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Bundt Cake Prize Package

435 Comments | Written on December 3, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

Gosh, do I love a good bundt cake.  They are a snap to make, easy to slice, and perfect for sharing at parties.  I am willing to try a bundt cake in just about any flavor, and now with this prize package, you can too!  Full size or mini, you can go bundt cake crazy with this giveaway.

 Keep reading to learn how to win!

But first…the winner of our big KitchenAid Stand Mixer giveaway!!  Congratulations to #147 Lisa Trudeau.  Check your inbox, I will be emailing you with details on receiving your big prize!

Here is what you could win this week:

Bundt Cake Prize Package:

Heritage Bundt Pan

Mini Bundt Pan

Cake Simple Cookbook

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us why you love bundt cakes!   

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!

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435 Responses to “Bundt Cake Prize Package”

  • 1
    Dana Mosier says:

    Love Bundt Cakes!! My favorite is a spice cake with penuche icing, but chocolate, lemon and … Just love the texture and the moistness.

    • Cathy Morris says:

      Bundt cakes are my favorite cakes to make. They are so easy, you only have to use the one pan, but still can be as fancy as you want them to be. You can put icing on them or leave them plain and either way they will be wonderful.

  • 2
    Margaret Hadam-Hay says:

    Bundt cakes are adorable, so pretty to look at, and a family tradition – my mom and I would always mae bundt cakes for Easter and Christmas.

  • 3
    Alicia says:

    I love bundts because of how whimsical and fun their shapes are. You can do so much with a bundt or just leave it simple.

  • 4
    Debbie Lipps says:

    I love bundt cakes because of all the different shapes they can be, I just love the many designs (and they taste great too!).

  • 5

    I like cooking good tasting food and feeding people. What I do not enjoy is messing around to make the food attractive. With Bundt cakes – when you finish the easy part [baking the cake] you are finished – no need to ice or decorate.

  • 6
    Susan Bickta says:

    Bundt cakes are so easy to make and the finished cake always looks so elegant! Love bundt cakes!!!!

  • 7
    Lesley P says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are easy to make and look elegant!

  • 8
    Karen Dietert says:

    Making bundt cakes are easier to make and decorate. There are endless recipes with these cakes. We enter them in contests and we win all the time.

  • 9
    Shirley C says:

    I love bundt cakes because there are so many easy delicious recipes that can be made to serve guests and family.

  • 10
    Melinda Eash says:

    Cakes always taste better out of a bundt pan. I don’t know if it is the pretty shape, the fact that you can do so much with them, or the fact that my mother loved to make them all the time. I make doll cakes for little girls and fancy bouquets for the older girls. Bundts are always fun to dress up. No matter what they are always favorites.

  • 11
    Vseward says:

    I absolutely love making cakes in a bundt pan. Although I don’t have the heart to toss my great grandmothers pan out, I could sure use a new one. I just entered the Holiday recipe contest with my recipe for a Snickerdoodle Bundt Coffee Cake. It turns out beautiful in the bundt shape. I would love to try it in the mini pans. Thanks again for another great giveaway. (???)

  • 12
    Vseward says:

    Was so excited I forgot to say, the Heritage bundt pan pan would make a beautiful presentation. Love all shapes and sizes of bundt pans.

  • 13
    Elise Hightower says:

    i love bundt cakes! I don’t have the pans to make them but I do crave them all the time & would love to be able to make them! I even eat about 1/4 of a lemon bundt cake every night before I go to bed…lol

  • 14
    Stacie Roberts says:

    How cute are those mini bundt cake pans. Would love to use them to make cute desserts for my kids.

  • 15
    Cindy says:

    Bundt Cake-mmmm-do I really need to say more…

  • 16
    valerie says:

    I love bundt cakes! They’re usually easy to make & I love that you can use decorative cake pans!

  • 17
    Aneesa says:

    Bundt cakes allow you to create an elegant and classy desert so effortless!

  • 18
    Chunti02 says:

    I love bundt cakes!! Easy to make, possibilities are endless, they always impress without spending hours decorating. Simplicity at its best!!!!!

  • 19
    mary scodeller says:

    Bundt cakes are flavorable and whimical and the icings give them the pizazz to be a really good dessert mary

  • 20
    cheryl o'connell says:

    Bundt cakes are pretty just as they are & make great gifts for new neighbors, new mom, a sick friend, etc. There are so many possibilities & flavors to make.

  • 21
    catherine a dempsey says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are seasonally versatile with endless possibilities. The little ones make a perfect holiday gift!

  • 22
    Amaranta C says:

    I love bundt cakes because even the simplest one looks elegant and is always a crowd pleaser.

  • 23
    MARY ANN WHITE says:

    Every recipe I have ever made in a Bundt pan has come out perfect. I think it is the roundness with the hole in the middle that does it! Whenever I tell someone I will take a dessert for the party they always ask for my Apple Cinnamon Cake that is so easy to make in the Bundt Pan.

  • 24
    shirley says:

    Not only are bundt cakes fun to make.. they have the prettiest pans!

  • 25

    I love Bundt cakes because they are endlessly adaptable, they are easy to drizzle with glaze and you can always figure out how to cut beautiful slices!

  • 26
    hannah g says:

    bundt cakes i have a feelig are easy to make for the cake baker and look really pretty…..so they are indeed a bakers no brainer……..would like to prove myself right xxx ;0)

  • 27
    phyllis says:

    I love baking bundt cakes because they always
    come out perfect and they make a GREAT
    looking dessert table.

  • 28
    Barbara F. says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are moist and delicious. No icing necessary. A light dusting of powdered sugar is great. I also like the various cake pan designs to make beautifully shaped cakes. Thanks for hosting, I follow you on Twitter and saw it there. xo

  • 29
    Peggy says:

    Bundt cakes remind me of my maternal grandma and my Momma when they would make “dump cakes” from scratch because my 5 siblings and 6 counsins would be complaining about being hungry. They would make powdered sugar drizzle to go over it.

  • 30
    Xanthe Dotson says:

    I really love to bake and especially like to bake bundt cakes my favorite one to bake is called double choclate chip its soooo delicious and very moist no frosting needed!

  • 31
    Nikki says:

    Bundt cakes are so classic and can make any cake mix and glaze exceptional.

  • 32

    I love them b/c they are so beautiful and easy to make… and yummy!!! 🙂

  • 33
    Janice E says:

    A beautiful bundt pan makes any cake a party!

  • 34
    Laurie Lufkin says:

    I love to make Bundt cakes, especially filled ones! I share pans with a friend of mine or else I would have purchased about 30 of them so far!

  • 35
    Jean Sagarese says:

    Bunt cakes always look and taste good. The Mini pans would be nice to use for a personal birthday cake.

  • 36
    Jackie says:

    I love bundt cakes because of the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “There’s a hole in the cake.”

  • 37
    Ranjinee Ramdeen says:

    Bundt cakes…mmmm…yummy…I love to bake..actually anything I can get my hands on…what’s unique about the bundt is that its simple but the end product has such a sophisticated look about it…wow the prize u are offering is so awesome..just love the shape…I love anything with chocolate or coffee…when I do bake for a charity event then I’m proud to say that its my bundt that’s the show stopper…to a bundting success

  • 38
    Paula Perry says:

    I love my Bundt Cake pans and would not be without them. Would truly love to win some new ones. Best cake pans around. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  • 39
    Linda says:

    I love bundt cakes for many reasons.
    1. They make a simple cake look pretty.
    2. You can still slice them and fill with the layers with icing.
    3. I love filling the center hole with fresh fruit, like raspberries or blueberries. Makes a nice garnish and delicious to serve with a slice of cake.
    4. Cakes always bake quicker too in a bundt.

  • 40
    Norma Florez says:

    Bundt cakes remind me of my mother and grandmother. She use to make them all time and they are so easy. She tought me how to cook as well as my daughter and my son. So when they see a bundt cake they ask: “Is that grandma’s recipe”? She took a recipe from her mother and used it in her bundt pan, so when my kids cook it, that cake is a 4 Generation cake. It warms are hearts.

  • 41
    Tabitha says:

    Oh My Goodness, I love Bundt cakes because it makes even the average baker seem like a Professional Pastry Chef. The most simple dessert, Extraordinary. Every holiday my brother would love my Cinnamon Bundt cake I felt like a Pro even at a young age and the designs have gotten even better. I do not have the Heritage one yet but it is on my Wish list :). I would love to pass on the tradition of making Extraordinary Bundt cakes to my Now 2 year old daughter xox

  • 42
    Deanna says:

    Love the Bundt cakes, over the halloween I had to borrow my mom’s so i can make a cute pumpkin bundt cake and i even did make the faces on it.. it is fun to do that..

  • 43
    Leann says:

    Bundt cakes mmm! I would love and appreciate this set!

  • 44
    Sherry Wylie says:

    I like bundt cakes because they just look fancier than a plain sheet cake.

  • 45
    Robin M says:

    Bundt cakes are like pound cakes…they travel well and are good any time of the day. I love the sock it to me cake that I do. It is so moist and so good.

  • 46
    Mara Cruz says:

    Love bundt cakes cause of the shape and you can make the cake look fancy or just plain. I love to eat an awesome rum bundt cake. Wish I win this package so I can start making me bundt cakes instead or round the other shape cakes

  • 47
    Michelle says:

    Love the shape. Grandma made them all the time. : )

  • 48
    Susie Bruins says:

    They’re very beautiful, and taste great, too!

  • 49
    Desirée Serna says:

    I LOVE bundt cakes!! My mom and my grandma always made bundt cakes when I was growing up and I was just fascinated at how fancy they always looked! With tons of different designs, I think they always just make an eye catching dessert whether you’re having a casual get together, posh tea party or a fancy holiday party….bundts are the way to go! I would love to have the mini pans!! Soo adorable! I love to bake as gifts, they would be perfect!!

  • 50
    Jim K says:

    Bundt cakes are so easy to make, especially the smaller version. I would even use the smaller bundt pan to make a folded piece of ham covered in egg recipe I found on the internet.

  • 51
    Karen Emineth says:

    There is so much you can do with a bundt pan! My husband is known for his Harvey Wallbanger cakes and is always “told” what he should bring for the office party. As a matter of fact, he made several of the Harvey Wallbanger cakes in the bundt pans for our wedding. We served half wedding cake and half HW made in the bundt pans. I have several bundt pans that I use for making popcorn cakes for the holidays. I have a side business where I make the cakes and beautifully wrap them in cello wrap and pretty curling ribbon. I also make a great apple rum bundt cake that is wonderful! I would love to win another set of bundt pans to create more great food.

  • 52
    Lisa G says:

    I love bundt cakes especially my late Aunt Rita’s Lemon bundt cake! It was the best.

  • 53
    p.randall76@yahoo.com says:

    I love Bundt cakes because there are so many delicious recipes and my wife makes me a different one each week!! I always have cake thanks to Bundt and this makes me very happy..

  • 54
    Paul Buchanan says:

    Bundt cakes are the greatest because my wife loves to make them and I love cake… We always have a cake at our house and I am a happy hubby..

  • 55
    elvira says:

    My mother in law makes the best bundt cake! It has a ribbon of cinnamon and walnuts in the middle! I would love this set to give to her!

  • 56
    katdrox@gmail.com says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are so versatile and easy to make!

  • 57
    Karen Lewis says:

    Love bundt cakes–a welcome change from the usual square and round ones!

  • 58
    Amanda says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so easy to make for a crowd!

  • 59
    Saundra Bowers says:

    I love bundt cakes because almost any flavor can be dreamed up and adapted to make one. My recent favorite is the apple pie filling recipe from luckyleaf.com called Sugar Dusted Apple Bundt Cake, only using my homemade quart jar of apple pie filling.
    My favorite as a kid was the chocolate mix with macaroon center…Sure wish they`d bring that back for a new generation!

  • 60
    Barbara Altamirano says:

    I love bundt cakes. They always come out perfect and sturdy. I just love the different designs.

  • 61
    Kim Withers says:

    I love bundt cakes because of the versatility. There are so many options of cakes and glazes you can make!

  • 62

    I love bundt cake they come in all shapes and they taste good with or with out icing. I love making a egg nog pound cake taste so good and my lil girl loves the design and loves to help me when I bake. I would love to win this it would help me in my small barkey busnines I just started at home.

  • 63

    I love to bake vintage cakes so bundt pans are ideal for that old-fashioned home-crafted look. 🙂 Leslie

  • 64
    Mary Louise says:

    Love bundt cakes!!! ‘Nuff said!

  • 65

    The best thing about Bundt cakes are that they are so delicious and beautiful at the same time. You save calories becasue they do not require frosting;however, a little glaze or sprinkled powder sugar on top makes it all the more eye catching…yummmmm

  • 66
    Penny Atwood says:

    I love using Bundt cake pans during the Holidays Season. Making Spiced cake and decorating them with Green Icing makes great Christmas Writhes Cakes. Now with the smaller pans, you can make little Writhes for gift giving. Like the kid’s teachers, your neighbors, or even the mail person gets a nice surprise. I think it makes it a little more personal than just simple cookies.

  • 67
    Daniela C. says:

    I love Bundt cakes because is so traditional in my family for years !! and the little ones my mom made it’s was so cute for christmas , with royyal icing or frosting and chocolate, I ove it!!

  • 68
    ej henry says:

    Bundt cakes are a family tradition!! Used to making them with my grandmother!! Lovely nemory… and so yummy!!

  • 69
    C.M. Cole says:

    Bundt cakes are so interesting, and versatile. They slice so wonderfully, and are so pretty.

  • 70
    Kelly D says:

    I like bundt cakes because you can make them look beautiful with just a little powdered sugar & they are easy to make.

  • 71

    I love bundt cakes because, in my life, they are usually pound cakes as well and that’s my favorite thing to bake! 🙂

  • 72
    Celeste says:

    The bundt pan is THE perfect form for cake. It has the perfect proportion of width, height, and depth to create a light and airy cake with the perfect amount of crust. The shape is beautiful, frosting and decor is not necessary to complete this baked culinary bite of perfection.

  • 73
    Mary S. says:

    I love bundt cakes because a bundt pan was the first true “cake” pan my mom owned that she used only for cakes. Her pan was one of the originals from the early 1960’s.

  • 74
    Judy Osuch says:

    I first tasted bundt cake years ago in the midwest, My neighbor and I use to have coffee & cake as soon as we got the kids onto the school bus in the morning. We would take turns baking something different, so just the name brings back good memories!

  • 75
    Rita Cintron says:

    I love bundt cakes because they look so special, even with just a dusting of confectioners sugar, and they definitely look homemade.

  • 76
    Christine J says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are beautiful straight out of the pan, they are so versatile, and don’t get drenched in frosting.

  • 77
    Debby Tyer says:

    Endless possibilities!! Long live the Rum Cake

  • 78
    Paula says:

    I love bundt cake pans because they are so versatile and used to make things look more elegant and the hole in the middle can be filled with a variety of things.

  • 79
    Mippy says:

    It’s CAKE! and it’s pretty cake :)nuff said!;)

  • 80
    Dedee says:

    My fav bundt has to be is a light poundcake drizzled with freshly sugared lemon yummm.

  • 81
    Lori B. says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so easy to make! My family also has a HUGE inside joke that revolves around one of my mom’s creations! I cannot eat bundt cake without laughing!!! 🙂

    • debby mahan says:

      I love bundt cakes because they are always beautiful an so so easy….I work a lot of hours an bundts make my life so much easier..

  • 82
    Alice says:

    I love Bundt cake because they taste so good. I love the shapes of them and usually when I go to a party I always bake one.

  • 83
    Chaney says:

    Tunnel of Fudge became my 2 boy’s (now 37 & 35 years old)favorite bundt. My oldest Shawn still remembers his 6th January bundt birthday cake with snow frosting, pines, and one of his favorite matchbox cars on a toasted coconut road.

  • 84
    Amy Jenkins says:

    Seems impossible, but I had totally forgotten about bundt cakes. Thanks for the reminder. I love the new mini pans. I want to make them!

  • 85
    Amy Jenkins says:

    Oh! I forgot to say why I like them- it’s because they are so beautiful!

  • 86
    Meta says:

    There is only one pan to grease and flour, and the cakes look great with just a drizzle of glaze, without having to be frosted. I used to love baking those special bundt mixes like Tunnel of Chocolate. Now I have to cut my carbs I can appreciate a cake that I can slice thinly.

  • 87
    M Werber says:

    I would love a new bundt pan. The one I have is about 40 years old. It’s still in perfect condition, but the thought of having a new one makes me salivate. For bundt cake. They always turn out looking so good. Even a home cook like me can turn out cakes that look completely professional.

  • 88
    Derrick Johnson says:

    Bundt cakes are the best because you can do any flavor you want.I love to make my Lemon Bundt Cake w/lemon glaze,the family loves it!

  • 89
    diane weygandt says:

    Bundt cakes are easy to carry to pot lucks or parties, they are more festive then 9X13s and elegant or just decadent. My fav is a holidaycake, though have even made a pineapple upsidedown cake in one…Slicing is clear cutand it always says “Party” to my 13 grandchildren of this young g ma.

  • 90
    Catherine says:

    Nifty little crowd pleasers
    Delicious in every flavour
    Try one today!!

  • 91
    Crissy D. says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are fun to glaze and fill, the combos are endless.

  • 92
    DONNA FOSS says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are fun to make and eat!

  • 93
    Carole Resnick says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so easy. In fact, more often than not, there is a bundt cake, tightly wrapped in foil, sitting on my kitchen counter. Favorite is Chocolate-Banana

  • 94
    Kate says:

    The thing I like best about bundt cakes is that they are endlessly adaptable!

  • 95
    rose sm. says:

    this goes great with coffee or latte after meal

  • 96
    Veronica says:

    i love bundt cakes because they look so beautiful!!!

  • 97
    Marilyn says:

    Bundt cakes are the best! Easy one pan preparation, a snap to ‘frost’, much easier than a layered cake! What’s not to like??

  • 98
    MIRNA FRANCO says:

    I love to have a new Bundt pan , for christmas , becuase I want to make my favotite Bundt cake recipe from my mom!!

  • 99
    lynda says:

    great memories of these cakes, learning my mum receipe as a child i remember the first time i used it.Still use it to this day.

  • 100
    CathyH says:

    Bundt cakes are so elegant!

  • 101
    Sandy says:

    I love these cakes because brings back happy memories making them then sharing them with my family!

  • 102

    I have Bundt envy as I don’t recall ever having had this cake so I need to win this prize badly in order to make one as I see recipes all over the web for them!

  • 103
    Barbara Grier says:

    Love bundt cakes. Easy to make and like filling with chocolate fudge or other things.

  • 104
    Molly Garza says:

    I grew up with Bundt cakes. My mom made the Tunnel of Fudge when it won the Pillsbury Bake-off and we were hooked. I make Bundt Cakes and send them to our friends young people stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t limit it to cakes, the pan has a whole host of ideas.

  • 105
    Sue says:

    I love bundt cakes because they always make any occasion special. They are fun, versatile and scrumptuous.

  • 106
    Elizabeth Mariano says:

    Brings back childhood memories. Baking with my mom her Shock it to me cake and Orange Cake. Wow I miss those days. 🙁

  • 107
    Beth Richter says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so much easier to cut, easier to cook, and prettier in general. =)

  • 108
    Amy Buis says:

    I have never made a bundt cake but I do love baking…..maybe I’ve never made one cause I don’t have the proper pan but I do love baking and trying new recipes…would love to win your prize pack…thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • 109
    Debra Sierra says:

    Bunt cakes are great because they can be used for everything from a snack with coffee or tea to a birthday cake with the best icing! They can be eaten warm and they are just so cozy! They are also versatile and you can make them with most any ingredient you want from nuts to dried fruits an can be topped with anything you desire. 🙂

  • 110
    Phyllis says:

    I grew up with the Tunnel of Fudge bundt cake out of the box. Such fun. I would make it with my sister. Wonderful memories

  • 111
    Tamica Kenyon says:

    This will seem like a weird reason….but here goes! I love bundt pans because I have nine children, and bundt pans are the easiest to cut into many pieces. My pan is second hand and came with a dent. I’d love a new one or two.

  • 112
    Nichole Spencer says:

    I love bundt cakes because they have unique shapes and when you pour frosting or glazes over the top it goes around both sides of the cake, you can’t get that with a regular cake. Plus, having these pans, I would officially be able to make my own bundt cakes which I have yet to have the pleasure of doing!

  • 113
    Christine A. says:

    They NEVER go out of style, such a simple yet effective dessert with so many flavor options. We love our local bakery’s bundt cakes, but we should really start making our own, the way my Grams used to make. Taste of love. Now to dig up my recipes.

  • 114
    Christie S. says:

    Bunt cakes are made for friendship, good conversations, and homey, warm hospitality! I love an orange sponge bunt cake with a cream cheese glaze!

  • 115
    Qing Chen says:

    I love how bunt cakes look, just dusting powder sugar on them makes them pretty, and the variation are endless.

  • 116
    Ron Miller says:

    Perfect with my first love, coffee!

  • 117
    Jillian Casey says:

    Bundt cakes always look sophisticated and of course yummy.

  • 118
    Sue D says:

    I like the pretty shape!

  • 119
    Hillary Gibson says:

    my apple cake would look quite pretty in that new pan!

  • 120
    ellen schull says:

    I love Bundt cake because it reminds me of my childhood. It was the only kind of cake we had back then. Besides, they are the best….

  • 121
    Cindy Falk says:

    Bundt cakes remind me of our wedding. We received 4 pans for wedding gifts 40 years ago. I still enjoy baking with one of the Bundt cake pans. I purchased a smaller sized pan this year to make tasty cakes for gifts.

  • 122
    amanda pomeroy says:

    They are beautiful shapes & make such delicious cakes! Bundts make me think of my grandmothers in their younger years entertaining their friends for dinner or bridge.

  • 123
    ccroadhts@aol.com says:

    Bundt cakes are a tradition in our family. They became a favorite, beginning with the Sock-It-To-Me cake. I love Bundts because they are easy to come out ‘pretty’and boast many trusted recipes that our family just can’t get enough of.

  • 124
    fran says:

    love bundt just because

  • 125
    Carrie Conley says:

    I love bundt cakes because it”s one layer ….the cake is pretty….therefore it must be good….

  • 126
    ReneeG says:

    I love Bundt cakes because my mother always makes me and my husband a Bundt cake whenever we come home or she comes to visit us! It is a sign of her love for us! Bundt = home, family and love!

  • 127
    Katelin Willis says:

    Love bundt cakes!!! It’s what I have every year for a birthday cake which means I’m going to enjoy one next week!! Tahnk you for the giveaway!

  • 128
    utonia raaf says:

    love bundt cakes, they are easy to make

  • 129
    Melanie says:

    Love Bundt cakes because they always look so pretty and only one pan.

  • 130
    sue v says:

    I lovebundt cakes because they are fun and easy to make.. a lot less hassle than cupcakes

  • 131
    Theresa White says:

    I love them my mother made them all the time when i was growing up

  • 132

    I bake all the time and the reason I love BUNDT cakes, is because I find thousands of recipes that all of my friends request for different ocassions.

  • 133
    Shelly Berndtson says:

    Bundt cakes are pretty simple to make and are always so much fun to decorate!! 🙂

  • 134
    cathy j says:

    Bundts are so quick and easy…everyone loves them!

  • 135
    jeff j says:

    There are endless varieties of bundt cakes…all delicious!

  • 136
    Tess Moran says:

    I love Bundt cakes! My last bundt cake pan was lost in a move and wow have I ever missed having it.

  • 137
    Tamara McLemore says:

    I love bundt cakes! I love turning plain looking pound cakes into beautiful creations!

  • 138
    Sally says:

    Bundt cakes are not only delicious , they also dress up the table. Great for any occasion

  • 139
    BJ says:

    I love bunt cakes for several reasons. They can be elegantly simple if I am being lazy and do not want to do elaborate decorating, or I can decorate them with powdered sugar or glaze. They are appropriate for any occasion and most of all they are the perfect show case for the one of a kind cake that does not require icing or garnishments….they allow the cake to shine on its own merits.

  • 140
    Aline says:

    They are simple and beautiful, like life should be 🙂

  • 141
    Judith Ruggles says:

    I love bundt cakes. So many ways to make.

  • 142
    Jessy Jaimes says:

    I love them because they are so easy and pretty. I like baking a carrot cake as a bundt cake. Instead of frosting the whole thing, I melt the frostin a bit and just pour it over the cake. So easy to cut and not a lot of hassle!

  • 143
    Lauri says:

    Love bundt cakes, they are so pretty. perfect for a gathering, they look like that took a lot of time to make, but really quick and simple

  • 144
    Carol Pennington says:

    They are easy to make, fun to decorate and they look pretty when finished.

  • 145
    Julie T says:

    My holiday parties wouldn’t be complete without a lemon poppyseed bundt cake! Bundt cakes are so versatile and easy. You can dress them up or not. The shapes alone make them look amazing.

  • 146
    Sue Fisher says:

    Bundt cakes are not just fluff – they have substance! They are my favorite cake and remind me of my Grandma’s house. When I was a little girl she usually had a made-from-scratch, lemon bundt cake sitting on top of her chest freezer in her back room. It was a wonderful treat for her grandchildren!

  • 147
    Cheri Ray says:

    Love Bundts. My go to cake because thy are so easy and delicious.

  • 148
    Emily says:

    Bundt cakes are so beautiful and versatile, a great dessert for any occasion!!

  • 149
    Nancy Narma says:

    I’ve always loved making (and eating!) Bundt cakes..especially the tunnel of fudge variety. They’re so easy to prepare and serve many for little effort. Of course, there’s always the problem with making monkey bread in the bundt pan..no matter how big it is, there never seems to be any leftovers!!

  • 150
    maura says:

    christmas is the baking!!!

  • 151
    Danielle says:

    Never had a bundt cake before are they hard to make ?

  • 152
    Melody Ringo says:

    Bundt cakes can be a special surprise, cut into it,and you will find a wonderful yummy

  • 153
    karla says:

    Love the buntcakes they always look to pretty!
    And when I add pudding to the middle yum!!

  • 154
    michelle says:

    i love bundt cakes because they are so simple yet elegant and pretty and you can fill them, glaze them, or just sprinkle them with powdered sugar, cocoa, etc. the flavor combinations are endless!

  • 155
    Jennifer says:

    Love bundt cakes, my original is a chocolate bliss cake, which occassional turns into a quadruple chocolate with the addition of chips, chocolate ganache, hot fudge or sprinkles, One can never get enough chocolate!

  • 156
    Jen Lynn Rutsky says:

    I love Bundt cakes sweetness and architecture!

  • 157
    Jill says:

    I love the shapes they make

  • 158
    Betty says:

    More cake pans! I love all different sizes, I don’t have any mini’s. I have an older bundt pan that is not in great shape, it’s dented and not very pretty. I’d love to win a new “pretty” one.

  • 159
    michelle cheney says:

    i love bundt cakes because they are so simple yet elegant, sophisticated and pretty. they work for everything from an afternoon tea, morning coffee, after dinner dessert, holidays and parties. they are so versatile with the different flavors of cake, fillings, and toppings – streusal, glaza, powdered sugar or cocoa, fruit, etc. the possibilities are endless!!

  • 160
    Donna McCauley says:

    I love bundt cakes but it seems like I use my pan more for garlic knot bread it’s perfect with the hole in the center for a dish of marinara sauce.

  • 161
    Carol Knee says:

    I have baked bundt cakes for years and these cakes are my favorite forms of cakes and my office staff loves it when I bring in the butter rum bundt cake I always bake during the holidays.

  • 162

    I would really like to win this giveaway so I can gift foreword to one of my sons that are in culinary fields I don’t have the ability to work anymore so this would be great to pass on.

  • 163
    Diane Alberigi says:

    I love Bundt Cakes because of all the various shapes you can create and decorate. Not to mention that I think they are moister than a regular cake!!

  • 164
    Elizabeth Cooper says:

    I love all the different recipes for bundt cake.They are great to make and better to eat.

  • 165
    Jennifer Mays says:

    I love Bundt cakes because my mom would make the most delicious cinnamon cofee cake with glaze in the Bundt cake pan. It ways not only beautiful to look at but so yummy.

  • 166
    Kathy Earls says:

    I think Bundt cakes scream “I’m a classy cook who worked hard for you, NOT”

  • 167
    Brenda Thayer says:

    Bundt cakes make any occasion look special no matter what kind they are.

  • 168
    Mare says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are so easy and tasty!

  • 169
    Donna McCauley says:

    I do love bundt cakes but it seems like I use my pan more for garlic knots bread the center hole is perfect for a bowl of marinara sauce.

  • 170
    Kim says:

    Wow, I never saw a heritage bundt pan. My mom used to make a bundt cake(bought it over the counter)that was chocolate with a coconut filling you would put in the middle..that’s all my mom used was her bundt pan…memories…

  • 171
    Jamie says:

    I love bundt cakes!! I make a fresh apple bundt cake with a honey glaze that is to die for! I could not even begin to tell you the last time I made a layer cake. My family even prefers bundt cakes to layer cakes.

  • 172
    Sharon Hare says:

    I love to make a Bundt cake. It looks so elegant and easy to decorate. I also love the texture of a Bundt cake and the delicious ribbon of filling. My favorite is chocolate with a coconut ribbon—my “almond joyy” special.

  • 173
    Verna says:

    With the smallest amount of effort a Bundt cake makes
    me look like a master baker! I’ve never made one that
    didn’t come out great. The should be renamed Ego-Boost Cakes!!

  • 174
    Christina says:

    My grandmother always made Bundt cakes, so they remind me of her.

  • 175
    Joann Langdon says:

    Can’t wait to try new recipes!

  • 176
    Shannon says:

    I love bundt cakes!!! 😀 I love those pans!!

  • 177
    Bill F says:

    I like bunt cakes because you can just dust them with sugar, no need to frost them.

  • 178
    Susan Smith says:

    Bundt cakes are pretty and easy to make! I love them.

  • 179
    Tina B says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are quick adn easy! Require very little or no frosting and taste yummy! My secret recipe is an egg nog bundt cake…everyone loves it!

  • 180
    robin bokur says:

    I have a hard time making a cake turn out edible but a bundt cake comes out right the first time! My favorite is a Chocolate-Kahula bundt cake. I make this all winter for my home and for friends. A wonderful chocolatly way to warm up!

  • 181
    Carol M Kite says:

    After years of enjoying bundt cakes, I gave my pans away to my daughters. I found that I missed the ease and taste of bundt cakes, now with new concotions, I want to start over.

  • 182

    Bundt cakes are so majestic looking. I like to make bundt cakes because it dresses up ay cake and makes it look elegant, even without icing. The one I make most often is the friendship cake to give to neighbors. I have always wanted to make the small bundt cakes but I don’t have the pans for them. Winning would solve that.

  • 183
    Natalie Westlake says:

    Well to tell u the truth I would use a reg.bake cake pan like my Mother always used., untill I came across a Bundt Pan and I have not used anything else since!
    They make the best cakes ever,no matter what kind you are making,these pans are the best!
    I try to downsize all bakingg due to Heath Reasons and I find smaller Bundt Pans are great,either one really but the smaller ones are so hard to find.

  • 184
    Lisa Thomas says:

    Bundt cakes are classics. My favorites are a good, Southern buttermilk pound cake and lemon poppy seed! Love the pan and would love to try my hand at the miniature versions too!

  • 185
    Arlene C. says:

    You can’t go wrong with Bundt Cake, no matter the flavor.

  • 186
    MaryJo Rebatzke says:

    I used to make bundt cakes for every family get-together, I wore my pan out, it’s so nicked and scratched, too ugly to use anymore. I just discovered a new recipe I’d like to make for Christmas, but can’t use that old pan. I was just thinking where to get a new one and came across this contest. How about it, Tis the Season!

  • 187
    Jeannie says:

    Bundt cakes are so easy to make, always a new recipe to try. The mini-bundts would be great to make and take to shut-ins or the sick who do not require a larger cake.

  • 188
    Joanne Wilson says:

    I bake a bundt cake most Sundays after coming home from church. Some of my children and my 96-year old aunt come in time to have a slice of warm cake and then it’s divided so they can take some home.

  • 189
    michele m fitch says:

    i have never tried to make a bundt cake, it might be fun

  • 190
    Karen Koval says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are both delicious and beautiful. A win win in my book.

  • 191
    Richard Albertson says:

    Umm I love Bundt cakes and love making them, sometimes with fruit, nuts, beverage or booze – somtimes with powder sugar sprinkled on top and other times a drizzle of frosting. Bundt cake is great with my morning coffee, Umm!

  • 192
    Beverly Bianco says:

    Yummy & Pretty all in one. What more could you ask for?

  • 193
    Kim M says:

    I have a pampered chef bundt pan that I bake alot in. Monkey bread, cakes, I’ve even made an Ice Cream Cake out of it. Love the style of a Bundt pan.

  • 194
    Beverly Bianco says:

    Yummy & pretty. What more could you ask for? They make beautiful gifts…

  • 195
    Karen Howard says:

    I Love “Tunnel Of Fudge” Bundt Cakes! And there are a variety of different designs on the pans you can buy.Always a Great Cake!

  • 196
    Gloria says:

    I love bundt cakes I like how you take bake anything in a pan and it looks beautiful. So festive any time of the year.

  • 197
    Mia N says:

    I’ve always loved Bundt cakes..the designs not only make them asthetically pleasing to look at but they taste amazing! Which makes them two for two. My mother loved bundt cakes so they have a special place for me also. I love the heritage, its so beautifuly intricate!

  • 198
    anna huff says:

    I love them because they have been around for so many years and always look great!

  • 199
    nicole levin says:

    they look so pretty without much effort!

  • 200
    pearlene webb says:

    Love anything that is quick and easy when in a hurry,like the bundt cake with the icing mixed in the cake batter,GReAT

  • 201

    I love to bake and Bundtcakes are very nice to display ether small or larger ones

  • 202
    Patricia says:

    Even made plain, the cakes look great!! Bundt cakes make it easy to make beautiful cakes!

  • 203
    Deeanna Bennett says:

    Absolutely lust for the old Harvey Wallbanger cake recipe baked in a bundt pan and just exactly as it was published way back when. Its is so moist with just a hint of rum. Great holiday dessert.

  • 204
    Michelle Palmer says:

    I love the time I spend with my daughter while making my grandmother’s bundt cake recipe. It doesn’t hurt that we get to eat delicious bundt cake afterwards!

  • 205
    Debra DeVlaeminck says:

    I love making cakes in a bundt pan. They stay moist longer than a regular.

  • 206

    My favorite thing is baking, so I love to make different shapes that look nice and I think the Bundt cake either small or big look very nice.

  • 207
    Julia says:

    They are moist with great texture and they look great!

  • 208
    Helen says:

    Nothing left to say by YUM YUM YUM for the Bundt Cake

  • 209
    MommaChuga says:

    Besides the array of flavors and textures you can create with bundt cakes, my favorite part is the design. It’s like a surprise each time you flip that cake over onto your platter, the wonderful patterns of your pan appear, no two are alike. Then comes the glaze or icing. It flows so nicely over each curve and detail. They are so impressive with minimal work. Gotta Love a Bundt Cake.

  • 210
    Martha Fuller says:

    Not only are Bundt cakes easy but there are an endless variety of flavors and add ins to choose from. As an added bonus they are so pretty on the table.

  • 211
    Felicia Plastini says:

    I love bundt cakes, how simple they are to make and how they look when you are done decorating them!! They are very easy to turn into a pumpkin for Halloween and fall!

  • 212
    Carol Ann Gregg says:

    What can be better that a bundt cake to serve a crowd. The flavor options are amazing.

  • 213
    Amanda Raney says:

    I love bundt cakes because they freeze well. I can make a whole cake, keep half out, and then the other half is ready in the freezer whenever I need a dessert!

  • 214
    Beverly Weckstein says:

    I taught myself to bake when I got married 58 years ago, but never mastered making a layer cake…YAY…Bundt cakes always looked elegant and tasted wonderful…my Hero!

  • 215
    robin depietro says:

    I love bundt cake because they look so pretty right out of the pan. But you can still do a lot of things to decorate them.

  • 216
    katieO says:

    I love all cakes – especially bundt cakes!

  • 217
    Melody Young says:

    Bundt cakes are not only elegant looking but, are so very versatile for any occasion or celebration.

  • 218
    Melissa Bird says:

    I am a new baker of bundt cakes and would be thrilled to start off with this set. The possibilities seem endless. I remember my grandmother having a fondness for bundt cakes. So it seems to be true that everything old is truly new again!! 🙂

  • 219
    Shirley C says:

    Bundt cakes are so easy, versatile and beautiful!

  • 220
    Kelly says:

    I love EVERYTHING about bundt cakes, but especially how “special” they make my recipes look – even the simplest ones. It also makes the person receiving it feel special – like you put so much more effort into the cake.
    In other words, they make me look like a much better “baker” than I actually am. BONUS!!! 🙂

  • 221
    Brenda says:

    I never was a big fan of bundt cakes until my husband became ill with cancer and now thats all I bake. He will eat a rum bundt cake even if he does not eat anything else. We maybe a Southern Praline Cake.

  • 222
    Lanette Wagner says:

    Bundt cakes are not only classic but also classy. Having a bundt cake for dessert shows that you truly care.

  • 223
    Jodi Pace says:

    I have fond memories of the bundt cakes my Grandmother used to bring to every family get together

  • 224
    Karen Snyder says:

    I love bundt cakes because they look good without frosting 🙂

  • 225
    Jodi Calhoun says:

    Bundt cakes make me happy. Nice crispy edge all around and lovely moist cake inside.

  • 226
    Stacy Karr says:

    I love to have this and try something new in the kitchen.

  • 227

    I love using a bundt pan because it’s not large in size fits nicely under my dough bowl and I love that its easy to cut… Bundt cakes make pretty cakes when decorated.+

  • 228
    MarthaC107 says:

    Love bundt cake for party.

  • 229
    sarah f says:

    I recently tried to explain to my husband what a bundt cake is. He is still having difficulty believing that this is a real thing. He has missed out his entire life on the deliciousness of the bundt cake and I intend to remedy this sad situation.

  • 230
    Lori Gelzer says:

    Bundt cakes make THE best dessert. For your guests who like it sweet, add dollops of whipped topping, for the fruit lovers, you add berries, for ice cream fans, you have all those flavors to add ~ what’s better than “One dessert to please all”.

  • 231
    Cindy Laux says:

    I love bundt cakes. Easy to frost, easy to slice portions and easy to make!

  • 232
    Cintia says:

    I love how they look! They are many different and attractive to the eyes!

  • 233
    Janet Pryor says:

    So moist! So delicious! So easy! So elegant. The perfect cake.

  • 234
    Waialae says:

    Because of the pan, a simple cakes looks yummy!

  • 235
    Rose says:

    Bundt Cakes! A family favorite because of how much can be done with them, fruit, nuts & more! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  • 236

    I love making bundt cakes because the pans are always different.

  • 237
    Mary Hunter says:

    Love them. Easy, pretty and delicious.

  • 238
    Char McPherson says:

    My fav to bake for the family. Good for packing in lunches and as take homes.

  • 239
    Terri Ball says:

    I Love Bundt Cakes because they are umm-umm Good. Savory or Sweet, filled or plain, iced, powdered, or glazed. What can’t you Love about That.

  • 240
    Barbara Manocchio says:

    The bundt cake has been around since about 1901 and is derived from the German Bundkuchen, tea time cake.
    The German word bund in bundkuchen originated either from bundling or wrapping the cake’s dough around the pan’s centre hole or because a bund is a gathering of people. This is the perfect party cake!

  • 241

    I have loved Bundt Cake for a long time, especially the Sour Cream Bundt Cake, my Aunt
    was famous for this one all over Texas, she taught me how to make this cake when hubby was transferred to Beeville Tex. Navy Base, my first meeting with her and she was a lovely woman to teach me how to make this cake and how to canned vegetables in Texas.

  • 242
    Debbie Knebel says:

    Bundt pans give some of my recipes the needed extra surface area for a good crust that compliments the inner goodness.

  • 243
    Deborah bassett says:

    My family has always loved bundt cakes. There are so many different things you can do when preparing the cake. It is also very easy to decorate in various festive ways.

  • 244
    Robin J says:

    I love bundt cakes and baked them often as it’s easy to freeze,decorate and serve and looks great for everyday and holiday deserts to share and the creations are endless, and you get to do so many things in one pan!! #Priceless!!

  • 245
    Kate Dunn says:

    Bundt cakes are like the little black dress. You can dress them up or down and people appreciate them.

  • 246
    Martha Wyse says:

    We love bundt cakes. All the cooks in the family will try to come up with the beat one using the KITCHENAID mixer!

  • 247
    pat says:

    Love my bundt pan which I bought in early 80’s. Easy to frost a cake with a thin frosting too. No need to spread on and try to get perfect look. Just drizzle on and let set for a great looking cake.

  • 248

    I love bundt cakes because they look so pretty. Even if the cake itself is not that complicated, it definitely takes the presentation to another level if you make it as a bundt.

  • 249
    Dianne says:

    Bundt cakes are delightful ’cause you can drizzle almost anything on top.

  • 250
    LELA YORK says:

    Love to bake bundt cakes, they look so pretty to take to church dinners, love to decorate them for different holidays, and most of all love eating them.

  • 251
    AM Edwards says:

    More crispy edges with soft centers. What’s not to like about a Bundt cake?

  • 252
    Jane Olinsky says:

    Our most famous bundt cake to make is our Choc Chip Banana Cake…everyone loves it and the aroma is amazing!!

  • 253
    faye hyatt says:

    i love to use bunbt pans. cakes cook so well and so easy to decorate plus time saving

  • 254
    Nancy Prucha says:

    Bundt cakes are very elegant looking. I’m not good at doing layer cakes, I can’t ice very well, so the decorative swirls on a bundt cake makes it look special.

  • 255
    Marcia Ellis says:

    My Daddy’s favorite cake was Tunnel of Fundge. I will always think of him when making a bundt cake.

  • 256

    I love Bundt cakes because they already have some definition and are easily decorated.

  • 257

    I love bundt cakes because you can dress them up for individual birthday party where everyone can decorate the way they wish. What fun for kids!

  • 258
    Marina Cameron says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are old school and remind me of my childhood.

  • 259
    Sheri says:

    I love bundt cakes because you only have one pan to clean and the shape is unique!!

  • 260
    Bobbe says:

    Bundt cakes are especially fun to make during the Holiday Season!! They are not only fun to bake & look at but you can make them in any flavor & design by using your imagination to create one of a kind for that special time!

  • 261
    Phyllis says:

    As I get older layer cakes are to time consuming and bundt cakes are more interesting and fun to dress up .

  • 262
    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I love bundt cakes because they look so fancy!

  • 263
    Joan Potter says:

    I love making bundt cakes especially for taking to a gathering. They are so easy to transport and cut and eat!! Any flavor is my favorite. I also love the ease of decorating with icing or fruit to make a luscious dessert with any meal.

  • 264
    Jean Markowitz says:

    Love the shape and the variety of flavors you can make.

  • 265
    Marlene says:

    Love bundt cakes, it’s one memory from my childhood, my mother baking her apple bundt cake.

  • 266
    marge blazey says:


  • 267
    Bev Copeland says:

    I just love the looks of a bundt cake. Remember the craze back in the 70’s when everyone had to make a Harvey Wallbanger cake. They were yummy. I am so looking in the old recipe box for that one. Might be fun for Christmas get togethers!! Happy times.

  • 268
    janet says:

    love to give this as a gift to my 30+ daughter who is just now starting to explore the world of cooking and backing.

  • 269
    janet says:

    love to give this to my 30+ daughter who is just now starting to explore the world of cooking and baking, then she can make me a lemon cake

  • 270
    Barbara Berry says:

    I am a BUNDT CAKE FREAK! I cannot make any cake in anything else but a Bundt cake pan. Our secret family recipe is the Triple Chocolate Bundt cake made at every birthday in our entire (huge) family! No icing, just a little powder sugar over top. it is amazing. Glad to share… but only if I win!!! hee hee

  • 271
    Patti says:

    I love the bundt cake because it was the first cake I ever made. I made an apricot Nectar Bundt cake that was delicious. I really love the mini pan!

  • 272
    Ellie says:

    I love making bundt cakes but have never made the little ones. I’d love to try them

  • 273
    Lynda Wolfe says:

    Whenever possible I turn a cake into a bundt. I have 2fav. Bundt cakes, a lemon with lemon butter cream frosting drizzled ovef it and a tunnel of fudge with a butter cream or cream cheese frosting

  • 274

    Bundt cakes are very simple and easy to prepare. With a bundt cake, you get more cake and less frosting (good on eating a lot of sugar). The variety of designs on bundt cake pans will allow for beautiful presenta-tions of cakes.

  • 275
    dawna says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are naturally beautiful, no matter what you do with them…frost, glaze, dust with sugar, etc. Also, it seems easier to cut small slices than a layer cake.

  • 276
    Rick says:

    I love Bundt cakes so light and full of flavor.

  • 277
    Angela says:

    In my opinion they always turn out moist, so I love bundt cakes.

  • 278
    Katie says:

    I love bundt cakes because they turn out pretty.

  • 279
    kathy d says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are easy to make and delicious. There are so many different cakes to choose from and they keep well.

  • 280
    Kari Deyo says:

    Bundt cakes are amazingly versatile. They can be incredibly simple or dauntingly difficult, but no matter what they look elegant and inviting.

  • 281
    Joyce Best says:

    Bundt cakes are very easy to make and always come out so moist and delicious.

  • 282
    Irene McPhee says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are easy to make and always make a beautiful presentation.

  • 283
    Sheila hicks says:

    My mom is 96 years young. She Loves making bundt cakes? In fact she started me making them years ago. She still makes them and so do I. My family loves that bunt cake

  • 284
    Kimo A says:

    Bundt cakes are simple elegance in style and form. I love making them out of many different recipes. Pan is also great for a
    meat loaf too!

  • 285
    Ann K. says:

    I love making individual mini bundt cakes. It gives me the opportunity to make desserts to suit everyone. The plain cakes also freeze well.

  • 286
    Betty Flinchbaugh says:

    I make about 25 birthday cakes a year and these forms for the bundt cakes would be a huge help!

  • 287
    Geo Rams says:

    I like big bunts and I can not lie- You other mothers can’t deny- when your mom walks in with itty bitty cake-and some ganche all in place- you get sprung, wanna pull out ya fork- cause you notice that bunt was stuffed-deep in the middle with frosting- I’m hooked and I can’t stop wanting-Oh baby I wanna get with ya-and take your picture-My homegirls tried to warn me but with that bunt you got me so hungry.

  • 288
    Emily says:

    Bundt cakes are easy to make .

  • 289
    vonno says:

    I love bunt cakes because of all the different shaped pans that are avalible, because they are so transportable for potluck/paties, and they are so moist and tastie

  • 290
    Nita Meyers says:

    Easy cake to make

  • 291
    Cindy says:

    I love bundt cakes because they look so classy even without icing.

  • 292
    Katrina Bennett says:

    My first cake I made for my hubby after we got married was a Bundt cake, my personal Rum cake recipe made in bundt pan. 12 years later it is hubbys favorite cake. Have made this cake and sold it for $25 more than once

  • 293
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    I love bundt cakes because they remind me of my childhood.

  • 294
    MaryAnn Casey says:

    They make a simple cake look elegant and you can make exotic looking cakes with exotic ingredients!

  • 295
    Lorrie says:

    I love bundt cakes it is a wonderful
    way to make a cake that cuts beautifully, and
    seems always to be so moist.

  • 296
    Amanda Laudenslayer says:

    My mom has tons of delicious bundt cake recipes, but I have never made any as I do not yet have a pan. I would love to try some on my own!

  • 297
    Linda Montes says:

    Bundt cakes bring back such good memories, my first bundt cake was a fudge in the middle chocolate cake….everyone was so impressed…even me!!

  • 298

    Bundt cakes are fun to make in a variety of sizes and make great gifts for the holidays. Everybody loves a Bundt Cake!

  • 299
    Connie Lee says:

    Bundt cakes are very easy to make and come out looking so pretty.

  • 300
    Elizabeth Fleming says:

    Bundt cakes are not only pretty, but so easy to make and no need for sugery icing.

  • 301
    Myrtle McDonald says:

    Bundt cakes makes any occation special. Weather you frost them or not they come out right every time. I especially like the individual sizes to make for my Dad and other family members who live alone. 🙂

  • 302
    TRACY says:

    I love bundt cakes because you can do so many different things and they can look so elegant!!!

  • 303

    I love to make a bundt cake. I don’t like icing so it is a great cake for that. As Dunkey said in Shrek, pick me, pick me, pick me

  • 304
    Brenda Carter says:

    I can turn any type of cake into a bundt cake…. People tell me what they want and I get creative.

  • 305
    Cheryl Batoon says:

    Bundt cakes remind me of my Mother and I haven’t had a slice from a bundt cake since my mother passed away in 1992 at the age of 51. She was an amazing woman and the best cook and baker I knew. I miss Bundt cakes!!!

  • 306
    shirley taylor says:

    You can make any kind of cake. A friend made a pineapple upside down cake that was delicious and so pretty. Love to experiment with bundt cakes.

  • 307
    Dawn O. says:

    They look so elegant.

  • 308
    Hwey Jane Liu says:

    they taste good and looks cute.

  • 309

    You’re only limited by your imagination when creating a Bundt Cake. I love making them but my daughter has “borrowed” mine and I’m sure I’ll never see it again. LOL! I really need a new one:).

    Thank You.

  • 310
    Philippa says:

    I love Bundt cakes. They are versatile in shapes, sizes and in ingredients which make them delicious. You can decorate by drizzling or by icing – so many options. I make a rum based cake in a Bundt pan and can’t wait for it to come out of the oven!!!

  • 311
    Kathleen M Smith says:

    I have wanted a bundt cake pan for many years. There is something special and whimsical about the elegant shapes and the diversity of the cake and toppings.

  • 312
    MelodyJ says:

    I like them because they are good!

  • 313
    Eli says:

    Bunt the bundts!

  • 314
    Katherine Taylor says:

    Because Bundt cakes are beautiful to begin with and usually wonderful to eat, thanks!

  • 315
    betty says:

    great for gift giving

  • 316
    NANCY says:


  • 317
    d armbruster says:

    Thet are easy and they are good.

  • 318
    Katleen says:

    Bundt cakes are so versatile. You can make any kind of combination with cake batter and frosting or glazes. I personally love to put a creme filling in the center of batter followed by a matching frosting. Yummmm!

  • 319
    deloris hedgecock says:

    bundt cakes always look like a professional baker made it, so easy to serve

  • 320
    Audrey says:

    Bundt pans make an everyday cake look special; with all the different shapes and sizes you can bake a cake for whatever occasion that arises. With a bundt cake you can decorate either simply or extravagantly, whatever you feel you want to do

  • 321
    julie buford says:

    easy to make, pretty to serve.

  • 322
    Diane says:

    I love Bundt cakes because they are a family tradition. I made them with my mother as a learning experience. They are easy to make, always a beautiful presentation and tastes delicious.

  • 323
    Ginnie McLean says:

    Bundt cakes always look so pretty without a lot of artistic talent. They make me feel like a creative baken. They taste moist and dense.

  • 324

    Bundt cakes always make such a beautiful presentation and they are so easy to make.

  • 325
    Robbie M. says:

    Love to make bundt cakes. They are always easy to make and so moist.

  • 326
    Barb McLaughlin says:

    My very first bundt cake not only pleased my husband, but impressed my mother-in law. We were all smiles, and it was a delicious dessert with coffee and tea. Definite comfort food.

  • 327
    tanya says:

    Bundt cakes are my favorite and can be simply dressed w/ a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The specialty pans make them look so impressive.

  • 328
    Jeanne G. says:

    Bundt cakes have saved many an event for me. There are so many ways to dress up/down the cake and it always looks and tastes so wonderful. Bundt cakes are the greatest.

  • 329
    jan says:

    My favorite is a cinamon sour cream bundt – so delish…can’t wait to try the Dulce liquor one – in my NEW Bundt pan!

  • 330
    Dee S says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so versatile and so moist and they are usually not screamingly sweet!

  • 331
    Lola Duncan says:

    I love the fact that no matter what you bake in one it comes out fery pretty. I bake things like banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc. in mine all the time. You also get alot more servings.

  • 332
    Vicki says:

    I love the looks of a bundt cake..festive, soophicated, yummy…and many recipes will work baked in a bundt pan. The minis would work so well when I bake for the senior living facility. I did bake your banana pound cake and shared it with the facility. It was a big hit. Thanks

  • 333
    Su K says:

    It’s simple and looks good no matter

  • 334
    dlkuhar says:

    easy to make…looks fancy.

  • 335
    dlkuhar says:

    I make bundts for work events…love the mini bundts…just the right size for my grandson!

  • 336
    Talitha says:

    Bundt cakes are special because they can be made ahead and frozen for future use. I love them because they will be just as moist and tasty when thawed as before being frozen. There are so many varieties of Bundts that I can make different ones to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

  • 337

    love bundt cakes – easy to make-easy to serve- easy in every way !

  • 338
    Amber says:

    Same as you stated, a snap to make; you can frost them or not and any cake can be made into a bundt cake. Yes, I do need a new pan and the minis pan would be so much fun to add to my collection of bakeware!

  • 339
    Schmidty says:

    I like the design of a bundt and also because you can do a simple glaze – or not.

  • 340
    Julie LaRoque says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are fun and festive!

  • 341
    Rachel says:

    Because they are the only cakes that turn out in my tiny gas stove!

  • 342
    Lisa says:

    Bundt cakes have been family favorites for as long as I can remember; they are such great crowd-pleasers! I love it that the pans are made in the USA 🙂

  • 343
    Laura says:

    Everybody loves Bundt cakes, their easy to make, lots of choices to pick from, fun to make and serve. I take them to everything from potluck suppers to bake sales and they are always a big hit

  • 344
    peggy Mitchell says:

    Bundt cakes always seem to come out moist, and you can do so much with them to make them fancy with just the one pan.. They are great gifts for the holidays.

  • 345
    Tara Raimondo says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are pretty easy to make and you can really mix and match flavors! Plus, they are so delicious!

  • 346
    Gloria says:

    I love bundt Cakes they are so easy to make and they make a great gift because you decorate them in so many ways

  • 347

    I love to bake Bundt Cakes. They make such a beautiful presentation and of course, they are delicious!

  • 348
    angela barnes says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are sweet without being overly sweet. They go really well with coffee.

  • 349
    Allison says:

    Monkey bread, monkey bread, monkey bread!!! Bundt cakes have character!

  • 350
    Robert Brookens says:

    Love to bake, My bowling partners love to eat. Mini bundts take the cake for all( pun intended)

  • 351
    Patricia B. says:

    Love Bundt cakes. Great with coffee first thing in the morning, milk in the afternoon and after dinner!! See you can eat Bundt cake all day long!

  • 352

    I love the shape of Bundt cakes! They are so whimsical!

  • 353


  • 354
    Angelika says:

    I love Bundt cakes because … they’re cake, and also for the magical look they provide when you dust them with powdered sugar!

  • 355

    I don’t think you can beat a Bundt cake–the shape is elegant and classic, and they don’t need to rely on frosting to make them look appealing and delicious. Bundt cakes stand alone with a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar. Elegant and delicious–what’s not to love?

  • 356
    Linda Frede-Tripicco says:

    Bundt cakes are wonderfully versatile. One can make them as simply or as full of surprises like nuts, chocolate or marshmallow as one wants. A basic recipe lends itself to all sorts of decorating possibilities as well.

  • 357
    sadie says:

    A Bundt cake delights the eye, alerts taste buds and sets the stage for any party..

    Bundt cakes are goomungix as my daughter says.

  • 358
    Menunell says:

    because they make beautiful cakes and are east to use when a recipe calls for a filling and the cook so even because of the center heats up..I made my Grand Daughter a barbie doll cake and her eyes lit up so bright.and i just don’t think it would have turned out so well had i used a diffrent pan.

  • 359
    shelby says:

    I love to bake bundt cakes, my mother-in-law can hold her some cake and eat it by her self,due too medical reasons. She was a great cook and loved to bake. We all miss her great meals.

  • 360
    Jackie Wolinski says:

    Who cannot love a bundt cake? Easy to make and easy to freeze for later date. They are the best.

  • 361
    kelly crosson says:

    I like Bundt cakes because they are so easy to cut and serve, because of the hole in the center.

  • 362
    Cathie Lester says:

    Bundt cakes are so easy and so pretty! Looks like you worked all day ( but it’s your secret!) I’d love the chance to own this.

  • 363
    Kathleen Kellenbenz says:

    I love bundt cakes. You can ice them or drizzle icing or just plan powder sugar. There is alot of different things to do with a bundt cake. I hope I win this

  • 364
    Mary Wippold says:

    This would solve my office potluck dilemma. Bundt cake-what a delicious idea!
    I could make a different flavor for every season and occasion.

  • 365
    Sandra says:


  • 366
    Cathy says:

    I will always remember when my Mom got her first bundt pan. She was really excited about being able to make different cakes.

  • 367
    Kathy says:

    I love bundt cakes because they don’t need frosting! Lower calories and so moist, they are the best!

  • 368
    kjv says:

    I used to make a bundt cake recipe that won a Pillsbury Bakeoff contest by my early morning paperroute delivery manager. I made so many that 40 years later I can make the cake by memory.

  • 369
    Veronica Garrett says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are delicious and easy to make.

  • 370
    nicole says:

    I love these moist cakes

  • 371
    Amber says:

    I love big bundts and I cannot lie.

  • 372
    kathy says:

    I have loved bundt cakes since i was a teenager in the 70’s when i first started baking, very pretty cakes & no fail.

  • 373
    Kerry Lang says:

    Bundt cakes remind me of my mom, she made them all the time growing up with different frostings and different flavors. When we were short on money she’d make a “special glaze” to go over them and I though it was the best thing ever 🙂 I make them now with my daughter and think of those times with a smile

  • 374
    Saleha says:

    I love Bundt cakes, they looks good without any hard work of icing.I wish I will win!

  • 375
    saleha says:

    I like Bundt cakes becouse they are easy to make & without alot of work looks still great.

  • 376
    Penny B. says:

    I love them for the surprizes you can put in the middle, unlike regular cakes.

  • 377
    Cathleen S says:

    I have never had a Bundt cake :(. But from what I see, whats not to love!

  • 378
    Debbie White says:

    I love the simplicity,moistness and the various flavors of bundt cakes. My favorite is a lemon bundt cake with a lemon glaze. YUMMY!!!

  • 379
    Merlinda says:

    Any bundt cake with fruit on top is the best…mmm…

  • 380
    Susy says:

    Love Bundt cake pans! I have a special recipe that I make in a bundt cake pan. It’s a beautiful display and is always popular at parties that I bring it to.

  • 381
    Kim says:

    They are moist and delicious!

  • 382
    Carey says:

    I love making Bundt cakes and I have been making them for over 40 years! Bundt cakes are what started me on my cooking path as a teenager. They are easy, fun and everyone loves to eat them. My favorite is a Rum Bundt Cake-simple, moist and really delicious! I have even been known to mail them to friends and they arrive in perfect shape, yummier than ever!

  • 383
    Tamika Wilks says:

    I Love Bundt Cakes because they are easy, fun to bake and I love to Ice them with my Favorite Frostings!

  • 384
    Alma Read says:

    I love them because they remind me of my father, RIP.

  • 385
    Lynn F says:

    I love bundt cakes because they remind me of my grandmother. They are so versatile and can go from being orange glazed to chocolate frosted to bourbon brown sugar glazed. YUM

  • 386
    Carmen says:

    Bundt cakes are so simple but they look fancy

  • 387
    Linda B says:

    There just plain easy and I love easy.

  • 388
    SMG says:

    There is just something so wonderful and comforting about a bundt cake! Moist, yummy, a big circle – perhaps it is the circular shape, which represents eternity, which is precisely what we’re created for!

  • 389
    kathleen says:

    Our family favorite is a bundt cake with christmas m&ms in the batter. They bleed slightly in the yellow cake batter and look beautiful.

  • 390
    Barbara says:

    I Love a Bundt cake because they are so easy and require only a light glaze to be just wonderful.

  • 391
    ELIZABETH C. says:

    Bundt cakes are fairly easy to make and delicious. I usually like to drizzle syrup on the sides and add some powder to make it tasty and pretty.

  • 392
    brandy g. says:

    I love bundt cakes because my grandma use to make them when I was a little girl and now I have all her recipes and I make them for my kids.

  • 393
    amber says:

    I LOVE bundt cakes. They are my favorite cake of all times. Love sourcream pound cakes in particular. With this pack, I could really make the cakes I love

  • 394

    I’m so anxious to try the Limoncello Bundt Cake. I first have to find the Limoncello. My daughter-in-law loves a lemon bundt cake so I want to surprise her with this one. I love to make bundt cakes because they’re so easy. My favorite is a buttermilk bundt cake that I’ve been making for a couple of years. My teenage niece and nephew love it and EVEN WITHOUT FROSTING, which really surprised me; all I do is sprinkle a little powdered sugar on it. It’s ben several years since I made a layer cake; all I make are bundt cakes.

  • 395
    Marcia says:

    Bundt Cakes look like you slaved and were skilled when it it takes is the right cake mix and a few select additions. Yummmm

  • 396
    g says:

    The easiest and quickest way for me to do nice looking cakes that are easy to decorate and present as they are easy to cut and easy to calculate the nutrition information for each portion. Something very important for me because my daughter is diabetic and I have to monitor her carbs intake all the time.

  • 397
    Beverly says:

    Who doesn’t love a Bundt cake? They take me right back to my youth, when, at least where I lived, Bundt cakes were kind of a new, exciting thing! They remind me of church dinners, potlucks with the neighbors, and the weekday dessert treat my mama would whip up for us! Then, at Christmas, there was always my mother’s famous fresh apple cake, which she baked in a Bundt pan, then soaked in a warm, cider, sugary glaze. It was the most requested Christmas treat from all our family and friends! Plus, Bundt cakes always look so nice and they seem to always be so extra moist!

  • 398
    Sharon McDonald says:

    I cannot think of a bundt cake without thinking about “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and the cake with the hole in it filled with a flower….so funny and so popular these days. Love them and love to bake.

  • 399
    Mikki Cross says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are pretty when they come out and don’t need frosting.

  • 400
    Gail McDaniel says:

    I love bundt cakes! They are so easy to make yet look so elegant!

  • 401
    Cacica Yve says:

    The first time I ever tried baking a bundt cake was last year at my daughters house, I was staying with my daughter after a house fire destroyed my house, and my granddaughter Amaya wanted me to bake her a cake. So I went on the internet to look up a recipe and found one for red velvet from scratch and tried it using my daughter’s bundt pan. It turned out fabulous! Everyone complimented me on this cake. Then I tried my grandma Jennings sour cream pound cake recipe using the bundt pan and have been hooked on trying new bundt cake recipes ever since. I would really love this set.

  • 402
    Pamela Howie says:

    I feel in LOVE with the Heritage Bundt pan the Moment I laid eyes on it! It would be a honor as a culinary student to possess such a Magnificent piece in my baking arsenal the creative cakes I could make and display with this pan the possibilities are endless! It would give me Great Pride to be in Posession of this glorious Prize Bundle!

  • 403
    Pat Miller says:

    Bundt cakes have been part of my baking plans for years! I find them so simple, as a rule, straight forward, and always come out beautiful. Even a simple, unfrosted or glazed Bundt cake can look elegant, or fun depending upon your event. Bundt cakes seem to have made a comeback of late, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. Pat

  • 404
    Stephanie Byrd says:

    My mother always made Bundt cales and now when I make them I always think of her. Plus they are so good!

  • 405
    Toni lash says:

    love bundt cakes–you can’t kill them! They always look and taste great, soooo moist. My favorites are the lemoney ones.

  • 406
    maria martino says:

    i love bundt cakes. my favorite is a brown sugar and lemoncello bundt cake. i make a awesome brown butter frosting to go on my bundt cakes

  • 407
    chris b says:

    You just can’t go wrong with bundt cakes…always a hit and so pretty with endless possibilities!

  • 408
    Sonnie Bain says:

    Everybody loves a good bundt cake, young and old alike. Most cakes can be eaten with your hands, which makes them perfect food for any occasion. And so many tastes and varieties can be made into bundt cakes. Love them!

  • 409
    vee shorb says:

    my husband loves bundt cakes,thats why I love to make them

  • 410
    Kathy Harding says:

    Everyone I know LOVES bundt cakes! They are easily transported, great for pot lucks, and “minis” sell out instantly at bake sales. Oh and did I mention – DELICIOUS!!!

  • 411
    maria bugeja says:

    When I put a bundt cake on the table, it could be a tiny one or a proper big size bundt cake, i just at my family’s face expressions and tey just love it. My favorite ones are chocolate with nuts on top and strawberry with yogurt in it. Just a slice eat it with your hands, no spoons. With Coffee or tea or out for a picnic. It’s just the best of cakes!!

  • 412
    Rhonda Oyler says:

    I bake several times a week, but I have never made a bundt cake. ( I do not have a bundt cake pan ) I would love to try baking one for my family.

  • 413
    Christi S. says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are so easy and pretty on there own, and I also have to say I like the corner peice of cake the side thats browned so a bundt cake you get that in every peice. I have been wanting to get a mini bunte cake pan!!

  • 414
    Cheryl Holbert says:

    Can we say BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, JUST PLAN GOOD! I love Bundt Cakes because they are so beautiful to look at. They look so professional and they make you just want to take a bite. Don’t get me started on the Mini Bundt Cakes; they are so cute. I love love them all.

  • 415
    A Williams Terrell says:

    I love making Bundt Cakes!!! When I start with my butter and see how fluffy it is and continue with my other ingredients. I smile. I don’t know if I want mini’s to decorate with powder sugars, fruits or sliced strawberries or use my one large pan. The smell and outcome is great, no matter which way I go! Bundt on….

  • 416
    Kathy J. says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are easy to put together and look really pretty without having to cover up with frostings!

  • 417
    Brenda Davis says:

    I love making bundt cakes and more so eating themalong with my family. My favorite is the Sock It To Me Cake. Had it the first time at a family reunion and I think I must have eaten most of the cake by myself. It is my families favorite too.

  • 418

    bundt cakes are mky favorite because they are so easy to make, and my friends always ask me to make 1 or 2 for just desserts!!

  • 419
    Sharon Arrington says:

    I like bundt cakes because they are easy to make and if you use one of the fancy bundt cake pans the cake looks very elegant.

  • 420
    Feather Garcia says:

    I make my father a no sugar added banana bread bundt cake every other week, because he has diabetes and likes a treat every now and then. They are beautiful, no matter the recipe and I like them best with a glaze poured over them!

  • 421
    Rae says:

    My family has always loved Bundt cakes….I was so glad that a Bundt cake was featured in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” a few years ago. People who had never shared the pleasure of Bundts were looking for pans, baking and enjoying something new!

  • 422
    Va says:

    I just started experimenting with making my own flavors in bundt cakes & getting my friends taste testing my creations. I never thought about adding flavored Liquors to enhance an already easy bake cake for dessert but will start now! Will especially be an added treat during the Thanksgiving & Christmas ‘spirit’ holidays

  • 423
    Anna says:

    Love, love, love bundt cakes. They are easy to make. All in one pan so that helps in the clean up. I like all the different shapes that you can make them in. My favorite is a chocolate chocolate chip. Yum.

  • 424
    Jen K says:


  • 425
    Kathy Austin says:

    I love to bake and since I retired I bake a lot! I would love to win this package. Bundt cakes are so pretty to make. Thank you for the chance to win this package!!

  • 426
    Pamela Weatherly says:

    I own lots of cake pans but, sadly not any bundt pans 🙁

  • 427
    Catherine says:

    I have never made a bunt cake maybe with these I could.

  • 428
    ph says:

    I never made a Bundt Cake. ALWAYS wanted to.

  • 429
    Renee Tibbits says:

    I love bundt cakes because they are small enough to not feel as guilty about when eating. I love that they can be temp controlled so they are moist and not dry.

  • 430
    Janet says:

    My daughter has this bundt cake pan and it makes the most beautiful cake! My favorite recipe is for an old fashioned poppy seed cake! DELISH!

  • 431
    diana says:

    Bundt cakes are so fun to make. There’s so much versatility in these cakes. All you have to do is use your imagination to come up with some really great cakes!

  • 432
    Kathy Headrick says:

    I love these cakes! I love to get these recipes. I have never seen or baked Minnie cakes. I would love to be able to make these for gifts too.

  • 433

    We love bundt cakes at our house. I make them often and this is a simpler method.
    I could make them daily or maybe weekly if I won this prize.

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