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How to Make a “Wine Bottle Chalkboard Menu”

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When I was back at my parents house over Christmas I came across this idea at their local gourmet grocery store.  They were selling “chalkboard” wine bottles ready to showcase menus and wine lists.  The bottles were so creative and adorable, I swooned and immediately fell in love!  Then I looked at the price…  Almost $20 for this fantastic piece.  (And that’s without even enjoying the bottle of wine first!)

So, I channeled my inner Martha and set out to make one myself!  What’s the worst that could happen?  At least I would enjoy a nice bottle of Pinot out of the deal…

As it turns out, this little craft project is a snap!  Once the bottle is painted and dried you can use the chalkboard for menus, wine lists, guest place settings, and more.  The possibilities are endless!  Here I made two bottles for a casual wine and cheese party.  Give it a try for your next event or get-together!

How to Make a “Wine Bottle Chalkboard Menu”

Step 1:  Drink a bottle of wine

Seriously…this is a requirement.  Preferably a lovely bottle with great company.  Bottles of red or white come in different shapes and sizes, so feel free to pick your favorite or use a variety.  (Next time I might try a Magnum bottle or even one of those tiny individual bottles!)

Step 2:  Clean the bottle and remove the label

I soaked the bottles in a little warm water to completely remove the labels.  You can even run the empty bottle through the dishwasher to get them completely clean.

Chalkboard paint can be purchased in craft or hardware stores.  They come in a variety of sizes for smaller or larger projects.

Step 3:  Paint bottle with chalkboard paint

The paint is dry to the touch within a few hours, but they recommend waiting a day or so before writing on the surface.

Step 4:  Decorate!

This is the fun part!  I used one bottle to list cheeses and the other to display my wine selections.  A delicate ribbon tied around the neck adds interest as well.  Feel free to get creative and give the bottle your own special flair!

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