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Happy Birthday Oreo!

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Happy Birthday to the Oreo Cookie!  Oreo was invented March 6, 1912, at the National Biscuit Company (known today as Nabisco) headquarters in New York City.  This classic treat is still the number one selling cookie on store shelves today.

A few weeks back while working on the “Frozen Red Velvet Cake” recipe and video, I decided to try a little experiment.  Frozen “Faux-Reos.”  (Ha ha…Get it?)

I had these Nabisco Chocolate Wafers on hand for the recipe and when I tasted one by itself, it tasted just like the cookie part of an Oreo!   (They are made by the same company, maybe the formula is similar?)

Then I took some fat-free Cool Whip and wondered if it could be used to mimic the filling.  Voila!  The frozen “faux-reo” was born!  They taste awesome and are a lighter alternative to the classic cookie.  I love “no-recipe” recipes like this every once in a while.  So simple and satisfying!

Frozen “Faux-Reos”  

Nabisco Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Fat-Free Cool Whip, slightly thawed

Sandwich a dollop of Cool Whip between two Chocolate Wafer Cookies.  (Add more for a “double stuff” effect!)  Place freezer until Cool Whip firms. Enjoy!

Update:  Last night I took a quick trip over to my local grocery store to see if I could find the special “Birthday Cake” Oreo cookies.  They had a huge display to celebrate!

Of course, I had to buy the limited edition flavor to give it a try!  The cookie was the same and the filling smelled and tasted a bit like buttercream frosting.

There were also some fun and festive sprinkles in with the cream filling.

Yep, I just happen to own an “Oreo Cookie” glass…perfect for dunking into milk!

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