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Blog Giveaway – Ladles of Love Prize Package

406 Comments | Written on February 20, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

I am super excited for the blog giveaway this week, because there is a twist!  Get this, there will not only be one lucky winner…there will be eleven!  Check out the photos below to see what is up for grabs this week.

But first, the announcement of last week’s winner…

Congratulations to #51  Tamara Woodruff!  I will be contacting you shortly so I can send you the “Hawaiian Prize Package.”

Holy cow, look at all that swag!  Last month while I was at the Sundance Film Festival, I picked up a few goodies and brought them back to share with all of you.  There are a few things to help you keep cozy and warm, as well as tons of coupons for free soup!

Here is how it will work this week.  One winner will receive the “Grand Prize Package” and ten others will walk away with the “Runner-Up Prize Package.”  (All will be randomly selected through

GRAND PRIZE – One winner will receive a basket filled with goodies!

The giveaway includes:

Crate and Barrel Sedona Tote

Bertolli “Ladles of Love” pillow

Bertolli “Ladles of Love” scarf


7 coupons for a FREE Bertolli Frozen Meal Soup – That’s an entire week’s worth of free soup…awesome! 

2 Soup Bowls

Soup Ladle


10 people will win:

Bertolli “Ladles of Love” Scarf


3 coupons for a FREE Bertolli Frozen Meal Soup

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us, if you could get the autograph of any celebrity, who would it be and why?

It’s that easy!   Eleven lucky winners will be randomly selected in one week from today.  Be sure to come back to see if YOU are one of the winners!

Official Rules

*Note:  Comments need to be approved through WordPress.  If you don’t see yours right away, don’t worry…I will get to it as soon as I can!  Remember to leave a comment right here on the blog itself, not on one of the photos, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.  Thanks!

During the film festival, Bertolli kicked off their “Ladles of Love” program, benefiting Feeding America.  This campaign will provide 400,000 meals to local food banks across the country.  Celebrities attending the festival had the opportunity to show their support by visiting the “Soup Chalet” and autographing a ladle.

It was such a thrill to see the “who’s who” of Hollywood come out to show their support!  By the end of the opening weekend, the “Ladles of Love” wall was filled with autographs.  Take a peek at a few of the stars who stopped by!

Andie MacDowell

Nia Vardalos

Justin Long

Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks

Anthony Makie

Laura Prepon

406 Responses to “Blog Giveaway – Ladles of Love Prize Package”

  • 1
    Vicki Medley says:

    I would so love to win this !!!It looks AWESOME!!

    • Deane Henry says:

      I would also love to win this, I love Bertolli and use their pastas and sauces at least twice a week!

  • 2
    denise says:

    I would want the autograph of Bono because I have enjoyed his music with U2 since the early 80’s.

  • 3
    Felina M says:

    Harrison Ford’s autograph, would be great. Love all the work he has done.

  • 4
    Stephanie H. says:

    If I could get 1 autograph of any celebrity it would be David O’Conner – not your normal celeb, but a total celebrity in the horse world. I guess the reason I’d want it, is that I’d have to probably meet him in person to get the signature and then I could beg to ride with him and his wife Karen for a year or more – plus they breed awesome ponies, and I would loooove to work with someone who values the little equines as much as I do!

  • 5
    Beth Richter says:

    I would love to get Paula Deen’s autograph. She’s kind of my idol and I’d love to meet her someday. I just had my first recipe published in a Gooseberry Patch cookbook and Paula is the one who inspired me to cook and create my own recipes. (c:

  • 6
    Randi K says:

    My choice would have to be Bobby Flay or Michael Simon they are both inspirations for me and my cooking!

  • 7
    Laura Minarcik says:

    I would love to get Ellen DeGenere’s autograph!I love how kind,compassionate and endearing she is to her fans.She has a backbone and stands for what she believes.She will not attack back at people in spite.Instead she confronts them with courage,tact and honesty!It’s hard to find role models that actually care.But she seems to care as well as wants to make other people’s lives a little better!

    • Nancy W says:

      I totally agree with you. Ellen has got to be one of the most honest women today. She is what she is take her or leave her. I think this is refreshing in today’s celebrities

  • 8
    Amgela Toma says:

    I would love to get Bruno Mars’ autograph! I admire him as an artist since he is talented in so many ways; playing numerous instruments, writing music, singing, dancing, and so on!!

  • 9
    Susan B says:

    If I could get an autograph it would be from my all time favorite singer Reba! She has been through so much and has come so far and she is an inspiration to me!

  • 10
    Gracie says:

    If I could get an autograph of my fav celebrity, I’d have to say, Audrey Hepburn, too bad she’s gone! I guess i’ll have to settle for Nicole Kidman. Either way they are 2 graceful elegant women…

  • 11
    Beth Schmidt says:

    Audrey Hepburn because she was a classic beauty. Too bad they didn’t serve Bertolli’s soup for “Breakfast at Tiffanys!”

  • 12
    Elizabeth Butler says:

    I would like Sandra Bullocks autograph. She seems like such a down to earth person. She has been through so much and is still able to hold her head high! Oh and let me not forget what a great actress she is. I love her movies!

  • 13
    April P says:

    I’m not usually celebrity crazed, but I would get Ree Drummond’s autograph if I had the chance…

  • 14
    Tiffany says:

    I would LOVE Brad Pitt because, well, he’s Brad Pitt :):) lol!! Or Tom Hanks because even tho he’s not quite the sex symbol Brad is, Tom has always been my favorite actor. From Bosom Buddies, Big to The Davinci Code, he is just simply amazing 🙂

  • 15
    Oanh H. says:

    This giveaway is so perfect for the cold weather.

  • 16
    Laura Manning says:

    The celebrity I would want an autograph from is Jennifer Aniston. I admire her. She seems very real in everything she does. I have always been a fan of hers.

  • 17
    Oanh H. says:

    Sorry I forgot the other part of my comment. I would love an autograph from Bobby Flay because I love watching him teach grilling all sorts of delicious foods.

  • 18
    Bernadette Martin says:

    Barbara Walters. I know there are a bunch of people that can’t stand her, and make fun of her pronunciation of certain words, but she revolutionized journalism for females.I admire that she has never taken a tabloid twist to any of her reports, seems to genuinely care about what she reports on, whether it be actors or world news, and she had stayed in the business when many other women were pushed aside.

  • 19
    Rene says:

    I would love to get an autograph from Angelina Jolie due to all the charitable work she does.

  • 20

    I would love a ladle autographed by Oprah!

  • 21
    Sarah Scott says:

    I would love to get Oprahs autograph as she is such a true inspiration to so many people

  • 22

    I would love something like this.I love soups and I lost 100 pounds eating soups.Ive never won anything in my 52 years of life. I was diognosed with breast cancer and soup is just about all I will eat for now..With crackers…. So i thought ID try my luck and see what happens… This is a nice idea you have .I love seeing healthy things being giving away….God Bless

  • 23
    Kenna Garrigus-White says:

    I would want Sean Connery’s autograph. He was so hot and such a great actor!

  • 24
    Mary Tom Jenkins says:

    I would like to get Dolly Parton’s autograph. I grew up listening to her music with my mother and she is still going strong with her music and acting career. She does so much great work for the people in East TN where she is from.

  • 25
    SandraH says:

    I would love to have an autograph of Helen Hunt. I have always like her in anything she’s done over the years. I think she a fabulous actress and just a beautiful person!

  • 26
    BRENDA M. says:

    This would be awsome to win this.I love soup, salad and crackers. It is the only thing i can eat nowadays.. Im 52 and never won anything in my life….. And i think this is an awsome thing to give away its Healthy ….God Bless…

  • 27
    Donita Reed says:

    i would like the autograph of emeril lagasse (guess thats how you spell it). he is the chef i started watching that inspired me to do what i love…cook!!!

  • 28
    Stephanie Knapp says:

    I would have to say the pleasure to meet and get an autograph from the one and only Paula Deen would be the ultimate for me. I love her she is so funny and down to earth and let’s face it the woman can cook.

  • 29
    Stephanie Knapp says:

    Paula Deen for sure she is a wonderful and funny woman who can cook and not give a care about what the ingredients are and they all look soooo good.

  • 30
    joyce baker says:

    I love soup!!! Thank you for these great give-aways.

  • 31

    I wouldnt want an autograph to hang on my wall or show off but I would be so honored one day to spend just 3 minutes talking with Madonna.I see all celeberties as just another person but I admire her for changing with ( and before the times ) for never letting fame get to her so much that she needed Rehab and for being very business smart.also because she is one who gives back and tries to do positive things with her fame and fortune. She has kept a steady and ongoing career in a field full crackheads and whiners.As far as autographs I have the only two I ever need the ones my mom and dad put on my birth certificate:) they are who I look up to.

  • 32
    Christine says:

    Better Recipes,
    Clint Eastwood
    Always been a big fan since high school & now I m 45 & still find him fascinating
    p s Loving the soup Ladle & bowls So cute

  • 33
    Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I would want Liam Neeson’s autograph because he is a tall, hot Irishman! ;D

  • 34
    Allison says:

    Julia Child. I know it’s impossible, but to have Julia Child’s autograph would be amazing! Especially on a spoon!

  • 35
    Virginia says:

    I would love to get the autograph of the guys in Connecticut who are making moonshine, it also made it into the Grammys swagg bag that the celebs get. I would want it in the bottle! Love a local company having success!!!

  • 36
    diane d says:

    i would love to have an autograph from anthony bourdain

  • 37
    erinn says:

    I would love Natalie Grant’s autograph-I admire her work to stop human trafficking

  • 38
    Phyllis says:

    Clint Eastwood. When I was a little girl I started watching him in Rawhide. Such great memories of family around TV watching it together. Funny thing though….I’m not a western movie fan, but love Clint.

  • 39
    Whitney says:

    I would love Steve Martin’s autograph. He’s a true Renaissance Man: actor, author, musician.

  • 40
    Michael G. says:

    Hmmm…. how ’bout Halle Berry?

  • 41
    Cindy H says:

    John Walsh…he has truely shown what it means to make a negative into a positive for others.

  • 42
    Lisa Keys says:

    Faith Hill for me as she is such a great role model as a mother, wife and singer. Love the good old fashioned values of hard work and devotion.

  • 43
    Lynne Laino says:

    I’d love to have Tom Hanks’ autograph because he’s not only a fabulous actor but such a nice guy as well!

  • 44
    Tammy says:

    If I could get the autograph of any celebrity, it would be Beyonce because I love her music and style.

  • 45
    Pauli De Lozier says:

    If I could get any autograph it would be Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes. He owns Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD. His talent and passion for his creations is what I strive for. I am a cake decorator and only dream of meeting him and picking his brain for ideas on how I could get started with my own business. His creativity and ability to produce his ideas only inspires me to create massive cakes. He is my idol and inspiration. Hope some day to meet him and pick his brain of creativity.

  • 46
    T. Lorraine says:

    I would love to have Ina from Barefoot Contessa autograph because I love her show & the meals she cook. Would love to visit her house as well.

  • 47
    lara says:

    I to autogragh from kevin Costner in the Bodyguard..Kevin should do one for his actress Whitney Houston too do in memory of her too..

  • 48
    antoinette says:

    I would get tim magraw he is a wonderful singer and a heartfelt actor.

  • 49
    MINDY S says:


    I don’t have anything that great to comment, but I do love Sandra Bullock, always have, and would love her autograph. Shes beautiful and is a amazing actress. I would also ahve to say Mariah Carey, has always been my FAV!! =)

  • 50
    Marilyn McDaniel says:

    If I could get an autograph I would love to get one from Lliam Neeson. I have always enjoyed all of his movies and there is something about him that I really like as a person.

  • 51
    Margaret Hadam-Hay says:

    Leonard Cohen! He’s my all time favorite poet/writer/songwriter/singer. I’d have him autograph the album jacket from his last live tour. He’s so amazing.

  • 52
    mary louise says:

    The late and much beloved Julia Child! Although I was privileged to briefly meet her, there was not an opportunity to ask for her autograph – sigh!
    Bon Appetit, Y’all!!

  • 53
    Susan Bickta says:

    I’d like to hae John Lennon’s autograph….always admired him and grew up with the Beatles music. In my eyes…he was the best!! he is truly missed……

  • 54
    Susan Bickta says:

    I’d like to have John Lennon’s autograph….always admired him and grew up with the Beatles music. In my eyes…he was the best!! he is truly missed……

  • 55
    Christopher Sorel says:

    Love to get another of Wayne Gretzky since one I had wore off. Darn none sharpy in the 80s

  • 56
    Alicia says:

    If I could get anyone’s autograph it would be George Clooney. I have loved him for years but not only because of how good looking he is but for his humanitarianism efforts with Dafur and other projects. He is an inspiration and someone I admire greatly.

  • 57
    Jamie C says:

    Willie Nelson…I know it’s different but he’s a country music icon 🙂

  • 58
    Barb Tumbarello says:

    I would love to get an autograph from the Cake Boss. I love his recipes. I could watch his show 24 hours a day.

  • 59
    Kim Forston says:

    I would love to get Tim McGraw’s autograph! He has been my favorite singer for as long as I can remember! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • 60
    Melissa M. says:

    Thanks for this super opportunity to win, and I would really love Paula Deen’s autograph..I just love her and her down home southern cooking, she’s the best!! 🙂

  • 61
    Cheryl Steffe says:

    If I could have anyone’s autograph I would have to say johnny Depp, he is such a great actor, he can play any part without flaw, and actually seems like a real genuine person, unlike some stars 🙂

  • 62
    Allie W says:

    I would have originally said: I know he isn’t really a celebrity, but he’s a celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera.
    —My dream came true yesterday when he came to a craft store near me yesterday and I got his autograph! I was so excited. Now I would really like Sandra Bullock’s autograph. She’s amazing!

  • 63
    D Koch says:

    Walt Disney, the man was a genius and i think having his autograph as inspiration to follow your dreams would be amazing!!

  • 64
    Kim Forston says:

    I would love an autograph from Tim McGraw. He has been my favorite singer for as long as I can remember.

  • 65

    I WOULD LUV TO HAVE DREW BARRYMORE’S AUOTOGRAPH.. She such a Beautiful Insperational Woman..

  • 66
    Robbie M. says:

    Would love to meet and get Dennis Quaid’s autograph. He is my favorite actor and an inspiration to all.

  • 67
    mary benack says:

    If i could meet any star it would be ozzy an sharon osburn they r both great sharon has done so much in her life raisin kids all her shows ozzy w his singing they r both legends in my book i would love to meat them i have always wanted to i would also love to win this to …thank you

  • 68
    Bonita Sharp says:

    wow, that’s a tough one! I couldn’t just pick one fav, sorry, many spark different joys. It would be great to have something from the cast of The Big Bang Theory or NCIS, or Betty White or one of several from the Food Network shows.

  • 69
    wendy atchison says:

    I would love to get Brad Paisley’s autograph because that was the first concert my boyfriend and I went to, and we tried so hard to get his autograph, but never suceeded.

  • 70
    mary benack says:

    Ozzy osbourn what a legend an still singing hes a great star an he has a great wife sharon who i also love

  • 71
    Shawna Reid says:

    I would love an autograph from Oprah, she is so inspiring and real.

  • 72
    Shawna Reid says:

    I would love to meet and get the autograph of Oprah, she is so inspiring and very real.

  • 73
    Lori S. says:

    Johnny Depp. It would be fun to have it because it’s so in opposition to who he is and how he sees himself.

  • 74
    Lisa Canno says:

    If I could get an autograph from an celebrity I would want an autograph from Clay Matthews. He plays hard all of the time. Go PACK!!!

  • 75
    Lisa Cannon says:

    I would want an autograph from Clay Matthews.

  • 76
    L Hicks says:

    I would say Mario Batali. He is not only a great Italian chef, but he makes me think I could cook like him.

  • 77
    debb says:

    Thank you for the opp! a celebrity- hmmm, I think I would pick tim holtz- not a movie star but my hero! …or maybe Nate Berkus….oh dear…I had better stop now….

  • 78
    Kathlyne says:

    I’m not much of an autograph person, but if I had to pick someone it would be Elvis Costello.

  • 79
    Pam Parson says:

    I would to have Duff’s autograph, from Ace of . He is a cutie-pie:)

  • 80
    cowgirlup says:

    Would love to have Johnny Depp’s autograph, even better to have Johnny Depp!!

  • 81
    Amanda White says:

    So many to choose from. I guess Oprah would be my first choice, President & Mrs Obama, then of course Betty White. Love her humor over the years.

  • 82
    Pam says:

    Who’s celebrity autograph would I like to have? There are so many that I watch and admire, especially in the culinary world. I would like Gordon Ramsey’s, Robert Irvine’s, Bobby Flay’s, Duff Goldman’s, Cat Cora, Michael Simon, Buddy Valastro, the list goes on. When I do watch TV it’s usually a cooking/food related show. They are all so smart and talented! I am in awe.

  • 83
    Suzan Cummings says:

    George Clooney because in order to get his autograph I’d have to meet him face to face and that would really be awesome.

  • 84
    Mindy Starnes says:

    Alexander Skarsgard because if I could get his autograph that means I could be close enough to touch him and that would be enough for me!!

  • 85
    Denille Moore says:

    Hmm.. I would have to say even though you don’t see him in anything much anymore I would want Johnathan Taylor Thomas’ autograph.

  • 86
    jeevon says:

    Justin Long!! He’s so adorable and I love all the movies he acted in!!

  • 87
    jeevon kay says:

    Justin Long!! He is so adorable and I love all the movies that he acted in 🙂

  • 88

    I NEED THAT! 🙂

  • 89
    Millie Gagliano says:

    I would love to get Chef Michael Symon’s autograph. I think he is so cool.

  • 90
    Vickie Wiseman says:

    I would love to have the autograph of Mark Harmon. He has learned how to overcome adversity. He was such a hit in the Star Wars movies, and then was in that wreck. It took years to come back from that. He did it with pizzazz, to become the star of one of the greatest shows, NCIS.

    • Martha Spiegel says:

      Do you mean Mark Harmon (from NCIS and St Elsewhere) or Mark Hamill (from Star Wars). I love them both!

  • 91
    Susan George says:

    HoW wonderful. My church’s soup kitchen is named”Ladle of Love”. I woul dlove to win this prize. Great pics!

  • 92
    Walt Medin says:

    I would get an autograph from Whitney Houston, because that’s a little harder to get nowadays.

  • 93
    Liz says:

    I would have to get Paul Rudd to sign my VHS of Clueless… I love him!

  • 94
    Salome says:

    What an amazing gift! I would love to have Guy Fieri’s autograph, my children, niece and I love watching his shows! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • 95
    Debbie says:

    I would like Paula Deen’s autograph. She is an inspiration to me. She has faced and overcome many challenges in her life. It took tremendous courage to face her fears and move forward. I admire her for that courage.

  • 96
    terri fults says:

    Paula Deen for my gram…..that’s who I’d want. She would LOVE that! Thanks for the giveaway

  • 97
    Connie says:

    I would love to get Dr. Oz’s autograph. I try to never miss his show, where I always take away pertinent and timely information.

  • 98
    Carleen says:

    Marilyn Monroe because she is a classic.

  • 99
    Christie Ferguson says:

    I would love an autograph from George Clooney because well. . . he’s George Clooney!

  • 100 says:

    Joe Namath, my childhood idol

  • 101
    Patricia says:

    Kenny Chesney…I just like him.

  • 102
    Kathie says:

    I would love to have Jamie & Bobby Dean’s autographs. They have carefully and lovingly taken their mother’s recipes and tailored them to better suit her diabetic diet needs. They are keeping true to Paula’s flavors, textures, and great sense of family.

  • 103
    Mary says:

    I am not into collecting celebrities autographs. Quite frankly, I don’t think they’re “all that” or better than me to be worth collecting.

  • 104
    Joan says:

    I think it would have to be Guy Fieri.

  • 105
    Michelle says:

    Ellen Degeneres.

  • 106
    Denise says:

    I’d pick Harrison Ford probably — any of the Star Wars actors would do. 🙂

  • 107
    Carrie Conley says:

    Denzel Washington….he is just my favorite…

  • 108
  • 109
    Melanie says:

    Wow, that’s really a hard choice. Let’s start with Johnny Deep because, as my mother would say, “He can eat crackers in my bed anyday!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • 110
    Sharon Rose says:

    I would love Paula Dean She is a great inspiration in life and culunary world.

  • 111
    jessica says:

    i would love this.. would love ellen’s autograph 🙂 she is an amazing person 🙂

  • 112
    Linda Teora says:

    I would love to get Ewan McGregor’s autograph! That would be awesome!

  • 113
    Janet Cobb says:

    I would have to say the group “Celtic Thunder” (individual autographs, if you please)because they are so amazing! I love their music, it’s all I listen to on cd and watch on the dvd’s!Literally, I do not listen to any other kind of music. All very handsome, too, especially in their kilts!!

  • 114
    Susan says:

    I would love to have Carrie Underwood’s and Dolly Parton’s autograph. What beautiful voices.

  • 115
    Deb Wilkie says:

    I think it would have to be Sean Connery. I just think he is the most handsome, elegant man ever, and he just gets better with age!

  • 116
    Vicki Holland says:

    Would LOVE to win this!!!!Please pick me!!!!

  • 117
    Peggy says:

    Andy Griffith…
    A man of such good character and moral values.

  • 118
    Crystal Lugo says:

    I would get Denzel Washington’s autograph for my mom. She loves her some Denzel!

  • 119
    Sally W says:

    I don’t have any one person who’s autograph I want. There would probably be too many to list.

  • 120
    Karen C. says:

    It would be the man who has the voice who could “melt butter” – Sam Elliot!

  • 121
    Lynn says:

    Oprah. What a phenomal person! We’ve watched her with her weight struggles, overcoming a troubled childhood, and choice to remain single. Truly an inspiration!

  • 122
    Kim says:

    If I got an autograph it would have to be Julia Roberts! I love her! She is amazing! From Mystic Pizza, to Steel Magnolis. She is the best actress ever. My favorite move is Pretty Woman, so to get hers would be awesome!

  • 123
    rochelle says:

    Kevin Costner — way cool

  • 124
    cheryl s says:

    I love Rod Stewart and would love to something he signed. And I love soup!

  • 125
    Laurie Miller says:

    I’m not big on autographs, but I think I would like the autograph of my favorite football player, Jared Allen, of the Minnesota Vikings. He’s a great player and a charitable human being.

  • 126
    Pam Reynolds says:

    How exciting… would love to win this!

  • 127
    Irene Sweetman says:

    If I could get any celebrity autograph it would be the Love Sisters who run the local soup kitchen here in Knoxville, TN. Although way past the normal age of retirement these infatigable ladies are still working 7 days a week to feed those less fortunate than them. They are a wonder!

  • 128
    Sue Armitage says:

    Would love to just win something !!!!!!

  • 129
    Richard Hoge says:

    There are lot I would like but to narrow it down to one ….. Sam Elliot

  • 130
    GinaK says:

    I would like to receive an autograph from Peyton Manning

  • 131
    Libby says:

    Being a child of the sixties, I’d love to have any of the Beatles’ autographs!

  • 132
    Kelly says:

    If I had My pick, I would choose Tim Tebow he is such an inspiration to children and recently my 5 year old son was able to have a Dr. Seuss story read to his class by a recording that Tim Tebow had done. (even though I am a Bears fan)

  • 133

    I would LOVE to have Greg Allman’s autograph. I am a HUGE Allman Brothers fan.

  • 134
    Lia Alter says:

    I know Chris Squire is not your average celebrity since he is a musician, but he is my husbands favorite bass player and singer with the group Yes and I would love to get an autograph for him! For me, I would want to get Chevy Chase’s autograph! He is so funny!

  • 135
    MARCIA YOUNG says:


  • 136
    shirley mccray says:

    Denzel Waashington; he’s the MAN

  • 137

    I would love a autograph of Bobby Flay.He inspires me in the kitchen to cook great meals.

  • 138
    Linda Heuser says:

    The celebrity autograph I would most want is Mark Harmon. I love NCIS & his character on it. It doesn’t hurt that he is so good looking and getting even better with age!

  • 139
    Diana Hammond says:

    I’d like to have the autograph of the guy who signs the checks for the Powerball Lottery…..on the big winning check! Then I could buy my own gift package! LOL

  • 140
    Karla Larson says:

    I would love to have Obama’s autograph!

  • 141
    Carol Galloway says:

    Sam Elliot. Not only is he one of the few men who do a mustache so very well, I love his movies, he has one sexy voice 🙂
    Thank you!

  • 142
    Debbie Landry says:

    I would say Rachael Ray. She has such a personal bubbly personality and seems to be a person you would want to be around.

  • 143
    Beth says:

    I would like an autograph from Steven Tyler. I have always liked his music and inspires all musicians, young and old.

  • 144
    Ana Suri says:

    I would love to win this! Would love Sir Sean Connery’s autograph, such a gentleman! Very private individua, seems down to earth and I admire his acting and voice.

  • 145
    Georgia Herbaugh says:

    Tyler Florance, he is like the boy next door man who would welcome you in while he is cooking and let you have a taste of what he is cooking. Yes a autograph ladel from Tyler Florance.

  • 146
    Aly says:

    I would want Oprah’s autograph because she is such a successful, inspiring woman.

  • 147
    Sheri Barwig says:

    This looks like fun!
    I’d like to have Carol Burnett’s autograph. She has been a fun entertainer for years.

  • 148
    Gayle says:

    I’d like an autographed photo of “Hawkeye” (Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce) from the TV series M*A*S*H signed by Alan Alda, the actor who played that role. I have an eternal crush on the character “Hawkeye.”

  • 149
    gladys cross says:

    i would love to have President Obama’s autograph. i have save it for my garndson’s generation to see that despite several odds, you can be a leader in your lifetime.

  • 150
    Jackie Nelson says:

    My choice would be Nicolas Cage.He is hot, really, have you seen Ghost Rider?

  • 151
    Julie Stariha says:

    Betty White! An amazing, talented, funny woman who has worked consistently for many years and would have a great perspective on how the women’s role and life have changed. Not to mention, it would be a hoot.

  • 152
    Patricia Robinson says:

    My choice would be James Taylor. I grew up listening to his marvelous voice, and his songs can still reduce me to tears.

  • 153
    Michelle Myers says:

    I would love to get George Straits autograph. He sings the song “I Cross My Heart” which my husband & I had sung at our wedding. We’ve had a few storms along the way but our love is even stronger today than the day we married!!!

  • 154
    Judi says:

    I would love Harrison Ford’s autographed ladel! But even more, I would love to have him come over and cook with me!!

  • 155
    Amanda Dearinger says:

    I would want an autograph from Rascall Flatts.

  • 156
    L. Christmas says:

    I admire Rev.Billy Graham and would like his autograph. On another note Paula Deen is a woman that I connect with and my friends call me “Paula” ^_^

  • 157
    michelle peiffer says:

    I thought about this for awhile and would want to meet someone extremely influencial with such great heart like Martin Luther king Jr. And thank him.

    If it was someone alive today. Is go with someone sentimental to my husband and I. My brad paisley. Be is such a gyrations man and seems to released and write songs that follow our life. In 2009 he released our wedding song, “Then” , which is a song about how his love grows everyday for his wife. and than last year as we were trying to have a baby he released “anything like me” which is about having a child and him being just like him. Love him!

  • 158
    Linda Sanders says:

    I would like to get the autograph of Tony Stewart because I don’t have it yet.

  • 159
    K Walker says:

    It would have to be the autograph of Harrison Ford. He’s been a favorite of mine since I was seven years old. How can you beat Han Solo AND Indiana Jones! Plus, he enjoys a private life on his ranch, is a carpenter, can fly helicopters AND has saved lives in real life.

  • 160
    Julierox says:

    Are you kidding? George Clooney without a second thought!!

  • 161
    Barbara says:

    I would love to get Ellen DeGenere’s autograph that WOMEN is out of this world with her kindnees

  • 162
    Shannon says:

    George Clooney. He and his father smuggled cameras into Darfur to try to educate the world about what was happening there. Go George!

  • 163
    Chris says:

    I would want to get Will Smith’s. He is the coolest!

  • 164
    Henrietta Adcock says:

    George Jones would be my choice. He is just a great country singer.

  • 165
    Eileen G. says:

    I’d love to have an autograph from Colin Powell. I have always admired him and wish he would have run for president although I know that will never happen. He stands out as a great leader to me. God Bless

  • 166
    Ali Sharaf says:

    I would want Al Pacino’s autograph

  • 167
    buff says:

    I want to be included in your blog drawing, how do I enter?

  • 168
    Shilo says:

    Ellen Degeneres because she rocks and her spirit of giving is admirable.

  • 169
    Minna says:

    If I could be so lucky, I would LOVE to have Faith Hill’s autograph. Aside from her endless talent, she is an incredibly inspiring woman, wife and mother. Her hugely successful marriage to Tim McGraw is the prime example of how LOVE should be. They are both honest in their struggles and yet appreciative and respectful of each other… definitely something we should all take notice of!!

  • 170
    Cindy says:

    I would really want two…One for actor Clint Eastwood, and one for musician Alvin Lee from Ten Years After. I have selfish reasons for wanting one or both. I want them for my ex-husband. He has been a good person to me through it all, and I have tried to be the same. I would just want him to know, I find him special enough to go out of my way for. Though not a star, when I lost my job, he fed me, when our church was doing a rummage sale to raise money to help the kids, he donated some of his best stuff. A lot of people are kind of down right now and he as a regular guy, tries his best, to do what he can. And that is pure love, as he has been an unsung hero.

  • 171
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    I would love to get either Vince Gill or Aaron Rodgers. The soup giveaway is a really great idea because we eat a alot of soup in the winter in Wisconsin.

  • 172
    Pam says:

    I would have to choose Giada. She seems so sweet and I’ve learned alot from her cooking show.

  • 173
    Minna says:

    I would LOVE to have Faith Hill’s autograph. Aside from her endless talent, she is an incredibly inspiring woman, wife and mother. Her hugely successful marriage to Tim McGraw is the prime example of how LOVE should be. They are both honest in their struggles and yet appreciative and respectful of each other… definitely something we should all take notice of!!

  • 174

    Gosh that is a hard question. I think I would want Stephan Spielberg’s autograph. He is a wonderful director and my favorite movie growing up was ” E.T.”.

  • 175
    Melissa B. says:

    I would love to get an autograph of Adam Sandler. I think he is so funny.

  • 176
    Heather Morrison says:

    If I could get a celebrity autograph, I would like choose Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves. He is my hubby’s favorite baseball player of all time and will probably be retiring soon. 🙂

  • 177
    Susie B says:

    I’d say Chris Martin- Coldplay’s lead singer. I love his music.

  • 178
    Lacey jacks says:

    3 women come to mind: Tyra Banks- a well rounded, down to earth person w/ a wonderful personality, plus I love her show! Sophia Bush- just gorgeous! Love her on One Tree Hill, my favorite show of all time! And Rachel McAdams- beautiful and talented actress who makes every girl wish they were living her romantic screen roles!

  • 179
    Joyce Ward says:

    Living or dead? I’d like Ellen DeGeneres for now but Benjamin Franklin for history.

  • 180
    Cassy Hessler says:

    I would love an autograph from any of the celebrity chefs on Food Network. Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Ann Borell, Giada, etc. They all inspire me to cook things that I never thought I could.

  • 181

    ELLEN! She is truly a kind and caring person!

  • 182
    cyndi says:

    I would love to get Oprah’s autograph because she is such a giving and caring soul. She is an inspiration to many and I would love to meet her. People will feel the positive repurcussions of her actions for years to come.

  • 183
    Chris says:

    I would choose to go back in time and pick Leonardo DaVinci or if not that far back Ben Franklin. Such great inventors it would have been so much fun to meet them.

  • 184
    Julie says:

    I would love the autograph of Clint Eastwood. He’s tough, sweet and classic. And I would love to win any part of this giveaway. The soup is awesome especially the Steak mushroom!

  • 185
    Dawn says:

    I would love to get Dolly Partons autograph because I want to meet her. She is beautiful, outspoken and has such a positive attitude!

  • 186

    Dish me up some luck and then we can all ladle out the love!

  • 187
    Carol McKenzie says:

    I would love to get the cast of Glee’s autograph.

  • 188
    Tina Mayo says:

    Tyler Perry: In a day and age when so many families are disfunctional… marriages are NOT “till death do us part” anymore, and broken homes are the norm… It looks like Tyler’s mission is to re-inspire America… that FAMILY IS IMPORTANT, that we should HONOR our elders, and RESPECT one another and do everything we can to keep our families together!

  • 189
    Kathleen R. says:

    It is too late now but I would have loved to get Whitney Houston’s autograph. Her voice and music always blew me away.

  • 190
    NancyJo Gee says:

    I would love to have Rachael Ray’s autogragh, she is so imspiring..

  • 191
    Dena says:

    I would like The Duke … John Wayne, that is what we call my Dad … The Duke!

  • 192
    Dee S says:

    I would love to get Betty White’s autograph. I have been a fan since the MTM show!

  • 193
    Melody Oates says:

    Dorothy Dandridge she was such a beautiful and talented black actress. She opened the door for many to come. Classis women that went through a lot.

  • 194
    jo says:

    Pele or Lionel Messi, I think would be my choice of celebrity autographs that I would want, but this prize package wouldn’t be bad either.

  • 195
    Mel G says:

    Tim McGraw’s autograph. And I would love to try this soup!!!

  • 196
    amy didas says:

    i would love an autograph of joyce meyer.
    been to her conferences and what an excellent speaker and an inspirationalist

  • 197
    Nancy says:

    Something different. What a unique package!

  • 198
    Shar says:

    I would be honored to have the opportunity to meet Ellen DeGeneres and get her autograph. She is a Ray of Sunshine in my day! I admire her honesty and convictions and love her genuine spirit. She is such a positive person and does not allow the Haters of the world to dull her enthusiasm for life! She works hard to improve peoples lives and has helped many do so.

  • 199
    Marilyn Maier says:

    I would like to get an autograph from Alex Trebeck. He is great!

  • 200
    Beth M. says:

    I would love to have an autograph from Derek Jeter with the Yankees. He is such a wonderful ball player and good looking too!

  • 201
    Sandy Stewart says:

    I would LOVE an autograph from the one and only Cher! I absolutely LOVE her!! I have seen her in concert and used to always watch the Sonny & Cher show as a kid, and she was just so entertaining always and is still amazing now. She is smart, funny and beautiful! 🙂

  • 202
    Kathy Tarbell says:

    If I could get anyone’s autograph, I would have to pick Susan Lucci. I had watched her for MANY years on All My Children, and was saddend when they took it and her of the air. I purchased and read her book, and was totally fascinated by her, and I don’t read books. She is a remarkable woman!

  • 203
    Lynn says:

    You didn’t say dead or alive? My choice would be Clark Gable, found him to be a wonderful actor,and very handsome. I have enjoyed his movies for many years. They just don’t make actors like that anymore.

  • 204
    bernardina sims says:

    I would love to get an autograph from Brad Pit! On top of being handsom, he does so much charity for people.

  • 205
    SALLY says:


  • 206
    Tammy B says:

    I would like Oprahs autograph. She inspires me.

  • 207
    Belkys Elkin says:

    I would love to get Bethenny Frankl’s autograph because she is so down to earth and spectacular at the same time. She is a brilliant woman and she makes me laugh.

  • 208
    Arlene C. says:

    Ann Curry of Today Show. She looks caring and friendly.

  • 209
    thomas kongerslev says:

    peyton manning

  • 210
    Jane says:

    my fav actor is Sam Elliott, would love to meet him and get autograph. Love that voice!!

  • 211
    Sara says:

    I would love the autograph of the founders of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They have done so much to improve the lives of countless injured and unwanted animals, never turning any away.

  • 212
    smfsprout says:

    I would like to get the autographs of Barbra Streisand and Julia Child.

  • 213
    Jean Cramer says:

    I would love to have the autograph of Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York because he is trying to save the State taxpayers money.

  • 214
    smfsprout says:

    I would like to have the autographs of Barbra Streisand and Julia Child.

  • 215
    tonya moussalli says:

    I would love the autograph of Paula Dean She makes some great food

  • 216
    Paulette says:

    ROBERT REDFORD…..nuff said!!

  • 217
    Maria P. says:

    I would love to get an autograph from Hugh Jackman. He just seems like such a genuine and nice person.

  • 218
    Pam McPheson says:

    John Wayne or Lucille Ball would be my top autograph selections. They were both so awesome at what they did. There will never be another like either of them. What a unique fashion accessory for my kitchen. I would totally love to win one of the ladles and I adore SOUP, especially living here in the NorthEast.

  • 219
    Beth Nolton says:

    I would love to get George Clooney’s autograph because I admire his humanitarin work.The package is great.

  • 220
    Teresa Moore says:

    I get a signature from Tim Tebow!

  • 221
    Lauren says:

    I would love to have Reese Witherspoons autograph!

  • 222
    Yolanda J. Carter says:

    I would like Tyler Perry’s autograph. Tyler Perry is such a good christian. He is has endured so much in his life and yet he brings such povitivity to some many people.I truly believe that he has touched so many lives with his strength and belief in God. I would love to meet him.

  • 223
    Waunita says:

    I would love to win , it would be the high light of the year .

  • 224
    Margo Norton says:

    I would like te autograph of Tim Tebow as he has enhanced the image of football players with his good “clean” character.

  • 225
    Michelle says:

    I’d like to have Alton Brown’s autograph. He puts everything in such understandable terms, and is fun.

  • 226
    Diana Marshall says:

    I would love to meet Sean Connery and get his autograph. His outstanding acting abilities, many great movies (“Medicine Man” my all time favorite), good looks and sexy accent puts him at the top of my “Bucket List” want to meet actor.

  • 227
    Barb says:

    I would love to meet Rachel ray. She seems so down to earth and is a great cook! She would be someone you could have a great time with. She has a smile on her face everyday, and her laugh makes you happy.

  • 228
    Gary Green says:

    Although I’ve seen him a few times in concert, I’ve never gotten Paul Simon’s autograph. I would love to get his autograph!

  • 229
    michelle says:

    I think Michael J Fox.
    Whaat grace under pressure he is showing.

  • 230
    Judith says:

    I would like to get Paula Deen”s autograph

  • 231
    Chelsey says:

    Wow, how cool! This would would be an awesome gift!

  • 232
    Mary Hunter says:

    Would have liked Elvis Presley but for someone alive it would be Morgan Freeman. Saw him interviewed and liked the person he is and the tremendous actor he is.

  • 233
    maryanne taylor says:

    I’d like an autograph from Rachael ray my alter ego Maryanne

  • 234
    Julie says:

    Ellen DeGeneres autograph because of her kind heart.

  • 235
    joanne wisniewski says:

    So many great ideas and memories. Too many to choose from. Paul McCartney, Bono, Clint Eastward, Al Pacino, and so many more.

  • 236
    Caffie Ross says:

    I would love to have Tom Selleck’s autograph. I saw him in Hawaii years ago, he just gets better with age.

  • 237
    Arleen says:

    I’m not into celebrities so much, but if I could get an autograph it would be Rachel Ray. Rachel is an inspiration for my niece and anyone that inspires the next generation of cooks is a celebrity.

  • 238
    Arleen says:

    I’m not into celebrities, but my niece likes Rachel Ray. Anybody that inspires the next generation of cooks is a celebrity in my cookbook.

  • 239
    Kelly O'Brien says:

    While it’s not possible to have her autograph a Ladle of Love, I’d love to have Greer Garson’s autograph. She found a lovely balance between elegance, humor and emotional accessability.

  • 240
    Heather says:

    I would want an autograph from Gary Sinise. I have been a fan since Forrest Gump and his support of our military is outstanding. A true celebrity that gives back! Thank you

  • 241
    Theresa N says:

    Nicole Kidman I’ve really enjoyed her movies and seeing how you grown as an actress.

  • 242
    Michele Simi says:

    It would absolutely be Jon Bon Jovi, he’s an extremely handsome guy who has great music and seems to be a very giving person.

  • 243
    Diane K says:

    Oprah Winfrey

  • 244
    Jack says:

    I would love to get Johnny Depp’s autograph because I would love to meet him. I love every movie he’s in; there is always something very different about a film he stars in!

  • 245
    Lanieekat says:

    I would get the autograph from Lucille Ball if I could, she was such a unique person and I def. looked up to her growing up.

  • 246
    Libby Mann says:

    I would like to have George Clooneys autograph. I would also love to win this prize package.

  • 247
    nora says:

    I’d love to sit and chat with the incredible Maggie Smith and get her autograph, while she enchants me with her irascible Violet, Lady Grantham!

  • 248
    Laura Hannigan says:

    OMG who wouldn’t want to win this prize??? It’s totally awesome!!

  • 249
    Julie Miller says:

    I would totally enjoy an autograph from Liam Neison, such an incredible actor in all he does & also such a handsome man as well! Would enjoy winning something as I never seem to have that luck of the Irish, hahaha! Thank you!!!!

  • 250

    I would choose Oprah Winfrey, and would like to know who her Financial Adviser is. And I just remodeled the kitchen in Black and white. This prize would be just perfect to win.

  • 251
    Dorethea says:

    Eddie Murphy is the one whose autograph i would LoVe to have. Funny, funny , man. He makes my soul laugh, and that is Good for the soul!

  • 252
    MaryAnnC says:

    I would like Lady Gaga’s autograph. I love her voice.

  • 253
    Emily says:

    Paul McCartney

  • 254
    Debbie Chioffe says:

    Oh Wow! I would love a number of celebrities autographs..and even better to meet them! I guess if I could really choose i would pick Marilyn Monroe, but since she is no longer alive I would probably choose Hugh Hefner believe it or not. He is up there in years and will probably not be on this planet for a whole lot longer. We could eat soup together and talk about his adventures.

  • 255

    We are so fortunate that there are so many wonderful people working for the enrichment of our lives and environment. I would like the autograph of Diane Sawyer. She is an amazing woman who is out there giving us the reality of what is going on in our world.

  • 256
    Sandy Stephenson says:

    It would be Sam Elliot,he is the MOST handsome man in the world. And not a bad actor-I’ve heard that he’s in Portland now taking care of his mother!!! Not all actors would do that for family-He’s the BEST!!!!!

  • 257
    Carlene E says:

    I don’t really collect autographs anymore, but I do eat soups and salads.

  • 258
    Marilyn says:

    I would love to have the autograph of every American soldier who has fought for our freedom. I would even rent a place to store the mass amount of paper it would take!

  • 259
    Bryan Godwin says:

    Jennifer Lopez Because I have yet to see her say one thing bad towards any one. She seems to have a good kindness about her. Love what she and the others do on americal idol others.

  • 260
    desiree says:

    Let’s see: Robert Redford, Richard Gere, Barbara Steisand, Meryl Streep…the list could go on and on…….

  • 261
    Susan Haberlin says:

    The celebrity whose autograph I would like would be Rachel Ray. I admire how she has built her show up and she has good everyday recipes that I can make too. I would love to win any of the prizes being offered because they are all very nice.

  • 262
    sharon says:

    I would like Sandra Bullock’s autograph. She’s awesome.

  • 263
    Jenifer says:

    Adele the singer….I love, love, love her voice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • 264
    ellen says:

    Brad Pitt, of course. He has been my heartthrob since Thelma and Louise.

  • 265
    Mamie Dillard says:

    Very difficult decision for me. I would love to have the autographs of two amazing women; First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Oh, and I would love to win one of those fabulous prizes!

  • 266
    Cathy S says:

    There are so many that would be great to have it is too hard to choose. Any of the great women would be great.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 267
    kathy weber says:

    I would like sandra bullock autograph because she seems like a regular person. down to earth

  • 268
    Christine Norman says:

    Bret Michaels – a great singer and performer with a super sense of humor and huge love for his family.

  • 269
    Renna Pomeroy says:

    I would love to have Barbra Streisand’s autograph. Have always loved her.

  • 270
    Linda Montes says:

    I would love an autograph of Fabio Viviani, I love how he enjoys showing how to prepare his recipies.

  • 271
    geralyn says:

    I would have gotten Einstein’s autograph and asked him many questions if I could have.

  • 272
    Sally Regan says:

    If I could have any autograph that I wanted it would be Buddha’s and a close second would be Salvador Dali’s

  • 273
    Tom R. says:

    I would like my father’s autograph. He has passed but was greater than any celebrity

  • 274
    Willarene says:

    There are several autographs I would like to have, Paula Dean love her cooking and her wit. Rachael Ray same as Paula’s. Dolly Parton, Faith Hill Carrie Underwood,Love their singing and such good ladies. Tim Tebow because he is an inspiration to all. and of cource the hansome George Clooney and he had a great mom who I also like( Rosemary Clooney).

  • 275
    JUDY says:


  • 276
    Tammi Moore says:

    I would love to get Guy Fieri’s autograph I just love him!!

  • 277
    Dietra Glass says:

    Thanks for the opprotunity to win such a wonderful prize pack! God Bless!

  • 278
    Maggie says:

    Nelson Mandela because he is the last living example of peaceful resistance that resulted in tremendous change. Maggie Smith because she is one of the most talented actors living.

  • 279
    heather says:

    I would love to get Adele’s autograph, she has the most amazing voice I have heard in a long time and I just love her and her music!Her music has helped me through tough times <3 Adele!

  • 280
    Becca says:

    I would absolutely love to have Katherine Hepburn’s autograph…if only that were possible <3

  • 281 says:

    I would like the autograph of Tom Hanks. He is such a versatile actor and director, and he is an awesome role model for marriage in Hollywood.. Him and his wife Rita seem to stay out of the “yuck” and remain happily married..

  • 282
    Dixie says:

    I would like to have Bill Gates’ autograph. I think what he is doing is life impacting.

  • 283
    linda says:

    george clooney, so i can ask him to go on a date!

  • 284
    kellie gregorzek says:

    Would love to win!

  • 285
    Beth godfrey says:

    I would love to have a autograph of steven tyler”i love aerosmith”. I’d love to have the prize.

  • 286

    I’d love a ladle signed by Thomas Keller!

  • 287
    Annette Krapek says:

    I would get Ovechin for my hockey sons!

  • 288
    Carinn H says:

    I would totally want Betty White’s autograph. She may be raunchy, but she is one hysterical old lady.

  • 289
    Tammy Perkins says:

    I would have to say that I would want to get Oprah Winfrey’s autograph. She is such an inspirational woman and her work around the world is just awesome!

  • 290
    KC Quaretti says:

    Hard question, there are so many! I’d like Oprah’s signature. I so respect her work!

  • 291
    n poindexter says:

    what a wonderful concept…helping others in such a tasteful manner

  • 292
    Angela S says:

    Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri. I think they are great chefs, and they have inspired my cooking.

  • 293

    i would love to have had an autograph from ronald regan, i grew up with his movies and i admired him because he was one of our best presidents in modern history.

  • 294
    Nancy W says:

    So many to chose from. I would love to have Abby’s autograph from NCIS. She is awesome

  • 295
    Mandy Hebert says:

    Johnny Depp. He’s still hot and a great actor.

  • 296
    Shelley B says:

    I would choose Marilyn Monroe. She was a beauty with brains – even though she was typecast into a lot of “dumb blonde” roles. She knew how to work a camera and a crowd.

  • 297
    Alpa says:

    I would like to have an autograph of Bard Pitt because he has become one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He is well known for his great movies and now for his amazing generosity. He was one of the biggest names to help Katrina victims and help rebuild New Orleans.As an actor, Pitt has become one of the most talented in his field. A few of his many accomplishments consist of; Golden Globe award for the movie 12 Monkeys, MTV Movie Award for Interview with a Vampire, and the coveted Rembrandt award for Seven Years in Tibet.

  • 298
    Michael Fortunato says:

    marco pierre white…he’s the guy that taught mario batalli to cook and made gordon ramsey cry like ababy in his kitchen.

  • 299
    Alpa says:

    I would like to have an Autograph of Brad Pitt because he has become one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He is well known for his great movies and now for his amazing generosity. He was one of the biggest names to help Katrina victims and help rebuild New Orleans.
    As an actor, Pitt has become one of the most talented in his field. A few of his many accomplishments consist of; Golden Globe award for the movie 12 Monkeys, MTV Movie Award for Interview with a Vampire, and the coveted Rembrandt award for Seven Years in Tibet.

  • 300
    Susan Grandy says:

    I would love to get Alton Brown’s autograph in one of his cookbooks because I love how he treats food as a science.

  • 301
    Angie says:

    Great idea for celebrities to get involved!

  • 302 says:

    Rob Pattinson, the only man I actually dream about.

  • 303
    Laurie says:

    I would want Morimoto’s autograph…..was close enough to get it one day but he was so serious and busy I didn’t want to interrupt him!

  • 304
    Diane D. says:

    I would like an autograph from the Food network clan for inspiring me to cook.

  • 305
    Joanne says:

    What great prizes. Love to have any of them

  • 306
    Elaine says:

    There are so many to choose from The First President George Washington,would be great to have his autograph Elaine

  • 307
    Dawn says:

    If I could get an autograph, it would be of Ellen DeGeneres…she is so kind and generous and funny to boot. She has a huge heart and has helped so many people in need!!! My family and I love watching her show every day!

  • 308
    Kathleen Kellenbenz says:

    I would love to win any one of the prizes. I really hope I win something

  • 309
    Maryjo says:

    I would like Jennifer Garner’s autograph. She’s always put together, even while pregnant.

  • 310
    Martha Spiegel says:

    I would want the autograph of David Wright of the NY Mets. It would be an awesome gift for my daughter, who likes to refer to him as her future husband.

  • 311
    rebecca turton says:

    I would love Oprah’s autograph, she has done so much for so many people. I love that she has inspired many to read and be curious to learn more about others opinions!

  • 312
    Joan says:

    I would have loved one from John Wayne.

  • 313
    Ashley Glidewell says:

    I would love to have Nicole Hunn’s autograph. I have her Gluten-free on a shoe string cook book and it’s truely amazing. Her autograph on my book would make my book complete. 🙂
    I would also love to win this super awesome prize. 😉 lol

  • 314
    Teawench says:

    F. Scott Fitzgerald or the members of Duran Duran (Best Band Ever).

  • 315
    Janet says:

    President Thomas Monson, the Prophet of the LDS Church.

  • 316
    Laurie Lane says:

    Love to win this, looks super.

  • 317
    Sindy Faddis says:

    Ellen Degeneris autograph would be awesome as then I could meet her to get it. (She gives things away too, I want a Subaru Forester Ellen). But free soup would be good too.

  • 318
    Jami H. says:

    Ellen DeGeneres because she is such a good person.

  • 319
    Julie A says:

    I would love to get the autograph of Jerry Rice to give to my sweetie to make him happy. I like to make a big pot of soup and it is enjoyed more in fall and winter 🙂

  • 320
    Celeste Cecchini says:

    If I could get an autograph from someone- My first choice would be Jennifer Lopaz. My second would be President Obama. I wish Lord Lawrence Olivier was still living. His is the autograph I would most cherish.
    This prize package looks FABULOUS! I would be delighted with any of these items.

  • 321
    Edna says:

    The guy that plays Raab on Jag. I think his name is James Elliot. I love him! He is the best.

  • 322
    samantha says:

    If I could get any Autograph it would have to be Adelle it think she is amazing.

  • 323
    Patti says:

    I would love to have Mario Lemieux – the hockey player, star and team owner who is a great humatarian in the Pittsburgh area.

  • 324
    Lori Cordell says:

    I would love to have Paul McCartney’s autograph

  • 325

    I would love to have Rachel Rays autograph,she has inspired me to try to cook anything.

  • 326
    robert stumpf says:

    The celebrity I would like to get an autograph from is Richard Gere. He does everything so well and seems sincere in what he does.

  • 327
    Michelle Tranate says:

    I would like Oprah’s signature because I admire her a lot for being a good host, and I am sure she also has a heart of gold.

  • 328
    marissa morris says:

    Of course, I would choose your signature over the other celebrities because I admire you a lot and besides, you are a celebrity as well. Take care…

  • 329
    Ellen F. says:

    Definitely, I would treasure Michelle Obama’s autotgraph, because she has come through so many trials and tribulations, and has become a gracious, activist and beautiful First Lady, who is a great asset to her history-making husband, and to our nation.

  • 330
    Renee Milelr says:

    I would love to get Elton John’s autograph. I have been a huge fan since the 70’s when I was in high school.

  • 331
    JC Sherwood says:

    Sign me up for a Patrick Dempsey…He’s a hottie

  • 332
    amy southard says:

    I would love to meet and get an autograph from Hugh Laurie from House MD, I just think he is a wonderful actor and hes not hard to look at either;)

  • 333
    Dawn Corbell says:

    Tom Cruise please – I’ve enjoyed him for years – thanks

  • 334
    anne hill says:

    if i could get an autograph of any celebrity i would get angelina jolie’s cuz i could sell it for a lot of $$$$ & donate the $$$$ to a worthy cause!

  • 335
    Cathy J says:

    JS Bach. He makes every day beautiful.

  • 336
    Sue Springle says:

    I would love the autograph of the winner of the Daytona 500. Because that is the best race ever!!!

  • 337 says:

    I would love to have Paula Peck’s autograph.

    She published The Art of Fine Baking in 1963. It was the first cookbook I ever purchased. It is now 49 years old and I still refer to it.

  • 338
    Amber says:

    Rob Mariano (Survivor guy, if he counts) he’s funny, loves his family and has been on a few entertaining shows that make me chuckle and that’s a good thing!

  • 339
    Susan Gruener says:


  • 340
    Eve says:

    I’d love an autograph of Robert Henri who wrote The Art Spirit, a book that has given me so much inspiration.

  • 341
    Brenda says:

    Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, or any of the Big Red Machine for my husband.

  • 342
    June says:

    Allan Jackson, he is a great singer a family ornated man, and VERY easy to look at. Love his songs.

  • 343
    Jewelleigh says:

    I would want Dick Van Duked autograph bc he was one of the great slapstick comedians

  • 344
    Sandy says:

    I would love an autograph ladle signed by Sally Field as she has been my idle since I was a small child an she played Gidget in the Flying Nun.

  • 345

    Hmmm, I’ve never thought about it before. Maybe Paula Dean, she seems like just the sweetest, hubby is always saying she seems like she would be an awesome grandmother always feedin’ ya. 🙂

  • 346
    Robin Moss says:

    Sandra Bullock’s autograph because she just comes accross as someone who is just down home.

  • 347
    cindy says:

    I would love to meet Liam Neison- I think he is so sexy and has even gotten better with age!

  • 348
    Sharon Pettypool says:

    I would like to have the autograph of Deepak Chopra or maybe Misha Collins. Looks like a souper prize pack.

  • 349
    Sarah Blake says:

    I already have autographs from my favorites…. so Jesse McCartney again would be cool!

  • 350
    Dawn Sturn says:

    I would love to have Clint Eastwood’s autograph. He is and always will be my favorite actor and a great director. He is truly an “icon”

  • 351
    Kayleen Badertscher says:

    Tim Tebow. He is a real gentleman and loves life and is kind to children, too.

  • 352
    Martha C says:

    I think I would get Steven Spielberg’s autograph. He has such a prolific eye behind the camera. He can tell a story so well.

  • 353
    Melissa says:

    I LOVE music. I love the way it can brighten your day, motivate you, & even console you. So mine would have to be Dave Matthews. His music speaks to me in ways that others do not. I feel the words he is singing. He is AMAZING!

  • 354
    linda marcheschi says:

    If I could get an autograph it would be from Tonm Hanks, I LOVE Forrest Gump and his other movies, best actor.

  • 355
    Patty B. says:

    Baseball great Ryan Sandberg from the Chicago Cubs. My hubby is a huge fan and I told him one of these days I will get it!

  • 356

    I would really like to have gotten Julia Childs’ autograph! I think her lifestory of being involved with the government work that she did would be awesome to talk to her about. That part of her life is still pretty confidential. Apart from her cooking and how she got started cooking, it would be interesting to know how she felt about being the only woman on television at the time and also trying to teach people how to prepare more elegant meals at home

  • 357
    Krista Coakley says:

    I would get Oprah Winfreys autograph. I Greatly admire her and we share the same Birthday!

  • 358
    Ginny Lauer says:

    Hillary Clinton. There’s a pretty good chance that she will be our first female president.

  • 359
    Vivienne Stephen says:

    Oprah Winfrey is who i would love an autograph

  • 360
    Vivienne Stephen says:

    Oprah Winfry

  • 361
    Maria D says:

    Okay this sounds wierd but I would rather get an autograph that my son would love and his choice would be The Wiggles.

  • 362
    Teresa says:

    tom cruise always wanted to meet him btsides he cute

  • 363
    Sarah says:

    An alive celebrity: The dalai Lama; think of all the history there…..

    A dead celebrity: Thomas Jefferson; one of the greatest minds of all time….

    Definition of celebrity: Someone who is celebrated for the achievements they made in their lifetime:-)

  • 364
    Linda says:

    I would want an autograph from David McCallum. I have loved him since the Man from Uncle.

  • 365
    Kathy Luttrell says:


  • 366
    DQ says:

    LOVE BERTOLLI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 367
    Linda says:

    Great Giveaway – love it!

  • 368
    Linda says:

    Love it! Hope I win!

  • 369
    Brenda says:

    I would love to win any of these prizes.They are all so nice.

  • 370 says:

    President Obama . Im not into celebs. but maybe I could auction it off and start a low cost therapetic massage clinic for people who cant afford it. As a massage stdent I think everyone should have access to altrnative and preventative healthcare

  • 371

    Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually was a leisure account it. Look complicated to far delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?

  • 372
    Etta Van says:

    All the prizes look interesting, I would love to win one, Thanks

  • 373
    Deane Henry says:

    If I could get an autograph, I would love to get one from Stan Lee. I used to read Marvel and D.C. comics to my two boys when they were young and they couldn’t wait to learn to read on their own–my oldest son is now 38 years old and we still read comics today.Stan Lee is a big influence in the comic book world and my eldest would love to get his autograph!

  • 374
    Jana Deaton says:

    It would have to be Paula Dean. I have loved every recipe I have tried from her. Plus, if I was getting her autograph maybe I could get some samples as well…

  • 375
    geralyn says:

    I would like to get Meryl Streeps autograph because she is the best of the best

  • 376
    sally says:

    Obama is a guy with a crazy job and he is handling it so well. I admire not only him but his entire family

  • 377
    tom says:

    Lucy Bleu Trembley is a fantastic Canadian singer who sends chills up my spine

  • 378
    nicole young says:

    if i could get an autograph from anyone it would be from my grandmother, she taught me how to cook alot of food from scratch, my kids love all her recipes as they do yours!

  • 379
    Amber says:

    I would love to have Rachel Rays autograph. She is amazing in all that she has done, without culinary school. She is an inspiration.

  • 380
    Irene Sweetman says:

    If I could get an autograph of a celebrity I would go for George Bush, our last president and, if possible, his Mom and Dad.

  • 381
    carolyn says:

    Shirley Temple would be great. My children have most of her movies that I gifted them with. Such a wonderful role model for kids growing up and a timeless lesson in how to grow up gracefully under pressure.

  • 382
    Holly Anderson says:

    George Clooney. Oh, need I explain why?

  • 383
    niecy boone says:

    i would like paula deen cause i love her struggle of how hard she worked to take care of her kids with cooking an it changed her life

  • 384
    Barb says:

    I would love this!!

  • 385
    Michelle says:

    If I could have any autograph it would be that of Celtic thunder. Specially Ryan Kelly of the group. My son loves music and with autism each child opens up differently but how he reacts to their music specially Ryan’s and the other other members as well it’s like I’m looking at a child who doesn’t have a disability. He opens up talks, sings and Dances whenever I put their music on.

  • 386
    lonetta stipe says:

    george jones and tammy wynette….so good toether, bring back memeries of my mom and dad cause they loved them

  • 387
    Suelyn Walther says:

    Soup warms the heart.

  • 388
    Michelle says:

    I would have loved to have gotten an autograph from Audrey Hepburn. She was and always will be my favorite actress. She had such a strong personality and a true belief in herself and her abilities.

  • 389
    Debra S says:

    Bruce Willis- he is an amazing actor and georgeous to boot!

  • 390
  • 391
    Linda Be says:

    Bob Hope for me what a patriot he was.

  • 392
    dixie baker says:

    I would LOVE to WIN THIS

  • 393
    Roberta Brake says:

    WOW, it would be fun to figure out which celebrities I like, enjoy a meal of pasta. Rather it is in a fine dining establishment or cooked up at home.. It would be even more fun if I happened to win a ladle with Alexander Skarsgård.. I think it would make eating rich red pasta almost a smile bringer with out having to explain why.

  • 394
    liz says:

    A meal in a basket sounds great but with a celebrity sounds great.

  • 395
    darla biederman says:

    Whoopee Goldberg- Because she is amazing and I love her!

  • 396
    Waialae says:

    Sean Connery, he is the best!

  • 397
    Patricia Robinson says:

    Merle Streep. She is such a classic actor with the ability to play any type role possible. Long lasting career and deserves many more years. She seems to be such a “down to earth person” and easy to talk to, plus she is funny as hell!!!

  • 398
    Debbie says:

    I would like to meet Cher, her vocals are amazing. A past celebrity I would of loved to have met was Whitney Houston. She had the ultimate vocals.

  • 399
    Tom Regan says:

    Gilda Radner, yes, I know she has passed but what a funny classy lady

  • 400
    Rebecca Kramer says:

    Sylvester Stallone who I admire would be my first choice

  • 401
    Gerri says:

    Having lunch with Meryl Streep would be so exciting, what a talented lady!

  • 402
    Geralyn says:

    Anyone but Katie Couric. If we are choosing by looks/personality I choose Jimmy Fallon, oh yeah.

  • 403
    Thomas says:

    The ever talented Clint Eastwood gets my vote

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