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Melting Wicked Witch Sundaes

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Oh my goodness, with this historic storm affecting so much of the country, I am not sure how many readers even have power to log-on to Better Recipes today!  We are thinking about all of you and hope you are staying safe and dry.

After the “Frankenstorm” this is certainly going to be an unusual Halloween for many kids.  With schools cancelled and the possibility of  a rained out trick-or-treat, this recipe is a fun edible project to do indoors.

Keep reading to learn how to make a “Melting Wicked Witch Sundae”

This creative recipe won the $1000 prize in our recent “Halloween” monthly recipe contest.  The idea is to make this dessert look with the Wicked Witch of the West as she is melting to her death.  A pool of chocolate syrup topped with a chocolate doughnut creates her melted body, while a scoop of green ice cream is her face.  A cashew becomes the crooked witch nose, and a green candy is even added as a wart!  An upside down ice cream cone is the hat, and strands of licorice are strands of hair.  This sundae is fun to make and exciting to eat!

Melting Wicked Witch Sundaes  (click here to print recipe)

2 Tbsp Chocolate Syrup

2 Chocolate Covered Doughnuts

2 Firm Scoops of Green Colored Ice Cream, such as mint chocolate chip or pistachio

4 Candy Eyes

2 Whole Cashews

2 Green Candy Coated Mini Chocolate Candies

1½ Tbsp Black Frosting From a Store Bought Squeeze Tube

2 Sugar Cones, preferably chocolate

2 Chocolate Cookies

Drizzle the chocolate syrup equally onto the center of 2 plates. Place a doughnut into each pool of syrup. Top each doughnut with a scoop of ice cream. Press 2 eyes into each scoop, followed by a cashew for a nose, and then a green candy “wart” on the side of the nose. Using the frosting, squeeze a down turned smile under each nose, and then squeeze angry looking eyebrows above the eyes. Drizzle lines over the ice cream to look like hair. Add a bit of remaining frosting to the rim of the cones. Place the rims of cones over the cookies and press to help the cones stick. Place the cookie hats on top of the ice cream and serve immediately.


If you cannot find chocolate sugar cones, you may use black food color spray to color the cones (which will make the cones appear chocolate) or cover them with melted chocolate. You can also use black liquorice strings instead for the hair if you can find them.

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