and definitely not cooking bacon in the microwave this year.

  • 192
    Judy Inman says:

    Planning to go back to Weight Watchers, and to continue to search for healthy recipes on the computer.

  • 193
    Judy says:

    We have been eating more green vegetables and salads.
    Also eating lots of fruit.

  • 194
    Dawn says:

    I plan on thinking before I put it in my mouth. Is it really worth it? No more pizza for breakfast also!!

  • 195
    Tess Moran says:

    Less sugar and fast foods

  • 196
    cathy j says:

    Christmas Cookie Detox!

  • 197
    Rosa says:

    New year, new foods.

  • 198
    jeff j says:

    Less junkfood!

  • 199
    Michelle says:

    I know I need to eat better because recently found out that I have high blood pressure and high cholestrol but I love sweets hopefully this gift will inspire me to eat better

  • 200
    Michelle Myers says:

    I plan to eat more salads, drink more protein drinks.. and of course Exercise (gotta run with my Siberian Huskies more)

  • 201
    Marcus Fry says:

    By watching portions.

  • 202
    Kathy says:

    Totally Vegan diet.

  • 203
    Sylvie says:

    I plan to keep eating the same way in 2013.
    No bread, rice or pasta. A lot of veggies and fruits.

  • 204
    Sharon Lutz says:

    I plan on making everything from scratch; lowering portion sizes. I also plan on eliminating bad carbs and pop out of my diet.

  • 205
    Roberta Page says:

    I’m going for smaller portions for more control on what I’m eating.

  • 206

    I’m going to find a way to be able to eat more fruit without breaking out in a rash all over my body

  • 207
    Emmy Mayne says:

    Eat only fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit

  • 208
  • 209
    Corie says:

    I intend on doing more of my own cooking and avoid additives, canola oil, and treat my sweet tooth better with natural sweeteners.

  • 210
    Betty says:

    I am planning on eating healthier this year.I think that is a step in the right direction , because both my husband and I need to be eating healthier. Since we are both dealing with some health problems right now. We need to try to improve are health by means of our eating habits.

  • 211
    Jennifer Hall says:

    Me and my husband went vegetarian last year, so we don’t eat meat bi-products anymore, no eggs, milk, and butter products either. I guess during the holidays I myself have indulged too much of the sugary treats and need to get back on the right track of eating healthier without all this added sugar. I also need to add more exercise into my daily routine. I need to start eating more salads and raw veggies and walk more in the coming months to help boost my daily energy level.

  • 212
    Gina says:

    I plan on cutting carbs and sweets and eat a lot more salads! Start working out again, and take my dogs on more walks too. And really try to stick to it!
    Happy Healthy New Year Everyone!

  • 213
    Jane says:

    Salads are as good as you make them, your way!!

  • 214
    Mia G. says:

    I plan to eat better by not buying/ not having junk food like chips in our house.

  • 215
    Josh says:

    I’m going to concentrate first on portion control, cutting back on the sweet tea and eating healthier snacks.

  • 216
    Krista says:

    I plan on increasing my fruits and vegetables intake and reducing my processed food intake!

  • 217
    Gail Schmitt says:

    I plan on reducing the number of sweets I consume. Hard for an addict!

  • 218
    Susie says:

    The New Year will be filled with exciting combinations of fresh foods, smaller portions and an infusion of color.
    Make life interesting and social.!!!!

  • 219
    Rose DAmore says:

    I have to eat more sald when I win this salad bowl set thanks

  • 220
    Sonia says:

    I will continue to shop at produce and fruit markets already. That way I can fill my cart up with the freshest fruits and veggies and not pay a lot for them. I will definitely cut out unhealthy snacks and replace them with fresher, healthier choices.

  • 221
    Joanne says:

    I have been making lifestyle changes due to a pre-diabetes diagnosis. It’s amazing what I thought I knew about eating healthy and all the changes I still need to make

  • 222
    Vangi says:

    I hope to eat healthier by incorporating more fruits and veggies into my diet. I also hope to become more mobile and try to walk every day to start. Keep the wonderful recipes coming please. Thank you.

  • 223

    I plan on making less fried foods this year and eating more salads and snacking on vegetables. I am also going to join a gym so my daughter and I can go work out.

  • 224
    Richard says:

    eating more salads and less red meat

  • 225
    Lynda Burke says:

    I hope in the coming year I will be able to eat smarter and healthier and feed my family more vegetables and salads.

  • 226
    dell spier says:

    For the new year I want to eat more healthy

  • 227
    shannon dewease says:

    I plan on making healthier snacks for me and the kids, eating more raw veggies, and, of course, more salads!

  • 228
    Terri Lanigan says:

    I plan on eating lots of salas b incorporating many leafy veggies. IE: kale, turnip greens, spinach, dandelion greens, as well as other lettuce beside iceburg.

  • 229
    Janice says:

    I plan to eat less carbs, more veggies, and go to the gym 4 days per week

  • 230
    donna says:

    I will try to eat healthy snacks between meals and eat less for dinner

  • 231
    j says:

    Read and follow “Sugar Busters.”

  • 232
    Deloris says:

    I plan to get back on track with my Weight Watcher program and get all this weight off me for good. I know its not just a diet, its going to be a change for life to eat healthier with lots more vegetables and fruits and less processed foods.

  • 233
    Nancy Foust Wagner says:

    I plan:
    1. To eat more salads
    2. Eat less meat
    3. Cut way back on processed foods
    4. To eat more fruit
    5. To walk more
    6. To get more sleep
    7. To drink more water
    8. To update my meal plans
    Diets do not work and are only temporary anyway.

    Happy New Year Everyone

  • 234 says:

    I plan to pay more attention to what I eat…and eat the right things…especilly salads with less dressing…

  • 235
    MARY K says:

    I’ve been eating more vegetables and fruits and eliminating junk foods. A lot of the fruits & veggies have been in smoothies, so it would be great to have some salad ideas.

  • 236
    Cherie Broschat says:

    This year I plan on growing more of my own greens and veggies in my own garden and in planters on the deck. Last year I tried lettuce and parsley which worked great. I’m working on new ideas to increase the growing time for lettuce this year and I’m going to start checking out websites for new greens and veggies I have seen in articles.

  • 237
    Rita Lewis says:

    I plan to get my husband to quit smoking again? I hopeing this year is the year he decides on his own how important it is for his life and mine too?

  • 238

    eat healthy this year

  • 239
    Sophie S. says:

    While I was on vacation I ate small meals several times a day and felt great. Plan to do that for the rest of the year!

  • 240
    Cheryl Williams says:

    Lots more baked/broiled foods, along with more fruits and veggies added in for flavors.

  • 241
    Jo R says:

    I plan to work hard to quit binge eating. There is some sickness in my family and I eat when I get stressed. Hope to be able to walk it off rather than eat.

  • 242
    donna lee says:

    Better Recipes newsletter provides up-to-date information to help you plan your meals wisely and lose weight. Subscribe and read!

  • 243
    Susan S says:

    I have improved my eating habits over the last year by eating less red meat and more chicken and cutting
    out fast food. Now I need to add in more fish and veggies and cut back on the sweets. I feel as if I’m making slow but steady progress!

  • 244
    Linda Tubbs says:

    I hope to combine many ideas: portion control, less sugar, less meat, more fresh fruits and veggies, less processed foods, and more water! Thanks for all your health tips and recipes.

  • 245
    Amanda Raney says:

    I plan on eating healthier by taking advantage of fresh fruits and veggies as soon as summer hits! I’m tired of canned and frozen stuff!

  • 246
    Patti Snowden says:

    I plan to work even harder on the mind/body/spirit connection which I have
    no doubt has kept me healthy all my 61 yrs!
    I enjoy seeing the benefits of how that works.

  • 247
    Janette says:

    Planning on trying a new diet plan and incorporating more exercise into my daily routine. Our whole family will be eating healthier!

  • 248
    mikeline skibsted says:

    Fiber, Fiber, and more Fiber…..

  • 249
    Verna says:

    If the salad looks good you’ll eat more of it and this set will make it look great!

  • 250
    Linda Hendricks says:

    I am doing more then healthy eating, My husband was just diagnosed with severe diverticuli. I have type 2 diabetes. So I have to change my meal plan and cooking to accommodate both problems. We live on a fixed income of $25,000 a year. This increases my problem greatly. I am buying decreased and clearance fruit, vegatables, and I make my own bread with stone ground corn meal, oat bran, flax seed, and whole wheat. I have change our serving sizes to increase vegtable serving and I fill our plates when serving meals to keep the serving sizes correct. We now eat 6 small meals a day to help keep our blood sugar correct and keep the increase of fiber in my husbands body.

  • 251
    Janet Lutz says:

    I plan to eat healthier by growing many
    of my own vegetables, making more salads,
    and eating less sugar.

  • 252
    Mary says:

    I’ve banned processed food from my house.

  • 253
    Carol Rothfeld says:

    More healthy eating fewer snacks

  • 254
    Darla says:

    More salads, more veggies, less meat.

  • 255
    Anne says:

    We just signed up with a Community Supported Agricultural Program to support a local farm and receive weekly vegetables and fruit. We can’t wait for our first pickup on Thursday.

  • 256
    Becky F. says:

    More organics and zero GMO is a huge goal for being healthier in 2013, along with being careful of my carbon footprint. Fresh food, less sugar & lots of exercise are also in order! Happy New Year & Cheers! 😉

  • 257
    Teri says:

    I’m going to start my goals with losing 10 percent of my current weight. Also get at least 20 minutes of brisk walking in every day. I would also like to see my blood sugar numbers come down to a less stressful number. That would make a great start to 2013.

  • 258
    Meyana D says:

    I plan to eat more organic & grass fed meats & produce…& walk daily

  • 259
    kolohe says:

    have already lessen our salt intake, lessen the soda intake to 1 a day from 6 a day and now we are going to tackle portion size…wish us luck

  • 260
    Jenna Scofield says:

    More fruits & vegetables! I want to find more ways to bring fruits & vegetables into our meals; besides the boring salad prior & fruit cup for dessert!

  • 261
    Denise F says:

    Cut out the processed foods – lay off the sugar & white flour. Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean meat. Fish & chicken all the way.

  • 262
    cindy says:

    I plan on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • 263
    Corliss Lewis says:

    my plan is to eat more vegan and walk more for exercise. I have cancer and think this will help a great deal.

  • 264
    Beckey Wolfe says:

    I’ve already started trying to eat healthy again. We’ve cut out dessert on Sunday when part of our family comes for lunch after church. I’m trying to limit myself on my daily calories again. Would love to win this….we have salad on Sunday quite often, so it would be nice to have. Thanks!

  • 265
    Arlene C. says:

    By eating more vegrtables and fruit, and less red meat.

  • 266
    Carol Miller says:

    More exercise and if my ankle will quit hurting, more walking – along with eating less and incorporating more salads & veggies in my meals.

  • 267

    I need to eat more fruits & veggies, & no more snacking after 6pm!

  • 268
    SueA says:

    I spent 2012 gearing up to eat healthier in 2013. Baby steps!

  • 269
    Miki says:

    I will eat more protein, less refined carbs and walk more to lower my blood pressure, cholesterol and get my BMI to a healthy number.

  • 270
    Shannon Burke says:

    I plan on planning ahead for the up coming week, in order to make sure I have everything for the next couple meals so that I am only stopping at the store oncea week for meals.

  • 271
    Gina Kelley says:

    Try eating off a smaller plate, it takes less food to make it look like a ” plate full of food” I have lost 21 lbs doing this & for an over 70 lady that is great.

  • 272
    Sherry says:

    Make better choices at the grocery store to insure better choices at the table.

  • 273
    Kristan Greene says:

    I plan to try and eat more salads and vut down on the sugar and fat in my diet as well as working out more Happy 2013 !!!

  • 274
    Susan Zinda says:

    as i learned in my diabetic class….its all about the carbs and fiber!

  • 275
    Wendy says:

    If I can just remember to bring a salad to work and not any cash, then I will eat the salad and not get take out with the rest of the office.

  • 276
    Mildred says:

    More Fiber, vegetables, less bread. But I can’t give up my chocolate.

  • 277
    JAN says:


  • 278
    Linda says:

    I plan to eat more fruits and vegetables and try to stay away form processed foods.

  • 279
  • 280
    Heidi Rousseau says:

    I plan on losing and keeping off the excess weight also working out on my elliptical machine which I do enjoy.Eat more vege’s and eat less overall.We love meat so need to be very careful of the amounts I eat.Portion distortion is so common and a real problem for dieters or for anyone trying to eat a healthy meal.

  • 281
    Cliff says:

    I plan on getting weight off by watching what I eat and eating healthy and getting more exercise after having 6 screws and 2 rods put in my back. Getting the weight off will put a lot less stress on my back and also my total knee.

  • 282
    Deborah Kwallek says:

    Awsome set. Love love

  • 283
    Sandry says:

    Hello. This year I am hoping to eat heathier and learn to take better care of myself.

  • 284
    Ellen Kent says:

    I’m a fast food junkie. I plan on fixing more home cooked meals which will be better for both me and my husband(who has Type 2 Diabetes). Salads are great and they fill you up. Of course I’d have to add meat/chicken since my husband doesn’t like veggie only salads.

  • 285
    Katherine C. says:

    I plan on attempting to cut more dairy out of my diet. Cheese is so delicious, but not that good for you : )

  • 286
    Erica says:

    I intend to enjoy everything in moderation!

  • 287
    Bev says:

    I resolved to eat less sugary treats and more salads with fresh fruit and veggies. I
    have such a sweet tooth!! It will be hard but this nice bowl would be inspiring.

  • 288
    Nick says:

    Stick to my New Year’s resolution!

  • 289
    jane says:

    Exercise more and eat less! Moderation!

  • 290
    Donna Childress says:

    Would be very nice to have

  • 291
    Jo says:

    My husband and I have agreed to double down on Meatless Mondays and have No Meat Thirsdays, too.

  • 292
    Maria says:

    I’m going to change my diet, eat mostly fish & vegetables. I LOVE salad so it won’t be too difficult to change, I hope : )

  • 293
    Carole Ann says:

    I purchased a write-on/wipe-board and posted it to my refrigerator with the amount of calories I want to eat in a day. Under that I am writing down everything I eat along with the calories on each item to make sure I don’t go over set amount.

  • 294
    Susan B says:

    Eat breakfast every day and drink more water. Soup and/or salad one week-night and one weekend-night a week!

  • 295
    Marina Cameron says:

    I plan on measuring portions.

  • 296
    Judith Ruggles says:

    Plan on more exercise and eating more healthy

  • 297
    Doris Tasker says:

    I plan to eat more salads and veggies.

  • 298
    Debora Kohles says:

    I’m giving up pop & chocolate. Wish me Luck.

  • 299
    Ann says:

    Just started doing more walking. Planning on eating lots more fish and vegetables. Ready for 2013 to begin.

  • 300
    fran says:

    everything steamed

  • 301
    geoff says:

    I plan to cook more at home. We tend to do most cooking on the weekends and grab quick meals during the week. I hope to add at least 3 more night of cooking/week

  • 302
    Joan says:

    I will keep eating healthy so I can quit taking metmorphin and high blood pressure meds this year. I have already managed to cut each by half in 2012. Hooray for me!

  • 303
    sandi r says:

    I have decided to give up diet soda…My NP said the better choice would be regular soda in moderation?? Sandi

  • 304
    rose says:

    I want to eat healthier this year, so I would love to fill this bowl with fresh fruits that would be convenient to grab in place of a cookie

  • 305
    sharon chittenden says:

    I plan to eat more vegetables. I had stomach bipass surgury so it is hard to eat all of the foods I am supposed to and vegetables seem to be one of the foods that I omit.

  • 306
    Erma says:

    I plan to eat to live and not live to eat!!!

  • 307
    Phyllis Tomlinson says:

    Since having a heart attack i need to change my diet so I will be eating more veggies and fruits and less harmful fats.Also i will be eating less carbs. I love bread so that will be hard.

  • 308
    Su K says:

    Went of the diet for the holidays. Need these to motivate me again.

  • 309
    Shennon Lucia says:

    My husband and I have been eating healthier since he has become ill and I have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. We have been eating lot’s of the same salads and more chicken and fish and it has helped. We are working on helping our whole family in eating healthier. The kids are hard to get them to eat healthier but they to know it’s for the best. Thanks for this Great opportunity to win such a prize.

  • 310
    Diane says:

    More exercise, more veggies, less sugar (except for an occasional piece of dark chocolate!)

  • 311
    Lynn says:

    I need to cut down on sweets and go on the white diet. Don’t eat any thing white. Sugar, bread, potatoes….

  • 312
    Georges Barrera says:

    Looking to cut down on portions and selecting more varieties of veggies. Plus, eating more fish with exercise.

  • 313
    Tammie L.M. says:

    I recently found out im a diabetic. Type 2. So a healthier way of eating and lots of vegetables are now my new lifestyle. I am loving the change. I didnt think i would… but i find that i have more energy now!

  • 314
    Judy Hunter says:

    I’m pretty carb sensitive. When I overload I usually find that I gain water weight first and then start to put on the pounds. So, I’m getting back on the regulated carb count and getting the body fat reduced. Cutting out sugar and limiting bad carbs improves my overall health as well as appearance. No sugar really helps the achey joints stop hurting. too old to be lazy any more. My laziness stopped last night.

  • 315
    Gayle says:

    I want to cut out sugar and white carbs and I am going to start juicing .

  • 316
    Gayle says:

    I want to start juicing and eliminate sweets and white carbs.

  • 317
    Denise says:

    I will start using my Vitamix and making whole food smoothies to improve my immune system and decrease the inflammatory response of my body.

  • 318
    MizDizziLizzi says:

    I plan to cut back on my eating, but by eating more frequently in smaller portions.

  • 319
    Emily says:

    Eat salads and vegetables

  • 320
    Kimmie says:

    I am visualizing myself as a healthy woman this year. Salads and soups will be my go to for lunch and dinner. I am looking forward to feeling great!

  • 321
    Julia Peterson says:

    As a diabetic that does not want to progress to insulin usage, I plan to increase my walking to daily and lower my carb intake by eating more vegetables and exploring a whole new world of different types of vegetables and their textures. Plus serving more fish and chicken and meatless meals for my self and my family.

  • 322
    Kimo says:

    Continue health improvement with breakfast every day that includes fresh fruit, lunch with all the food groups,dinner loaded with fresh veggies, and daily exercise of at least 45 minutes.

  • 323
    Lenore Koski says:

    We are planning on eating more fruits and veggies and trying more new varieties.

  • 324
    Bea says:

    This year, I plan to continue the healthy habits I started last year of eating lean or less meat, increase my selection of vegetable choices, start exercising (even if it’s just walking) and enjoy life.

  • 325
    Paula says:

    I workout at least 5 days a week and cut out sugar, potatoes and bread. However, I do splurge once a week with those “forbidden” goodies! Moderation, moderation, moderation!!!

  • 326
    Susan says:

    I self-starting a plan where I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables…. we’ll see where it goes from there, but it’s a start, right?

  • 327
    Linda Montes says:

    I plan to cut down our sugar intake, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. And of course, more excercise!

  • 328
    Jan says:

    Ironically, my husband and I decided today that we are going to eat more salads (with more variety). This serving bowl surely would help with presentation!! Also, we are going to watch our sugar intake as we are both concerned about Type II diabetes. We want no part of it!
    Thanks for your innovative program!

  • 329
    chrissy rams says:

    Less sugar

  • 330
    Janice says:

    I plan on eating more salads and fresh fruit to flatten my middle and generally feel better. Eating light makes me feel lighter!

  • 331
    Rebeca C says:

    This year I’m going to try making healthier foods, eat more vegestables, fruits and less junk foods. I’m going to try to make healthier foods so my kids can learn by example on choosing healthier foods.

  • 332
    Thomas says:

    I’m going to eat a lot less meat; that’s better for my overall health and better for the environment.

  • 333
    Carol Ann Gregg says:

    I plan to change up my boring lunch by opting for salad 3 days instead of a sandwich. I prepared tomorrow’s salad while I cleaned up after supper this evening. Now to see if I can make that a habit. It takes 21 days to develop a habit. We will see.

  • 334
    christina brioso says:

    My healthy eating plan is to stop eating frozen meals and already prepared meals, and start cooking from scratch so I can control what goes in my body.

  • 335
    LeAnn says:

    Exercise more!

  • 336
    meredith says:

    I am trying to eat more veggies and cut down on the processed junk!

  • 337
    Dee S says:

    More fresh fruits and veggies! Less meat!

  • 338
    Meghan S says:

    I plan on cutting out a lot of the sweets and looking at healthier recipes rather than desserts! In doing so I’ll be retraining my taste buds to not crave those sweets as much and hopefully eat more veggies (eh lol).

  • 339
    Deborah Cohen says:

    Making better eating choices in the new year will (hopefully) make me healthy ,weathy ,and wise- or at least allow me to fit in my favorite jeans.

  • 340
    Keather Thompson says:

    I plan to use nonfat Greek Yogurt in place of mayonnaise in chicken and tuna salads.

  • 341
    Sarah Merkel says:

    I plan on eating more foods that are gluten free, and leaving most processed foods on the shelf.

  • 342
    MarthaC107 says:

    I plan on adding more vegetables to our meals.

  • 343
    Crystal says:

    I am cutting out grains and refined sugar!

  • 344
    Linda says:

    I am starting small and just going to aim to eat three meals a day. I have a bad habit of getting too busy and just not eating. Unfortunately I need to lose about 30 lbs so I must have really done some damage to my metabolic rate.

  • 345
    Kashmira vyas says:

    My diiet will include all categories like eat different color vegetables, Nuts like Walnuts and Almonds, Tofu, I love to drink tea, more herbal, eat plain yogurt for dairy diet. Excercise and to be happy is diet for healthy mind is very important, not only healthy food.

  • 346

    I plan to reduce the sugar and carbs in my diet.

  • 347
    dee says:

    In 2013 i plan on eating more fruits and raw veggies. And walking, jogging, running towards a better me!

  • 348
    Bobbie LaBrue says:

    Sweets are my downfall and I hope I can do better by cutting out dessert, except fresh and frozen fruit desserts.

  • 349
    Pat Kozakewich says:

    Fresh fish, steamed veggies and a green salad is probably one of my all time favorite meals. More of this type of meal is definitely my plan for feeling better in 2013. Eating these types of food gives you more energy which, in turn, means more exercise.

  • 350
    Jennifer Flood says:

    I will be cutting out (as much as willpower will allow) any eating after 6pm!

  • 351
    Cindy says:

    I, we my husband, daughter and I plan on eating less and making better choices. We have also started exercising. We do love salads and this would be a great way of putting more of them on our table.

  • 352
    Joyce says:

    I will be exercising more, cutting down on sweets and eating more fruits and veggies plus drinking more water!:)

  • 353
    Judy Mays says:

    I plan to prepare and eat healthier meals in 2013 in order to lose weight and lose my type 2 diabetes. Along with low fat meals, I will be swimming or walking daily.

  • 354
    Connie German says:

    going to cut way back on the carbs and sugar.

  • 355
    Patricia says:

    I will be incoporating more fresh vegetables in my families diet and reduce transfats and simple carbs.

  • 356
    Nancy says:

    We are eating more healthy and not processed foods. We eat organic fruits/vegetables as much as possible, no hormone injected meats. Cutting outs sweets, packaged foods and breads/pasta and so on. Getting away from man made drugs and taking a natural approach. Slowly going to be a better life style.

  • 357
    Kimberly says:

    I just plan to really eat healthy. More fish and poultry and less red meat/pork. More veg and less junk – and no more fast food! Portion control is my biggest issue, so I’m really watching how much I eat, because even healthy food in excess is not good!

  • 358
    Mary F says:

    I plan to prepare my lunches -no more packaged frozen meals. For dinner, using fresh ingredients to make quick home made simple meals is the best approach for me.

  • 359
    Ana Quinones says:

    I have never been a big fan of vegetables. So I plan on finding ways to make vegetables more appealing to my taste. I will try different recipes until I find a way to make myself like vegetables. I know that vegetables have antioxidants and vitamins that I need. This will help me keep up with my five children and be healthier.

  • 360
    freda tucker says:

    I plan on smaller portions and more fresh vegies and fruits.

  • 361
    Angie L says:

    In 2013 I plan to plant a garden and use the produce in there as a base for my meals. Until the weather in MN warms up, I plan on eating more unprocessed natural foods.

  • 362
    Wgsherman says:

    I am trying to lose weight to lower blood sugar levels. I def. need to add more veggies to my diet. A pretty bowl and servers make the idea of eating salads alot more appealing!

  • 363
    Judi Spizzirri says:

    I want to explore new grains and seeds: quinoa, flax and chia seeds come to mind. Heading off to try a quinoa breakfast dish!

  • 364

    just been diagnosed with fatty liver due to high cholesterol need to eat more raw vegges

  • 365
    KAPP says:

    I plan to get back on my one salad a day regime. i fell off it during Nov/Dec. I also would like to cut back on eating meat in every meal to just in one meal a day. This set is beautiful thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  • 366
    Rhonda says:

    I love salads and vegetables. Making them visually more appealing helps sell them to the rest of my family. We already cook from our garden and can our own foods in the fall. Homemade sauerkraut has become an obsession. Just keep moving in the direction of real food.

  • 367
    Susan D says:

    I’ll be 100% vegan in 2013 after working on the transition in 2012. And cutting out as much processed food as possible.

  • 368
    Lisa says:

    Happy 2013!!! I am very excited to keep up with incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I will keep juicing everyday. My plan is to learn to sprout grains so I can add more nutrition to my meals.

  • 369
    Terry says:

    I have such a sweet tooth and it’s hard to pass up all those goodies sometimes. But I plan to eat healthier this year by buying more fruit and lightning up those desserts with healthier recipes.

  • 370
  • 371
    dee says:

    I will try to cut down on sugars.

  • 372
    Pam says:

    I am incoporating more fruits and veggies into my eating habits. I am trying to cut down on empty calories. I am hoping to lose about 20 pounds this year. If I lose any weight I will be happy. I am planning on excerising more.

  • 373
    cmlaplant says:

    I’ve joined WW and with the great healthy recipes on your site make it alot easier. Keep them coming.

  • 374
    Sandi says:

    I really try to keep in shape on a daily basis – trying to eat right and exercise everyday – But this holiday season was a difficult so during 2013 my biggest goal is to watch portion sizes – EVERYDAY. As long as I continue to watch how much I eat over-indulging and additional bulging should not become a problem!

  • 375
    Dianna says:

    Being type 1 Diabetic, AND having heart disease, salad, and fresh vegetables are a big staple in my diet. I can only imagine how much more appealing it would be to my husband and children, serving our healthy foods in this beautiful bowl and servers!! Not to mention the new recipes we could try with the book!

  • 376
    Jennifer Reynolds says:

    I plan on eating more raw veggies and drinking LOTS of water!!

  • 377
    Roely Tentinger says:

    I am planning to eat healthy by eating more vegetables, fruits and leaner meats.

  • 378
    Kazandra says:

    I plan on not eating out as much.

  • 379
    Maureen G says:

    I am using the revised Food Pyramid to guide my food choices It will be a good help when dining out also

  • 380
    mary says:

    I am starting with small changes, passing on the sugar and eating more vegatables and less meat. walking will be apart of my daily routine. I plan to think about what i am eating and looking forward to putting healty meals together for my family

  • 381
    Mary says:

    i am going to start with small changes like passing on sugar and eating more vegtables and smaller portations of meat. walking will be a part of my daily routine and i am really looking forward to learning how to prepare healthy meals for my family…

  • 382
    Mary says:

    I am going to start with small changes like passing on sugar and eating more vegetables and smaller portations of meat. walking will be a part of my daily routine and i am really looking forward to learning how to prepare healthy meals for my family…

  • 383
    Anna Prewitt says:

    I am going to add exercise back into my daily living , take all white out of my diet along with red meat. Look for healthy recipes to add into my meals.

  • 384
    Alicia says:

    I am going to make sure that I eat breakfast in the morning even if it’s a smaller meal it is better than skipping when I am not hungry in the morning.

  • 385
    Helen Anderson says:

    I plan on making more from scratch meals instead of relying so much on processed foods.

  • 386
    Phyllis says:

    I want to eat more Cruciferous vegetables.

  • 387
    Jan Hall says:

    I will be eating more vegetables out of the garden this year. Plus we will be eating more lean meats like venison.

  • 388
    Kathy A. says:

    The best thing I could do would be to abstain from all “adult” beverages. Since that probably is not going to happen, I’ll just cut down…

  • 389
    Gail Mann says:

    I plan to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise on treadmill, do a little Zumba, and invest in a pedometer.

  • 390
    Teresa says:

    I love fruits and vegetables, so I will be eating more, less red meat and more fish. Also plan to start walking again!

  • 391
    Lynn F says:

    I am cooking at home more and committing to eating at least 2 fruits and 2 veggies a day and more if I can sneak them into some of the dishes.

  • 392
    Caroline S. says:

    I plan on having two vegetables with dinner every night. I also plan on using some new recipes when I make vegetables.

  • 393
    Grace says:

    This presentation definitely motivates consistent salad eating! Sometimes I run out of ideas for salads, but with this book and tools, this will definitely help. Greens are a good blood builder, and will surely help with my hemoglobin boost!

  • 394
    Grace says:

    This book and wonderful presentation for salad is definitely motivating and inspiring to me to eat my greens and all colors of the rainbow on a consistent basis! Greens are a great blood builder and would help with boosting my hemoglobin. Not only that, this would be great to use as a demo when presenting healthy cooking classes to inspire others to eat their greens.

  • 395
    joyce n. says:

    I am reading The Wheat Belly Diet book so I’m eating low carb & high protein. Working so far!

  • 396
    Jo Sue says:

    I plan to incorporate more whole grains in my cooking, like amaranth, hemp etc.

  • 397
    Kathryn says:

    I am planning on starting every meal with either a light salad or a clear-based soup to fill me up with low calorie bulk before digging in to the main meal to keep me from overeating.

  • 398
    Amy Thornton says:

    I plan to eat more veggies and less sweets this year.

  • 399
    Patti Snowden says:

    I have committed to ONLY steaming all my veggies and have a great Oster digital steamer that does the job perfectly as well as eggs and rice. It’s easy, no muss no fuss, and quick.

  • 400
    Debbie White says:

    I plan to focus on portion control,eat more fruits and steamed vegetables. Plan my meals in advance,so I’m not tempted to eat fast food. Most importantly “eat to live and not live to eat”.

  • 401
    Theresa J says:

    I am planning on sticking to a menu

  • 402
    Jerry Thurman says:

    What a healthy way to start.

  • 403
    Cheryl O says:

    I am going to start by replacing my pots and pans. Throwing away all plastics that is not bpa free. While cleaning out my kitchen I wiil be designing my garden and ordering seeds to plant in the spring. Fresh vegtables, fruits and the exercise while I wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I hope everyone has a happy and healthier 2013.

  • 404
    Martha C says:

    I plan on eating more vegetables and salads.

  • 405
    maryann says:

    plan to eat heathier

  • 406
    Sharon says:

    I am a vegeterian already but still don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, that is what I plan to change this year

  • 407
    Joyce Mika says:

    I plan to eat a lot more salads!!

  • 408
    Julie B says:

    Happy New Year! I plan on continuing my current wellness program. But splurging on the weekends has become more common. I intend to cut down on splurging and sticking to home-cooked healthy meals.

  • 409
    Teresa says:

    I plan to eat healthier in 2013 by making sure there isn’t a lot of unhealthy food in the house that always tempts me.

  • 410
    Tammy says:

    I plan on eating healthier by avoiding fast food and eating more home cooked meals and adding more fruits and veggies to my diet.

  • 411
    Jennifer Barr says:

    I was just diagnosed with diabetes in december so I am actively trying to eat ALOT better to get this under control. I have been reading alot to learn more.

  • 412
    david lotz says:

    I could really use that.

  • 413
    Cindy says:

    My doctor has given me full permission/prescription to treat my many ailments with the help of cocoa. It has to be at least 75% pure, such a a good dark chocolate. With your help Better recipes, Im finding a million and one ideas how to cook with cocoa. And of course finding exciting healthy recipes that make my mouth water. Thank you so very much for this site.

  • 414 says:

    Eat many more salads

  • 415
    Nancy says:

    Have been eating vegetables and fruits mostly for past three years. Will continue on this healthy path.

  • 416
    Phyllis Papaioannou says:

    I want to eat better by cooking more meals at home. And I don’t mean just dinners, I want to pack my own lunches for work instead of picking up some random fast food. And also make some snacks for my husband while he’s at work too.

  • 417
    MsPms says:

    Less sugars

  • 418

    After a near death experience while delivering my baby boy in May, a subsequent blood transfusion, and over 6 months to recover, I have realized that the right foods in the right portions taken at the right times is the key to healthy living. I plan on reading my body’s signals as it reacts to different foods at different times and portions, and acting on them to learn and live the “right” lifestyle for me.

  • 419
    Chuck says:

    Would love a real salad bowl for our household use.

  • 420
    knittern says:

    I have returned to a Veg diet and am planning on cutting out more sugar/soda’s!!!

  • 421
    Eli Stamp says:


  • 422
    Phyllis Harris says:

    I plan on eating more fruits and veggies.

  • 423
    Nancy Petro says:

    I love to eat healthy and walk daily, but I am trying to get my twin granddaughters to do the same. If they will try it, they will love it too!

  • 424
    Danielle T says:

    more veggies and fruits.. i get bad about that

  • 425
    debra elliott says:

    I plan to continue what I started before the New Year began which is exercise, eat less junk, more fruits and vegetables, and read my bible every morning.

  • 426
    Kim says:

    I need to drink more water.

  • 427
    sand says:

    with this beautiful bowl set, who can resist making a salad???

  • 428
    Kay Z says:

    I plan to increase my fruits, vegetables and whole grains for a healthier diet!

  • 429
    Vera Khule says:

    more fruits and vegetables

  • 430
    Teresa Gilliam says:

    I plan to eat healthier by roasting and grilling more veggies and ditching diet sodas.

  • 431
    vicky miller says:

    I will walk everyday in my neighborhood and cut out sodas.

  • 432
    Cassie Kneebone says:

    Our family is going to lower carb, sodium, and sugar intake. We are cutting out fast-food and adding more salads and lean meats.

  • 433
    Brenda says:

    After having a heart attact,stoke and triple bypass heart surgery in the last year. I am getting more exercise and eating more salads than I every did before. Eat all your veggies and avoid what I just went thru.

  • 434
    Rita Jenkins says:

    More local farm fresh fruits and veggies. Less meat and limit alcohol!

  • 435
    Denise K. says:

    With such a beautiful bowl and salad forks, and a great guide book to fill them, you can’t go wrong with this prize. I’ll definitely be eating more salads with these.

  • 436
    Anoli says:

    No dieting this year, I am going to eat everything, but in moderation and exercise.

  • 437
    Sandra Morrissey says:

    Poached eggs on english muffins

  • 438
    Elizabeth Gualtier says:

    Am going on a diet so I imagine I will be eating every thing that is healthy! Like to go to the local produce stand in the summer but Stop and Shop carries very good vegetables and fruit

  • 439 says:

    We are going healthy as a family! As a family not only will we have each other to lean on in times of wanting to give in, but it gives us a reason to be more active as a family. We all love salad. People are amazed when we go out and our 7yr old daughter orders a salad over fries. However as much salad as we eat a nice salad bowl and serving spoons is something we lack. My daughter loves to be in the kitchen and something like this would motivate her to want to make healthier dinners with salads or dinners as salads. :-)We also plan on spending more time outside as well as home grown veggies!

  • 440
    Roxana G. says:

    I plan to eat more fruits (berries) and nuts. I love veggies and I eat them all the time so I won’t change that, I will just try to eat them raw and add more to my salads. I would love to get that book!

  • 441
    Linda Hall says:

    Both my husband and I are diabetics, he’s Type 1 and I’m Type 2 so I plan on using a lot more fruits and vegetables and only organic! Seems to me that all the poison in our food supply is what’s behind a lot of our health problems and we’re eliminating most sugars from our diet as well. Can’t wait to see the health improvements!

  • 442
    Robert says:

    Nice looking salad set…I plan on eating more fruits, cooked vegetables, and salads this year. The Williams-Sonoma salad book looks like it could be very interesting…

  • 443
    ELIZABETH C. says:

    Since early Dec 2012, I started eating healthier. I eat more salads, lean meats, veggies and drink more water. I also exercise 4 days a week on the treadmill and twice a week I do yoga. So far, I lost 18 lbs.

  • 444 says:

    This is gorgeous!

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