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KitchenAid Hand Blender Giveaway

268 Comments | Written on November 6, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

Chop, blend and whip your way into the holidays with this handy and efficient appliance from KitchenAid!  You will soon wonder how you ever survived without it.  One lucky winner will receive this hand blender just in time for the holiday baking season!


Keep reading to find out how you can win this Kitchen Aid Hand Blender!  

First, for our “Italian Dinner for Two” winner…  Congratulations to comment #53 Annmarie!

Here is what you could win this week:

KitchenAid 5 Speed Premium Corded Hand Blender and Chopper.  Retail value $129.00!  Experience the functionality of a blender and chopper in one sleek, compact appliance.

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us how you would use this KitchenAid Hand Blender to cook up a storm during the holidays!  

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!

Official Rules

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268 Responses to “KitchenAid Hand Blender Giveaway”

  • 1
    Mippy says:

    I’d use it for mashed potatoes, a yam dish..uuuummms…and maybe for pumpkin pie too! 🙂

    • KAREN LONDON says:

      This holiday season we have a new baby boy and an 8 year old grandaughter living with us. Every minute counts these days. I am usually not one to use a blender, doing everything by hand, but using a mixer this year sure would help. I have cooked the holiday dinners for the past 30 years for my family that usually included atleast 12 family members, and now 2 more. No one in my family ever had the patience to take on this endevor. I love cooking for a crowd.Any help I can get this year will be a blessing.

  • 2
    beckie niklas says:

    I would love to have a good quality mixer for my holiday and everyday baking. I blow up too many of the lesser quality mixers. A kitchenaid would be a great asset to my kitchen!!

  • 3
    shanika harmon says:

    i am just learning how to cook different things. and this would add to my adventures of exploring different recipes.

  • 4
    Oanh says:

    I would use the hand blender to chop garlic, onions, puree potatoes, mix whipping cream.

  • 5
    mia zaicz says:

    the answer is what wouldn’t i do with a kichenaid hand blender?!

  • 6
    Michelle Tang says:

    I am hosting the holidays in a new home. I would love to have this to help with all my families favorite holiday treats.

  • 7
    pam bailey says:

    I would whip potatoes. Mash punpkins & sweet potatoes. Fresh whipped cream for desserts. Cookie batter.pumpkin rolls. Mix apple cider. And lets not forget everyday home made milk shakes for the kiddies!!!!

  • 8
    Karyn Miller says:

    I’d use that blender to make my creamy & delicious cream of broccoli soup. It would give this holiday favorite a velvety, smooth texture that’s perfect for a family gathering!

  • 9
    Craig bjornson says:

    I would use the blender for soups & desserts throughout the holidays & the rest of the year!

  • 10
    Kim hogan says:

    I loves kitchen aid hand blender, I wore it out with all if the cooking I do for my house, other family and friends in the Neighborhood and work. There are so many people that have to eat different ways for their health that I try to show them you can eat homemade food, unprocessed as well as less expensive not to mention healthier!

  • 11

    i am baking alot for our church and their dinners.. myself adn alot of women are baking dinners for the homeless people. we are excited. this handheld blender would sure help us make up alot of different foods we need to prepare at the holidays… thank you and god bless

  • 12
    Tracey Gorham says:

    Ooohh..this looks like a must-have kitchen tool! Great for everything from soup to whipped toppings!!

  • 13
    Bob Flanagan says:

    I would use this to make whipped cream and soups.

  • 14
    Christine LaFord says:

    When the busy bustle of the holidays is upon me I would love to be able to quickly blend up some healthy snacks to keep my energy up.

  • 15
    Martha Stovall says:

    I love all my kitchenaid products. I would love to win this one I do not have this one

  • 16
    Lori Lewis says:

    If I won the Kitchen Aid hand blender I would be totally estatic and start mixing up some cookies right away! My kids would be thrilled & my grandkids & my neighbors because they would reap the rewards of my baking as well! After all, part of the joy of using the Kitchen Aid hand mixer for mixing up batches of cookies… is the “sharing” of them! 🙂

  • 17
    Cindy B says:

    It would come in handy on sweet potato casserole! It would make life in the kitchen so much easier!!!!!

  • 18
    Kelly says:

    I’d use it for Christmas baking!

  • 19
    Wendy says:

    I am not only a baker, but a cook as well. I have heard that you can’t do both….well, I am here to say, that I have a handle on both of them! I aspire to one day open my own restaurant, with a bakery, bar and coffee shop. I know it sounds like an odd combination, but I want to make it work. I do a lot of from scratch cooking, and this would definitely come in handy for me. I own a hand mixer, but rarely use it because it always smells funny like the motor is burning up, and I don’t own a blender. I live on a fixed income, but nothing please me more than to make things for others, and see the look of joy in their faces. I would also like to possibly open my own mobile chef business, and this for sure would come in handy for that…thanks so much for your consideration, and good luck to everyone. 🙂

  • 20
    Lora Stewart says:

    It would take such a load offand help me to cook and prep the dishes that I want to cook so badly this holiday season. I am so tired of living in the stoneage and would love to having something from this century to help me make this a memorable holiday.

  • 21
    Shannon Wilson says:

    I would use the hand blender to make sweet potato casserole for the holidays and lots of soup for those cold winter days!

  • 22
    april durbin says:

    I am baking a homemade chocolate cake & saw this and got SUPER excited. I have a nine year old girl who loves to bake, which we do alot. But, with the holidays right around the corner we have more excuses to bake lots of goodies 🙂 I want this to be a tradition for years to come. It is something she will remember for the rest of her life. Me too. We will be making everything from cookies, cakes, candies, mash potatoes, biscuits & much more!!!

  • 23
    Kim Boddie says:

    I would make a plethora of unprocessed dishes. I have learned so much about cooking over this past month. That would truly be heaven sent.

  • 24
    Kim Edsell says:

    I’m thinking this would be great for soups! And maybe a dip or two.

  • 25
    Melissa k says:

    I would use it for mashed potatoes cake batters to some kind of soup purée…I would love to have this product.

  • 26
    sharon says:

    I could really use this for mashing my potates,and blending my mix for my deviled eggs, to make my upside down pineapple cake to mix my cheeses and spices for my baked macaroni and cheese,to make pumpkin pies oh my i would be so grateful i do all my mixing with a big spoon i would have so much fun.

  • 27
    Annabel Dsouza says:

    I would use it to make creamy soups, mashed sweet potato, baked pies. I do a lot of baking using almond flour and unprocessed ingredients and I could see endless possibilities!

  • 28
    joyous says:

    Wow I would cook up a storm of wonderful mashed potatoes, soups oh the many choices, mix my famous pumpkin pie and to top it off with whip cream to on top. YUM

  • 29
    Jackie Wolinski says:

    I would use it to make cream soups.

  • 30
    Mary D says:

    I could use this hand blender for so much. Baking, cream soups, and countless other dishes.

  • 31
    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    The first thing I thought of was that this blender would come in handy if my gravy turned out lumpy…

  • 32
    Kurt Liget says:

    I see sauces and soups and lots of other stuff.

  • 33
    Carole R. says:

    In the winter months I make soup at least twice a week. Many need to be purreed. Thus blender would do the trick

  • 34
    Kim says:

    Would love to use this to make homemade whipped cream (especially cinnamon cream for my Thanksgiving apple crisp).

  • 35
    Shelley Hastings says:

    I would use it to make the gravy on Thanksgiving. It would make it soooo easy.

  • 36
    Linda says:

    I feed homemade dog food to my Westie and 2 granpups. I would like to create a chicken or beef and veggie dinner,then a tasteful apple and sweet potato treat.

  • 37
    Laurie says:

    There are so many uses. Soups, sauces, baking, the possibilities are endless.

  • 38
    Tomika Foster says:

    I love cooking anytime, but especially during the holidays so others can enjoy the fun I have I the kitchen….always making something I’ve never tried cooking before lol. It would be so nice to have a mixer better than my to whisk that I own…it sure does take forever to make homemade pound cakes with that & the new one I wanna try this Thanksgiving is a pumpkin pound cake =) wish me luck!

  • 39
    Amanda Coon says:

    I can think all so many things to use this with, gravies, custards, ice creams,whipped creams, soups….the possibilities are endless!

  • 40
    Theresa Myers says:

    I would do everything I had intended to do before my old one blew up! Pies, cakes, cheescakes, mashed potatoes, gravy, chop veggies for stuffing and salads…I did say everything!…lol..

  • 41
    Alicia says:

    I would use my hand mixer for soups, all the holiday recipes I am going to make, and probably for smoothies and shakes too!

  • 42

    First of many would be My Roasted Pumpkin Soup.

  • 43
    Teresa says:

    I would use this blender for anything it could be used for, especially pureed soups, which I love.

  • 44
    martha mccormick says:

    Homemade soups would be a breeze with this handy tool! Chopping veggies, purees and whipping would make the prep so easy! I REALLY need this as I LOVE making homemade meals from scratch and it would be an awesome timesaver! PS: If it is a Kitchenaid tool it will last forever!!! <3

  • 45
    martha says:

    KitchenAid is the BOMB! I would LOVE this for preparing homemade from scratch soups. From chopping to purees this would make my prep time a breeze! Would LOVE to win this one…anything with the Kitchenaid name belongs in my kitchen 🙂

  • 46
    MarthaC107 says:

    I would make a comforting potato soup.

  • 47
    Phyllis says:

    I would love to have it to make lump-free gravy. Since I’ve discovered I’m gluten sensitive, with some flours it’s hard to make a good gravy.

  • 48
    Carole says:

    I think it is going to be a COLD winter!
    Would love the KitchenAid 5 Speed Premium Corded Hand Blender and Chopper to make warn cream soups this winter.

  • 49

    What wouldn’t I use it for!?! Soups, mashed potatoes, creaming,blending, mixing. I want to have one! 🙂

  • 50
    shelly rapp says:

    I have had one of these wonderful blenders for about a year. I use it almost daily to make pureed food for my special needs son. Because I use it so often, I go through them often so would love to win another one!! Besides using it to make pureed foods, I use it to make creamy soups and love love love it for salad dressings! I’ll just keep making what I make already for the holidays. Love this product!

  • 51
    elli says:

    I make some great creamy drinks all year round! A hand blender is a must for this.

  • 52
    Euge says:

    The blender is actually amazing for vegetable soups! I’d use the chopping attachment to chop onions and herbs, then add in the vegetables. After around 15 mins, I’d puree everything, then let the soup thicken a bit. Amazingly easy and perfect for cold days! 🙂

  • 53
    Lori says:

    I’d love to use this for making everything from diabetic pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce to creamed soups, smoothies, and custom powdered spice rub mixes. I can see me using this handy tool at least several times a day! And with my super-small apartment kitchen it wouldn’t take up a ton of space like other appliances do.

  • 54
    Joseph says:

    I would use this for any whisking or emulsifying I need to do, mashed potatoes, soups or rue’s

  • 55
    Dianne says:

    In reading other hopeful peoples’ comments, I have seen many delightful, scrumptious-sounding, & even exotic ways in which they claim they would use this blender. I myself love to cook & bake, but for some time now have been extremely limited by physical issues of lifting/moving heavy mixers, blenders, etc..By the time I get the equipment in place, I am usually in too much discomfort and/or too exhausted to continue. I would love to have this blender to facilitate the ability to once again experience and re-discover the simple joys of cooking & baking. Take care, and thank you for your consideration.

  • 56
    Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great giveaway! I would use this hand held blender to make mashed potatoes, slaw and it would come in handy when baking too! It makes things easy and less messy too. I’m a newlywed and this will be my first year hosting thanksgiving with my husband at our house! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 57
    Maggie S says:

    This KitchenAid Hand Blender would mean so much to our holiday family fun! We have a big extended family so when we all get together, something like this hand blender would really come in handy while making garlic mashed potato’s. Pumpkin cheesecake would be so much easier with this. I can’t imagine how great it would be to cut up onions for twenty people with a chopper like this one. This hand blender would be a dream.

  • 58
    Juliane Kendall says:

    This would be so perfect to puree my homemade speghetti sauce, for my famous bean dip, that I serve for friends and family for the holidays. Would work awesome to whip up some whip cream for the classic pumpkin pie I serve for Thanksgiving desert! I make lots of non cream soups that are healthy and would work great for making my soup smooth and silky!

  • 59
    Jodie says:

    I cook for my husband’s company quite often, but especially at the holidays. The Kitchen Aid would make all my recipes quicker and easier during the very busy holiday season. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer constantly and would be lost without it; so I can only imagine what this would allow me to do in my kitchen.

  • 60
    brenda chapman says:

    I have been wanting an immersion blender for making soups. Would be so good to be able to blend in pot instead of having to remove to blender and after processing, add back to pot.

  • 61
    J Johnson says:

    I could make almost anything. The possibilities are endless, from frothy cocoa, to creamy dips, to easy prep for holiday favorites. Can’t wait to start.

  • 62
    Jeanne Weinberger says:

    I make yummy Tom & Jerry batter for the holidays

  • 63
    nikki says:

    TONS of soup, and protien drinks, FOR SURE

  • 64
    Mary Lou Sharpless says:

    This would be great for 7-minet iceing. the last time I made it I used Mom’s ancient stand/hand mixer.

  • 65
    shirley taylor says:

    Being a senior I could make healthier food without having to drag out a heavy mixer or complicated food processor.

  • 66
    arlette says:

    this is a great gift , i am planning to treat myself to a set like this, it will make my cooking and preparation so easy.

  • 67
    Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, I could chop nuts, whip coconut cream, make tomato bisque, grind pumpkin bisque… and sooooo much more. I want it!

  • 68
    Amanda says:

    I could do sooo much with this. We recenlty found out that one of my family is lactose intolerant and we are both dairy geeks. I am finding many dairy alternative recipes, but I need a whisk or a food processor or an immersion blender, or, or or… I need it

  • 69
    Amy L says:

    I’d use the hand blender to whip cream for desserts, puree butternut squash soup, chop nuts for cookies, and make smoothies.

  • 70
    Lisa G says:

    I’m always cooking mashed potatoes on the holidays also will be doing turnip and making stuffing so this will come in handy for all of those things. I can’t forget the cookies too!

  • 71
    pam f. says:

    First I would use it to mince my garlic and shallots, then whip them into whatever sauce I am making.

  • 72
    Sheila says:

    I love baking with fresh cranberries in the fall. They often need to be chopped before adding to the dough and the little buggers tend to roll around a lot on the cutting board. This would be great for chopping cranberries!

  • 73
    Paulette says:

    I’d use it for creamy soups….chopping for smaller batches….and whipping cream for homemade ice cream

  • 74
    fran says:

    I would whip up lots of soups, and mashed potatoes

  • 75
    Aimee Monahan says:

    I would use that gorgeous hand blender to expand my repertoire with creamy soups and sauces.

  • 76
    Carleen says:

    I would use it for the all the deserts that we make for the holidays

  • 77
    Amanda Smith says:

    I have two young girls who love to help me out in the kitchen. I think this hand blender would keep the girls and myself wanting to expand our recipes.

  • 78
    Diane Ferrell says:

    I would make sauces, gravies, creamed and pureed soups- it is the season!!!

  • 79

    I have a Kitchenaid mixiture since 1979,use it so much and still workng wonderful .. couldn’t do without it, many loaves of sour dough bread to sell.. would love to have this hand blender for quick soups, whipped cream and many uses.. Thanks

  • 80
    liz says:

    Who won’t want to win a Kitchen Aid Hand Blender…Kitchen Aid makes great products

  • 81
    Donna Clarke says:

    For many years, I have baked, cooked, creamed, etc. by hand for my family and friends – doing it all from scratch recipes. Now that I am nearing 70 and have arthritis, I would love to have the compliment of this blender so that I can still produce all the home-cooking that my people enjoy – without the pain in my arms. What a delight it would be to continue blessing with home-made goodies. This would be a God-send.

  • 82

    I would use this very useful tool to make vegetable soups, mash/whiped potatos, chop nuts and puree strawberries to put over ice Cream, Gosh, it opens the cookbook to so many other possibilities. I Really could use a tool like this.

  • 83
    nathalie says:

    Oh so many things with those… quick hummus dip or chopped herbed devil eggs and whipped cream to go along pumpkin pies… yummy!

  • 84
    Larissa says:

    With the holidays and all the baking that they bring, I would use this to make delicious treats for my family and friends.

  • 85
    Pat says:

    I always enjoy making goodies. It is hard trying to stir and blend by hand. I definetly would be making more this year if I had handy tools to use. I am sure it would really whip up those potatoes, and maybe some nice avocado dip, cookies and pies. Happy Holidays ! Bon Appetite!

  • 86
    Kashondra says:

    I have just started teaching my 9 year old son how to cook. The chopper would be great for him to cut up veggies and other ingredients. I don’t think he’s ready to try a knife just yet . The mixer would be great for his pancakes and mashed potatoes. Plus I love any KitchenAid product, they are great.

  • 87
    Sheri says:

    I would use this handy tool for milkshakes and smoothies, it sure would make the job much quicker!

  • 88
    Kathy McShane says:

    Oh my, what wouldn’t this machine not do. I could whip egg whites for meringe (sp?) for my chocolate pie recipe I got off this website. I could blend soup recipes and my chicken chili recipe that calls for blended beans! I could beat eggs for souffles or just for scrambled eggs. Please let me win!!!!

  • 89
    crystal says:

    I would use this to whip up my honey orange sauce for holiday ham. I would also use it for whip cream, mashed potatoes, and use the emulsifier to baked pumpkin and make some tasty pies.

  • 90
    Shawna says:

    I would use it to make yummy homemade baby food for my new granddaughter. that way she can enjoy all of the same Thanksgiving dishes as the rest of the family. Just mushier!

  • 91
    Kelly D says:

    I would use this to help my husband make all his family’s baking recipes- cookies, cakes & Pies.

  • 92
    Hani says:

    This is awesome.
    I’d use it to whip some whipping cream, whip creamy sauces, cream soups, mashed potatoes, ganache.
    I feel a little ashamed, for being an avid cook and not having such a great tool in my kitchen. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway.

  • 93
    Melinda Mancheski says:

    I love Kitchen Aid Products. I have the big
    Kitchen Aid Mixer, but sometime it’s to big to use for a small job. I would definitly use the chopper, so tired of cutting my fingers trying to chop vegetables with a paring knife. The blender part would work wonders for pies, cakes and cream sauces. Thanks for the great giveaways!!!!

  • 94
    Qing says:

    I will use the blender for chocolate truffles and french macaron.

  • 95
    Crissy D. says:

    I would use this for onion and celery chopping, whipping cream, grinding fresh spices, and many other things. Owning this would help simplify preparing all the holiday meals

  • 96
    Geri says:

    I would whip up a winter butternut squash soup.

  • 97
    Janice says:

    great for cakes, cookie mixes, smoothies, and lots of oh-so-good desserts, which I will be the first in line to taste 😉

  • 98
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    There are so many things I could use this for such as chopping vegies for stuffing,whipping cream,grinding cranberries,and many other things. I hope I win!!

  • 99
    Georgette T. says:

    Gravy!!!I hate lumpy gravy! Makes me feel dumb. Not for the holidays.

  • 100
    Connie Tucker says:

    The first thing I would use it for would be to mash up a big old pan of my favorite sweet potatoes! Thank you so very much for the awesome giveaway!

  • 101
    diane d says:

    i would up the ante on everything i make

  • 102
    Diane Kroese says:

    soups, sauces, desserts endless possibilities!

  • 103
    Sue D says:

    I think this would help with sauces.

  • 104
    Susan B says:

    I am the chief cook for my family consisting of my husband, me, two adult children and their spouses, and four grandsons! This would definitely make the work go faster so I could spend more quality time with them, rather than my kitchen!!

  • 105
    Elisabeth Leleux says:

    I would love to use this hand blender to help with all of my holiday mixing. I would use it for everything from cookies to sweet potato casserole. In addition as a new grandparent to twin boys, my daughter-in-law and I are looking into healthy natural baby food alternatives and this would work wonderful for helping to ensure all foods were prepared correctly.

  • 106
    Robin M says:

    My mom has one of these and I keep saying that one day she might not be able to find hers. I made alot of soups from scratch in the cold months and this would make things so much easier. My brother can not stand mushrooms (so he thinks) when I am at mom and am making something I use her blender and you can not see the mushrooms but he loves the taste. One time I did use mushrooms for him and he didn’t like it as much. Now keep in mind that he is 58, but if he thinks it has mushrooms he will not eat it.

  • 107
    Su K says:

    Love to use it for whip cream on delicious hot chocolate watching the Yule Log

  • 108
    Elise Hightower says:

    I bake a ton! It is my ‘happy time’ & I am learning how to cook so this would definitely come in handy! I have my fingers & toes crossed! I’m so excited!

  • 109
    Liz Francis says:

    The hand blender I have now is very inexpensive and inadequate. It takes forever to really blend things well and even then it isn’t nice and smooth like it should be. I love Kitchen Aid products and would love to add this to my arsenal of kitchen tools.

  • 110
    Deb C says:

    I would use the KitchenAid Hand Blender to make homemade eggnog and boiled custard, whip potatoes, whip butter, whip cream cheese dips and to blend perfect sauces.

  • 111
    Susie B says:

    I’d make a butternut squash soup.

  • 112
    Genell P says:

    I would use it with my baking projects – pies, cakes, frostings, etc!

  • 113
    Kristen N. says:

    I would make dozens of cookies!

  • 114
    Mary Jordan says:

    Still trying to replace all my kitchen gadgets. Haven’t collected this yet. Would be awesome to have one

  • 115
    Juliana Palmcook says:

    I would use this for my sugar plum crepes and pear sauce.

  • 116
    Valeri Emosi says:

    This would be used daily and never put away. I’ve only dreamed of a utensil like this that I could use… My food would be perfect for a change.

  • 117
    Kim Reed says:

    I think I would enjoy this for many different reasons this holiday season. Honestly though, I would use the shiny mixer to lure my family to help me in the kitchen, a tool for making us laugh together and making new memories.

  • 118
    Cassandra Hunter-Seda says:

    If I was lucky enough to win this awesome Kitchenaid dynamo, I would use it to whip up hot chocolate and goodies for my son, cookies for family and dips for parties! Good luck to everyone!

  • 119
    Colleen Ward Dobrzynski says:

    Baking Christmas treats for gift giving.

  • 120
    Amber says:

    Would love to win so I can cook up some great stuff for my family and friends for the holidays!

  • 121
    Tammy Martinez says:

    I abasolutely love to cook especially for the holidays when I can share my ware with the family. The family fav is deviled eggs. This tool would be a great asset for that as well as the many pies I mae each year. It would be great for helping me to creative the perfect pie filling/topping. Happy Baking!!

  • 122
    Karen Wood says:

    Whippin the cream and the cream soups and sauces and smoooothies.

  • 123
    Sarah says:

    Mixing up holiday cocktails! And maybe a few dips, or guacamole to go along with them.

  • 124
    Wendy J. says:

    Boozy Whipped Cream for dessert topping! Oh, and all the other regular uses: cookie dough, soups, eggs. That boozy whipped cream is off the hook though.

  • 125
    Cindy B says:

    I would use it to make Sweet Potato Casserole!

  • 126
    Sandy Lara says:

    I would like to win this great prize! This kitchen aid would be a great help with all my cooking projects I make for my family.

  • 127
    Tammy Dumas Trotter says:

    I would be able to make my homemade jams and use it to make soup and chop nuts for my banana bread!

  • 128
    Melinda Bennett says:

    In my family my husband does the majority of the holiday cooking. He loves to cook. He will search the internet to come up with new dishes and creative dishes for our holiday meal. This would make his tasks in the kitchen a lot easier. He could use one item for multi purposes so this would give him more work space in our small kitchen.

  • 129
    Jim K says:

    I’d use it mostly for mixing ingredients for omelettes and mixing hamburger while frying with ingredients for making chili.

  • 130


  • 131
    Geri Bouwman says:

    I love kitchenade products. Ever since I got my mixer about 17 years ago. And you know what, I still have that stand mixer. I love to make salsas and salad dressings and I would love to win.

  • 132
    E L Walker says:

    As we near the holidays, family and office gathering will be plentiful. This blender set would be perfect for mixing party drinks, hot chocolates and homemade eggnog. Preparation would be quicker with this rather than the manual method and it would allow you to do it in large amounts.

  • 133
    Kim Topcik says:

    I would LOVE to make a pumpkin chiffon pie and any sweet potato recipe!

  • 134
    Tina Piche says:

    I would love to win this! I would use it to chop up fresh cranberries for homemade cranberry sauce, whip mashed potatoes, also purée my fresh pumpkin for pumpkin pie. I might even use it to whip up a batch of yummy pumpkin spice Egg Nog. I would love to see if it would help with my mother’s traditional turnip and carrot dish! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • 135
    Pam Parson says:

    My famous Frozen Cranberry Salad!

  • 136

    I would like this prize. I have a big kitchenaid mixer this would be so much easier to use for small thing like smoothes, soups etc.

  • 137
    Melissa taylor says:

    That would work so perfectly! I’m doing the traditional ham, turkey, stuffing etc etc. 🙂
    I would use it firstly to chop up all of my vegetables : carrots, celery, bell peppers, onions, tomato, garlic. Then I would whisk my marinade with it for my turkey. I would then use it again to dice up my pineapple and cherries for my ham and to whisk my sugar mixture together for my perfectly baked ham. 🙂

  • 138
    Shawna says:

    Oh my gosh! The possibilities are endless. I’m in charge of the appetizers and the recipes are just running through my head.

  • 139

    I love to make cream soups, but since i don’t have a blender or an immersion blender, i have to put the soup through a China Cap to work out the lumps and break up the bits. Its so messy and time consuming, i would love a stick blender so that my soup could be less “rustic” (aka. lumpy)

  • 140
    Judi Clayton says:

    Sauces, soups, smoothies……..

  • 141
    Angela T says:

    I would make up recipes as an excuse to use this nifty thing! I would for sure use it for veggie soups!

  • 142
    Karen Wood says:

    Oh I forgot, another thing I’ve been wanting one of those for is homemade mayonnaise and the egg base for french silk pie and for meringue.

  • 143
    Karen Wood says:

    Divinity too.

  • 144
    Zendi Foster says:

    I’d make pumpkin pie, pumpkin squash soup, and the list goes on. …

  • 145
    Vseward says:

    I would LOVE to have this! It would be great for blending my creamy soups. My family has a soup night at least once a week. This would be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity. Cheers!

  • 146
    Shirley R says:

    I would give it to my granddaughter. She has a one year old and is expecting another in April. Her and her husband have only been married less than 2 years. They are just beginning to start their married life as a young family. I’m sure it would be very helpful for making food for the new baby.

  • 147
    Linda Barringer says:

    I would use this to chop nuts, onion, garlic. Also to make whipped cream..yum..Would love to win!!

  • 148
    Mona says:

    My KitchenAid blender broke, and I haven’t gotten a replacement for it yet, so I would use it to chop, blend, and puree everything that my broken blender cannot do anymore!

  • 149
    Robin Bailey says:

    I’d use this Kitchenaid mixer to experiment with new recipes to try on my family and friends. The versatility of this device will make baking even more fun than normal, as well as more efficient. Hey, easy baking means more goodies to create and share. 🙂

  • 150
    Beth Davis says:

    While the KitchenAide mixer I win from you is in use, I can use this to make the gravy smooth and whip up the whipped cream for dessert.

  • 151
    Alice Chew says:

    I love to watch cooking show and the equipment used by the chef and I long to own one, especially the handy and efficient appliance from KitchenAid. It could help me with the cooking for the festive seasons ! Hope to own one soon !!!

  • 152
    Monique Harpole says:

    I absolutely love my kitchen aid mixer that I have. I tell people all thw time how I couldn’t survive without it. Would love this one to help with making if my chocolate mousse for the holidays and all of the other tummy treats that I make. It is really hard whisking those by hand!

  • 153
    tracy says:

    my first thought was… OMG! i can use that for everything!

  • 154
    Rhonda Butler says:

    I love making black bean soup, mushroom soup, and butternut squash soup, but I don’t love pouring the soup in my blender and pouring it back in the pot. What a mess!

  • 155
    Michael G. says:

    Looks like just the thing for whipping cream for the pumpkin pie.

  • 156
    nora says:

    As I get older, stirring and mixing are hard on my hands. This would enable me to cook like I used to!

  • 157
    Brenda S. says:

    I would make creamy potato soup for the holidays.

  • 158

    I would absolutely love this mixer/chopper. I do quite a lot of cooking and baking for my grown children and their family. My mixer is 36 years old and it’s tired… I hand chop everything from soup vegtables to nuts.
    It would be wonderful!

  • 159
    Amy B. says:

    Smooth out the gravy, make the pumpkin pie filling, whip up some frothy hot chocolate, anything I could think of just to see what the new wonderful toy can do!

  • 160
    Patty F. says:

    If I won this cool appliance, I’d be looking for excuses to use it. Cream would be whipped, frosting made, ice crushed for drinks . . .

  • 161
    Erin says:

    I would use this blender as a Christmas gift for my SIL. I have one and love it.

  • 162
    Brenda says:

    mashed potatoes, cookies, corn bread, etc.

  • 163
    kelly says:


  • 164
    Diane Funaro says:

    I would use this to make my soups cream& delicious without the heavy cream

  • 165
    Diane Funaro says:

    I would use this to make my soups creamy & delicious without the heavy cream

  • 166
    Marilyn says:

    This would be so much more convenient than dragging out the heavy blender! I would puree butternut squash for the soup I always make for Thanksgiving and of course, pumpkin pie MUST have whipped cream! I’d be very grateful indeed!!

  • 167
    Kathy Conkright says:

    Hand blenders are amazing!! Can blend drinks, soups, sauces, most anything!!! I would use mine to make the best creamy potato soup for the cold holiday season. Then use it to make my homemade spaghetti sauce as smooth as can be!!!

  • 168
    Connie Minton says:

    I would love to use this for all my holiday baking! Baking during the holidays is a beloved tradition in my home, and this would make it so much easier! It would also be great for preparing all those holiday meals!

  • 169
    Jerry Thurman says:

    I’d whip like a tornado.

  • 170
    Carolyn Christensen says:

    I would use the hand blender to blend split pea soup to a smooth consistancy. The whip would be a fast help with whipping cream and puddings.

  • 171
    Seth C. says:

    Soup, I tell ya! …And hummus. I tell ya.

  • 172
    margaret peg m says:

    this tool would be invaluable to me during the holidays or anyday…from potatoes, squashes, pies, baby food, smoothies, etc.

  • 173
    Lynn Doucette says:

    With something like this I would be looking for stuff to keep me busy in the kitchen all day. These gadgets are sooo handy and Kitchen Aid makes the best kitchen helpers.

  • 174
    Amber says:

    First course – Curried cauliflower soup and/or for my bleu cheese dressing wedge salad.
    Then, garlic mashed taters, sweet potato/pumpkin oat crust pie. Oh I could use this for so many more things!

  • 175
    jun says:


    this would be very use at my work,as a cook to whip soups.make pie filling and whip cream

  • 176
    Darlene says:

    I cook all the time, feeding 13 for Thanksgiving. My son has the holiday get togethers at his house, but I do all the cooking and prepping at my house, and then pack everything up and drive it 40mins. To his house. His place is bigger, but his wife has no interest in cooking, so it is left to me. Anyway I would love to have this to help in preparing the holiday meals. I love kitchen aid products.

  • 177
    Meta says:

    I’d like to make wonderful soups, sauces, and gravies.

  • 178
    belinda k. says:

    I would so use this on everything it would make it easy because i have carpel tunnel so it is hard to stir any thing !

  • 179
    Robyn says:

    I have always wanted of these.My kitchen counters are very short.I would love this for soups and to take the place of my big blender.

  • 180
    Brian B. says:

    This set would compliment any meal during the holidays. Starting with Breakfast….Vanilla French Toast w/hint of cinnamon topped with a strawberry/blueberry Puree. Paired with Tangerine Zested Maple Bacon Strips, Broiled Cheesey Potato & Eggs Delight and don’t forget your Double-Berry Smoothie.

    Why stop there or even for the holidays. This set would work year round. Indoors or for grilling those special delights.

  • 181
    Deb C says:

    I would use this hand blender to make perfectly smooth sauces and gravies for holiday meals.

  • 182
    Kirsten says:

    I could use this in a lot of my holiday dinner baking. Mashed potatoes would be easier, gravy would be easier, pie filling…whipped cream for desert…oh gotta go…getting so hungry…but this would be an amazing addition to my holiday baking! Thank You

  • 183
    mary louise says:

    There are so many uses for this wonderful kitchen tool – too many to list!

  • 184
    Joyce says:

    This looks like something that will do a multitude of tasks without overloading my kitchen with a lot of small appliances.I really need this ! Love KitchenAid !

  • 185
    Lisa says:

    I would use this to help me in blending my coconut filling for my coconut cake which has become my family’s favorite dessert, even though none of them ever thought I would cook or bake anything that didn’t come from a box or can!!

  • 186
    Carolyn says:

    I look forward to finding new ways to use these food preparation tools.

  • 187
    Carmen says:

    What wouldn’t I use this for? We use a lot of whipped cream, make soups (usually cream versions), and of course mashed potatoes.

  • 188
    Mary Johnson says:

    I would love to have a good quality mixer to use for making new dishes that need the quality of KitchenMaid appliances. Some recipes that I have tried in the past, are too heavy for the average inexpensive appliance.

  • 189
    Sally says:

    If I won the hand clender, I’d use it to make my friend Barb’s buttnut squash soup. It’s a silky blend of carrot juice, squash, puneapple juice and ginger with a hiont of cumin. It’s the perfect soup for a chilly holliday night!

  • 190
    Shar says:

    I would love to have this Kitchen Aid Hand Blender! Oh, the Butternut Squash Soup would be velvety and the nuts for the cookies would be chopped to perfection! The whipped cream for the pumpkin pie would be thick and fluffy in no time!

  • 191
    chari dalsheim says:

    Ah to have a reliable, good looking blender to use with my daughter as she travels the road of cooking and baking. My family would benefit from being able to mix up the fixings for broccoli bean dips, cakes, frosting, breads, pancakes, mashed potatoes, and of course for soups.

  • 192
    Catherine A Kennedy says:

    I would use this handy appliance for making superb mashed potatoes, soups, and all my baking specialties.

  • 193
    khairin says:

    I came from Asia and we usually blend our spices and onion, garlic, and ginger for big portion of food making. So this is definitely perfect!

  • 194
    Sandra Martin says:

    Since my kitchen does not have any of these types of gadgets, it would be used for most of my cooking. At this time all of my chopping and mixing are done by hand, with the exception of whipped cream of course. Since I cook daily it would be such a great addition and time saver for me!

  • 195
    Julie Dudemaine says:

    I just love to cook and this tool looks so versatile!

    I’ll make a feast for friends and familly with this. Delicious soups, desserts and cakes, pancakes for a nice familly breakfast, salads… That will be great!

  • 196
    Kristen says:

    I’d love to use it to puree soups. The chopper would save so much time!

  • 197
    Crystal says:

    Oh, this looks great. It would be perfect for pancakes! I always whip my egg whites for pancakes and hate having to get out the big mixer for such a small task (and hate doing it by hand!) Thanks!

  • 198
    Patricia Crowley says:

    I would make some awesome soups with this! Potato, cream of broccoli! The possibilities are endless!

  • 199
    wendy d says:

    Soups, sauces, potatoes, egg nog – so handy!

  • 200
    Michaela W says:

    Ooooh, I would use this for pureed carrots, mash potatoes, whipped butter and for cranberry walnut bread.

  • 201
    MaryJane says:

    I would use this for sweet potato souffle, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and hummus.

  • 202
    Sunny says:

    I make a lot of soups using butternut squash from scratch at this time of the year and have wanted to be able to blend it with a stick blender for several years. It would be great to have this stick blender so I would be able to blend my soup and it would look more professional when I bring it to my friend who works tirelessly at her cashiering job in the farmer’s market that I visit weekly! At this time, I have only been using a potato masher and it does not really make my soup look professional.

  • 203
    James Groover says:

    I spend a great deal of time cooking, and in my kitchen there is always a tool or device i need to make that recipe POP. I find that clutter as needed as the items i do have, is unacceptable and I wish there was one tool i could whip out and use that makes all the mixing jobs I have easier. I saw the very same item online and it is made by the best company in my mind. I really wish I had it, at least then I could make mousse and some shakes, maybe an eggnog or even homemade mayonnaise.

  • 204
    Jeanne Weinberger says:

    I’d use the blender to make yummy Tom & Jerrys for the holidays.

  • 205
    Janet Scanlon says:

    Caramel applie or peanut butter, I can’t decide!

  • 206
    carole says:

    make soup at least once a week and this would be great!!

  • 207
    maria says:

    love to win to make baby foods!

  • 208
    Lori Smith says:

    My Dear Daughter Miranda(32) years old. Not married off Can’t make gravy to save her self, or her favorite Cream Of Broccoli soup..Gravy has more lumps than a camel. I feel that this would be very helpful in helping her make these dishes for a hungry man, Because we all know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Who knows she might be able to move out of the house once she gets those lupms under control with this awesome blender..

  • 209
    Lori Smith says:

    My darling unmarried daughter Miranda, who cant cook to save herself, really could use this blender. You see, My theory is the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, and with the dishes she has made I’m afraid she is going to be single for a long time..Her Gravy has more lumps than a camel, and omg her cream of broccolli soup has been renamed lumpy bumpy, chunky broccolli soup. She needs a man, and I need a spare room..PLEASE HELP..LOL Thanks

  • 210
    Diana Wilson says:


    I would use the HAND BLENDER to save time and kitchen space, reduce mess, and reduce the use of extra pots, bowls, stationary blenders, and utensils TO:

    1. Beat eggs for scrambled eggs and omelets, and include onions, leaks, tomatoes, parsley, sour cream, etc.
    2. Beat egg whites or cream into peaks to use instantly
    3. Stir, thicken and remove lumps in gravy and sauces cooking in a pot without splattering
    4. Mix and puree fresh baby food
    5. Make mash potatoes for one or two people
    6. Make a salad dressing
    7. Make smoothies in the serving glass or mug
    8. Make a small amount of fresh whip cream for 2-4 servings of desert
    9. Puree ingredients for a quick cold or hot soup, gespacho, or a smoothie, into a desired consisency
    10. Mix up a chutney, prepare food for canning, or a table condiment, such as mixing onion soup mix with yogurt for a low calorie salad dressing
    11. Mix up instant noncooked puddings, or stir cooked puddings and custards on the stove
    12. Move quickly to stir different pots with a quick rinse between stirrings
    13. Mix up and froth my morning milk and expresso
    14. Crush ice and mix a quick single serving drink
    15. Make fresh home made mayonnaise
    15. With a cordless hand blender I can chop, puree, whip, whisk, stir at varioius speeds
    16. Mix up ingredients for a quick one-pan, in-the-pan chocolate cake
    17. Make fresh peanut and nut butters
    18. Mix and combine spices to be sprinkled on deserts
    19. Mix and combine cookie, cake, and pie fillings and mixes
    20. Swirl and retain decorative toppings on soups, cakes, etc.
    21. Use it as a quick and wonderful bartool at a cocktail party and look like an expert barista

    I love this Hand Blender, and it would be an indispensible tool in anyone’s kitchen.

  • 211
    Diana Wilson says:


    I would use the HAND BLENDER to save time and kitchen space, reduce mess, and reduce the use of extra pots, bowls, stationary blenders, and utensils TO:

    1. Beat eggs for scrambled eggs and omelets, and include onions, leaks, tomatoes, parsley, sour cream, etc.
    2. Beat egg whites or cream into peaks to use instantly
    3. Stir, thicken and remove lumps in gravy and sauces cooking in a pot without splattering
    4. Mix and puree fresh baby food
    5. Make mash potatoes for one or two people
    6. Make a salad dressing
    7. Make smoothies in the serving glass or mug
    8. Make a small amount of fresh whip cream for 2-4 servings of desert
    9. Puree ingredients for a quick cold or hot soup, gespacho, or a smoothie, into a desired consisency
    10. Mix up a chutney, prepare food for canning, or a table condiment, such as mixing onion soup mix with yogurt for a low calorie salad dressing
    11. Mix up instant noncooked puddings, or stir cooked puddings and custards on the stove
    12. Move quickly to stir different pots with a quick rinse between stirrings
    13. Mix up and froth my morning milk and expresso
    14. Crush ice and mix a quick single serving drink
    15. Make fresh home made mayonnaise
    15. With a cordless hand blender I can chop, puree, whip, whisk, stir at varioius speeds
    16. Mix up ingredients for a quick one-pan, in-the-pan chocolate cake
    17. Make fresh peanut and nut butters
    18. Mix and combine spices to be sprinkled on deserts
    19. Mix and combine cookie, cake, and pie fillings and mixes
    20. Swirl and retain decorative toppings on soups, cakes, etc. and add chocolate chips, pieces of toffee, bananas to ice cream
    21. Use it as a quick and wonderful bartool at a cocktail party and look like an expert barista

    I love this Hand Blender, and it would be an indispensible tool in anyone’s kitchen.

  • 212
    Jeri Pajor says:

    Boy, I could really use this hand blender! It would be a great addition to my kitchen tools for the upcoming holidays.

  • 213
    michelle gilmore says:

    I live on a boat, this blender is just the right size…..big enough to handle my receipes yet won’t take up a lot of space. Perfect!

  • 214
    Stephen K says:

    Can’t afford a thanksgiving dinner but this tool would be used daily for home cooked meals.

  • 215
    CCC says:

    What a fantastic way to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. It takes so long to prepare a meal and so little time to eat the meal. Anything that makes preparing the meal easier makes my life easier.

  • 216
    Jenny P says:

    I would definitely use this mixer to grind up my almond meal to make the perfect christmas macarons!!

  • 217
    Carolyn says:

    I’m excited to try these great timesavers. The choppers will be an asset.

  • 218

    tom & jerrys whipped and frothy mmmmm

  • 219
    Jeanne Weinberger says:

    smooth garlicky mashed potatoes

  • 220

    family fav – homemade fudge

  • 221
    Linda B says:

    Soups in the pot.

  • 222

    whip rhw filling foe choc angel pie

  • 223
    Carolyn says:

    What a wonderful set of space and time saving pieces of kitchen equipment. Eating takes so little time to finish off what can take so long to prepare-unless you have the right equipment. I look forward to whipping, shredding, chopping, pureeing, etc., to my hearts content.

  • 224

    I hear those Tom & Jerry’s calling me

  • 225

    cheesy smooth whipped potatoes

  • 226
    J Marsh says:

    Squash soup sounds like a plan!!!

  • 227
    Sara Turner says:

    I would love this blender for jobs that only require one whisk. I do a lot of cooking, especially during the holidays. I would use it for pureeing soup and whipping potatoes and yams.

  • 228
    Beth says:

    I will whip up frothy fruit smoothies.

  • 229

    chop up a wonderful chicken spread

  • 230

    I would use my hand held blender to whip potato until fluffy, blend my gravy smooth, whip the cream for dessert, and whip up as smoothy to enjy after the meal.I would use the hand blender 24/7!!!

  • 231
    Karen Miller says:

    I would use the kitchen aid hand blender every day to mix my protein shakes, to chop veggies for my salad at lunch time, and to chop onions, etc. for use in dinner time prep.

    This appliance would be my all-in-one time saver.

  • 232
    Kathy Clark says:

    This is a great tool for making purees, I would use it that way.

  • 233
    Carolyn says:

    I would have fun in the kitchen! Less time preparing because of the time saving gadgets; fun while I’m working. Then delicious eats with the family.

  • 234
    Keather Thompson says:

    I would you the hand blender when making soups. Pureeing the soup will allow me to reduce the amount of cream in them.

  • 235
    Linda Blakeney says:

    I’d use it to make smooth creamy gravy.

  • 236
    Sharalyn Caughel says:

    I’d make a big pot of soup to have on hand for busy times.

  • 237
    Keather Thompson says:

    If I won this I would be the coolest cook on the block.

  • 238

    whipped skim milk

  • 239
    Pamela Arbour says:

    whipped cream any time…wow!

  • 240
    Carolyn B says:

    To assist my daughter and me in making our homemade eggnog, guacamole, hot sauce, tamales, cakes, pies, gravies, dressing, mashed potatoes, yams, broccoli cheese and more. With everything it can do, like chopping/shredding, I would even have to include my turkey and ham. This is do to the chopped onions, garlic, etc.. . I am sure this is not the full list. It would help us cook up a storm during the holidays and every day.

  • 241
    Joyce says:

    would love to have a braun wand. I would love to find more ways to use it everyday.

  • 242

    frothy hot choc

  • 243
    Lorna McDermott says:

    I would love having this KitchenAid Hand Blender to make all kinds of soups! I wanted one for Christmas, but didn’t get it! It’s not too late!

  • 244
    Kimberly Dubose says:

    Great fruit smoothies and frothy milk and whipped cream for iced coffees and hot chocolate . It would be amazing to prepare homemade humus!!

  • 245
    DDDS says:

    Looks like it would be great for pureeing stuff for stocks and soups as well as sauces. Love to have one.

  • 246
    Virginia Vilk says:

    The KitchenAid hand blender would be my third arm at arms reach as I make pureed pumpkin just as a starter that would not take up much space on my counter and would be constantly in use by both me and my husband for pureed curry pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, not to mention homemade hummus, just for starters.

  • 247
    Kim says:

    Hand blender makes food preparation so much quicker and easier than using a regular blender especially the clean up aspect. That makes my decision to attempt a complex recipe more likely.

  • 248
    dell spier says:

    I would really like this compact item, it takes up minimum space and does so much.

  • 249
    Jean Gant says:

    This would be great to have for making lots of yummy meals for family and friends! And a brand that I know will last! 🙂

  • 250
    sue says:

    I would love to win this.

  • 251
    Rebecca Wright says:

    I woulod love to have this new toy erm tool to cook with. It would beat getting out the mixer or the blender most of the time

  • 252
    Barbara Coleman says:

    I won’t know what to do first.

  • 253

    I can`t begin to tell you all the reason why I want,I just love to cook,and make alot of soups.

  • 254
    Lawrence Carr says:

    Makes really nice mashed potatos.

  • 255 says:

    we make and eat alot of soups,stews and sauces … and sandwiches(fresh ham,chicken and more)and you can’t forget breakfast ….after 35 yrs it would be nice to have one that works again

  • 256
    David Magee says:

    Great for so many uses in the kitchen.

  • 257
    Ruth Lowry says:

    I would use the hand blender for everything from soup to nuts and would invent new ways to use it, I make a lot of soups that I would blend slightly to give body to the soup, and honestly would chop nuts with it, mix icings, sauces and on and on. Would be so nice to have one appliance that would do so much.

  • 258
    Pat Walmsley says:

    I Love to have friends over during the holidays. It would speed up my normal diner: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, & quickly chop all my vegetables. I could also mix my batter to make my Christmas Cake, and prepare my appetizers much faster, and have fun doing it. I would truly love this addition to my kitchen!

  • 259

    I would use the Kitchen Aide hand mixer for me and my husband. My husband just got out of the hospital and has to eat strained food. We are both looking to change our diets and this would be a great part of doing it. Thanks! God Bless!!

  • 260
    Barbara Young says:

    I would be replacing an old and now non working Cuisinart hand blender. Mine worked for many years but now I am putting up with sore wrists to do hand blending. Would love a new replacement.

  • 261
    betsy says:

    Looks fun for mixing up mass quantities of danish pastry.

  • 262
    Melissa Funderburk says:

    fresh tomato sauce – mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • 263
    Joann Williams says:

    I would use the hand blender to mix eggs & milk to make scrambled eggs.

  • 264
    Julie Schlagel says:

    I love to make soups all year long and this Kitchen Aid hand blender would be such a great help to me in the kitchen. I also love to use a lot of fresh vegetables when cooking and the chopping attachment would make life so easy in the kitchen.

  • 265
    james obedowski says:

    love this product I have one I use but it is old and very tired. need to replace.. new soups and sauces await!

  • 266
    Amy King says:


  • 267
    Rhonda Hostetler says:

    I would love to have this to use for my potatoes, pies, soups, gravies and anything else I can think of – I have my husbands family coming from out of state for the first time – pressure is on 🙂

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