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Blog Giveaway – Ultimate Julia Child Prize Package

404 Comments | Written on January 16, 2012 at 5:00 am , by

Happy Monday Better Recipes!

Did you participate in the “Rice Cooker Prize Package” giveaway last week? picked a number and the lucky winner is….

4#  Congratulations “Robbie M.” I will be contacting you today to send you the prize!

If you didn’t win this time around, don’t despair.  Every Monday there is a new prize and a fresh chance to win.  Take a look at the package this week!

I have to tell you, this might be my favorite giveaway EVER! 

From now through Sunday night you have the opportunity to win this Ultimate Julia Child Prize Package.

The giveaway includes:

“Mastering the Art of French Cooking” the two volume set of cookbooks by Julia Child that started it all!

“My Life in France” Julia’s memoir.

“Julie and Julia” the book by Julie Powell.  It is based on Julie’s popular blog chronicling her journey as she cooked her way through Julia’s legendary cookbook.

“Julie and Julia” the film starring Meryl Streep.  The movie is a combination of Julie Powell’s book and Julia’s memoir.

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us what you love about Julia Child or her recipes.

It’s that easy!   One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today.  The winner will be announced right here on “The Daily Dish” Monday January 23rd.  Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!

Official Rules

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404 Responses to “Blog Giveaway – Ultimate Julia Child Prize Package”

  • 1
    Nicole Daniels says:

    I just love Julia Childs. Classic food, and the ultimate chef. I remember growing up watching her cooking shows and wanting to cook like her when I grew up. I used to pretend I was her when I was a child, I just love Julia!!

  • 2
    Janell says:

    Her down to earth style of cooking. She is the heart of cooking.

  • 3
    Lynn Pawluk says:

    I LOVE Julia! She had such an interesting life. Would love to have all the cookbooks I just read about in “My Life in France”. PICK ME!!

  • 4
    Donna says:

    Love her! Classic! Also so fun to watch!

  • 5
    Terri Thomas says:

    She makes things seem easy. Her laid back style t o cooking is a great way to spend an afternoon in the kitchen! I love watching her shows on the food channels!

  • 6
    Jackie W says:

    Love Julia!

  • 7
    Kristina says:

    I’ve adored Julia Child since I was a little girl! I would sit and watch Julia’s show on TV and then when my mom would cook dinner I would help her and tell her how JULIA! cooked everything.

  • 8
    Patricia says:

    I love her cooking style. It brings back memories of whem my mom and I would watch her on TV together.

  • 9
    Geneva says:

    I love that Julia Child followed her passion and made it her living. I would never call that work!

  • 10
    Audrey says:

    We love Julia Child! We still watch her shows. We really enjoy just the cooking without all the game show elements.

  • 11
    Mollie says:

    I love that Julia Child set up a path for regular people to be able to take on big, fancy culinary adventures. She made it more accessible and probably started the big foodie everyone-can-cook movement that has grown since her time.

    I know she’s inspired me to become so in love with cooking. I’m hoping to attend the Boston University Gastronomy Masters program in the fall (which she helped found) to gain further knowledge and one day write for a cooking magazine.

  • 12
    Tracy says:

    Julia Child gave me permission to attempt dishes I’d barely tasted more or less tried to cook. I found her recipe writing style and persona to be welcoming, but still authoritative. Visiting the installation of her kitchen at the Smithsonian was incredibly inspirational and kept me motivated to continue to write about food.

  • 13
    mary louise says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, what a wonderful gift for one of us who has long admired OUR Julia!
    Bon Appetit, Y’all!!!

  • 14 says:

    Julia is my hero. I have several of her books and would love more. Her recipes take the mystery out of French cooking!!

  • 15
    Elaine says:

    Jilia was always spontaneous and I loved her sense of humor.

  • 16
    Jenny says:

    She brought cooking to the masses – the home cooks! She was definitely a visionary. Grew up watching her on tv with my grandmother who is a chef and my inspiration for going to culinary school. Also got to visit her “kitchen” at the Smithsonian last summer…amazing. (and I loved the movie!!)

  • 17
    Lisa Voss says:

    I love Julia Childs recipes and her personality is so funny. I would love to have these books!!

  • 18
    Nena Duck says:

    I love that althourhg she rubbed elbows with the elite she was as down to earth as any of us . And she didn’t care what others thought of her . I want to be like her when I grow up hehehehehehe

  • 19
    Judy Hill says:

    I loved her accent and loved to watch her cook!!

  • 20
    Pam says:

    Julia Child is the first Chef I remember ever watching on TV as a child. I really enjoyed her shows and she has been an inspiration to alot of us for decades. I hope that I am chosen to recieve this prize package so that I can learn more about her and try out her fabulouse recipes. :0)

  • 21
    Mechelle says:

    My favorite thing about Julia is that she was a very successful woman. Not something that’s always been easy to do for women. She overcame every struggle to get where she did. Great woman, great cook, great story, wonderful person to look up to

  • 22
    Michelle says:

    Love her! What a pioneer. The first reality star (and with talent) and celebrity chef 🙂

  • 23
    Joanna says:

    I love her carefree attitude, her love for life, love, and food, and just her overall happy personality. She just makes you smile when you watch her shows.

  • 24
    Tammy says:

    What I loved about Julia Child is that she did not take ‘bull.’ I loved watching her shows on PBS growing up & she made sure all visitors respected her & the food. Loved her.

  • 25

    I love Julia! I watched her all the time when I was a kid on public television. I started pretending I was her when I was 9 and started cooking up a storm. This collection would be fantastic, I’d love to try some of her recipes.

  • 26
    Evett Jordan says:

    I love Julia, great fun down to earth recipes and very entertaining to watch 🙂

  • 27
    jules mcnubbin says:

    i loved how real she was, when she messed up she didnt let it get to her, she carried on. She was very ‘human’ and thats why she appealed to so many viewers and readers.

  • 28
    Ashlie says:

    I saw the movie Julia and Julia and loved it! I almost thought about naming my new cat after her! lol I would love to learn how to make her recipes! Her food looks so delicious and she seemed to have such a fun personality!

  • 29
    Cathie Miller says:

    I love Julia Child because she was always so real. Never afraid to show herself making a mistake. She made complicated things understandable. Plus – she was just great fun to watch! (And as a bonus – listening to “My Life in France” on CD made my then 7 yr old son beg to cook scrambled eggs. He did them all by himself – just like Julia described! I think she had that type of effect on everyone!

  • 30

    I love her fun irreverence. And her voice. Priceless.

  • 31
    Ashlie says:

    I loved the movie Julia and Julia! I almost named my new cat Julia after them! Julia Child made some delicious recipes! I would love to have the book to make them myself! My b/f would love it too! 🙂

  • 32
    Amy says:

    I love that Julia started an entirely new career later in life. I love that she holds your hands through her recipes and knows where it may become difficult.

  • 33
    corinne says:

    She made cooking interesting for everyone!

  • 34
    Clare Poole says:

    Why do I love Julia Childs?
    She faced her challenges with guts and gusto and never took “No” for an answer….someone I can really aspire to be.
    I’m from the UK and never saw any of her shows and only discovered her when Julie and Julia and that is what got me blogging. Been promising to buy myself some of her books so to win them would be a good start to 2012 :0)

  • 35
    corinne says:

    She made cooking interesting for everyone

  • 36
    Toshona Carter says:

    I loved watching Julia Childs on television. I loved to hear her unique voice and she made cooking seem so easy. She cooked with such ease and from the heart.

  • 37
    Laura Tucker says:

    Her voice and her dishes are cooking icons!!!

  • 38
    Jennifer Pool says:

    Julia never gave up on her dreams. She wanted to share her love of cooking with the world and wouldn’t let anyone tell her it was impossible. Her cavalier attitude towards cooking made her audience realize an elegant meal was within our abilities without going crazy.

  • 39
    Rebekah S says:

    I love Julia Child because of the memories she gives me. I used to watch her show with my mom when I was growing up, I lost my mother in 1999 to breast cancer. I remember one time helping my mom make julia’s hollandaise sauce, my mom insisted it had to be Julia’s because it was the best. My mom made a puff pastery with shrimp newburg on the bottom a poached egg and hollandaise over the top from one of Julia’s shows. It was out of site. I still make it on Christmas and remember my mom. My Mom always said Julia was the best!!

  • 40
    Carla Peele says:

    Julia Child is awesome. I just love to hear her talk, honestly. And watching the things she makes was always so much fun– one of the first cooking shows I got into (before there was Food Network).

  • 41
    Bobbiedoll1313 says:

    Julia Child opened the door for so many female chefs ~ As Julie Powell said in Julie and Julia “fearless”. I have seen that movie probably 20+ times and watch it everytime it comes on 🙂 ~ I watched Julia Child when I was little and bewteen her and Justin Wilson I became the youngest foodie around. Now at 39 they still inspire me. Thank you to Julia (& Justin) and to Julie Powell for having the courage to do the Julie n Julia project, blog it n write it!!

  • 42
    Nina says:

    Her recipes are tasty, classic and naturally good – and good for you!

  • 43
    Emily Jelassi says:

    I love Julia Child and her recipes. I remember watching reruns of her cooking shows on public television…my first exposure to french food and cooking shows. It would be wonderful to have a collection of her recipes!

  • 44
    Karen says:

    Julia Child brought good food — well-cooked, fresh and delicious — into the American home. She made food accessible. She showed Americans that there is wonderful food all over the world. Most importantly, she made us love the process, not just the result.

  • 45
    Angela Spengler says:

    I love Julia Child – she’s so entertaining to watch.

  • 46
    Melissa says:

    I love cooking some of the different things that i find online that she makes i looked her up online this year and cooked some of her recipes and they were awesome. I don’t have cable here we have the converter box and on we get a channel every now and then and she has her show on there. I love it.

  • 47
    AnnMarie says:

    Julia brought exquisite recipes to the masses. Her love of cooking not just the simple, but the creative and incredibly delicious recipes. Her words, “Bon Appetite” encouraged a whole generation of people to step out of the mundane and into culinary heaven. Showing everyone who watched that they too could make the most fantastic meals just as she could. I recall many putting small televisions in their kitchens so they could do this along with her. Really ahead of her time, interactive TV! Julia… innovative, creative and visionary.

  • 48
    mayra says:

    I really, really,really, really, really, really,reallywant this books pls…

  • 49
    Kenna Garrigus-White says:

    I have always loved Julia Childs! I remember watching her with my mom and great grandmother as she went to cut a chicken. She just made everything so easy for everyone who wasn’t a certified chef.

  • 50
    mayra says:

    I love how she worked for what she wanted there was no challenge in the kitchen that she didnt try..there was Art in her food…that I wish I could accomplish

  • 51
    Teri Blevins says:

    My earliest memory of Julia Child was probably 1970-71 and I was 3 or 4. Her show played on our local PBS station, my mom loved to watch it, and I was enthralled, even at that age. She was funny, she was dynamic, and since I already loved to cook, she was my hero. There will never be another like her, although we all have a lot of fin trying, don’t we?

  • 52
    Robbie M. says:

    I love her passion for cooking and I watch her show whenever I can.

  • 53
    Lew says:

    Her detailed explanations.

  • 54
    Dawn King says:

    I grew up watching Julia on PBS,and still do watch her reruns when I can catch them. She was one of a kind type of person. I could imitate her(her voice) as I was learning to cook my self. That always made my mom laugh(she was ill and couldn’t do alot of cooking) So I guess Julia also gave sunshine where tears chould have been. God bless Julia Childs

  • 55
    Lorraine says:

    Oh my gosh! Julia Child’s recipes are so easy to fix and positively delish!

  • 56
    NAMO says:

    What isn’t to love about Julia Child, she was so ahead of her time…well before Food Network. Her spirit for life as well as cooking was so inspiring and the fact that she never took herself to seriously made her approachable and lovable as well. She is missed so glad I have her recipes to remember her so fondly!

  • 57
    Debbie R. says:

    I love how down to earth she was and how she made fancy and extremely difficult looking recipes something we can all make in our homes!

  • 58
    Valerie Szlatenyi says:

    French cooking is the basis for all cooking. Julia is my cooking hero.I would love to have this treasure!

  • 59

    I had never heard of Julia Child until I saw the film Julie and Julia and then I fell in love with her, her spirit and her cooking. Would love to win this if you are able to ship to the UK 🙂

  • 60
    Sharon Cuslidge says:

    Her passion for cooking and the way she just went for what she wanted!

  • 61
    Susan says:

    Julia worked hard to bring French cooking to the American housewife with very clear instrustions and explainations so anyone could cook like a pro.

  • 62
    Sara DeLeeuw says:

    I love how natural she was – up front and frank about everything! She wasn’t pretentious or snobby, she was just Julia. I think that’s rare to find today.

  • 63
    lara says:

    I love the movie Julie and julia..It would fun for me to cook like Julia Child…To think out side of my box..

  • 64
    Janet says:

    Love Julia!
    Her zest for life and trying new things is an example for everyone. She really started food TV!

  • 65
    mary s. says:

    i really love Julia Child.
    i was watching her , years ago on one of her shows and she was going to bake a fish. but when she brought out this huge , i mean huge fish. and tried to put it down …haha
    it slipped off the platter and went to the floor.
    live tv was something back then but she was a lady and her voice trang out and she , says
    “”and now we will wash this fish and try again:
    love d it .. hope i win all her rec, books. tkanks

  • 66
    Heidi says:

    I love Julia Child. Her recipes made gourmet cooking easier and more accessible. She is an inspiration to me for her dedication and humor.

  • 67
    mary says:

    just adore Ms Julia Child, used to watch her on her live cooking show..years ago. still use alot of her recipes.i would love having these books. wow what a prize tks pick me

  • 68
    Desiree says:

    Julia Child’s passion for food and the craft of preparing, presenting and eating it made me want to learn to cook too.

  • 69
    dennis bara says:

    I love the way Julia would admonish her viewers to “save the giblets.” I’m not sure what to do with 314lbs of turkey necks, however.

  • 70
    Donna Bogert says:

    I love that Julia made it ok to be imperfect and messy in the kitchen!

  • 71

    My favorite youtube fix is watching Julia Child snippets. She was a gem!

  • 72
    Rivkah T says:

    Squee! I love Julia so very much. She is such an inspiration, particularly since she took on a challenge much later in life (and I’m around that age myself now). Never mind that her cookbook style was so revolutionary… I can only hope to accomplish one tenth of what she did.

  • 73
    JAN KIMBERLY says:

    Julia Child inspires that “can-do” attitude and tells you it doesn’t have to turn out perfect for you to be a success and THAT is an awesome legacy. Thank you Julia for inspiring me to keep trying and even enjoying my failures.

  • 74
    Karen B says:

    Julia was simple. Maybe her recipes weren’t so simple haha (to me anyway). But she was a “normal everyday” person, who simply made me smile!! So motivational too, telling us not to be afraid!!

  • 75 says:

    ahhh… the epitomy of chef/cooking shows. I read Julie & Julia and saw the movie.. great.

  • 76
    TIMOTHY VENO says:

    I adore Julia Child because she changed the lives of millions of everyday houseswives that wear so tired of making all the same dishes over and over. She gave them a reason to feel like cooking was enjoyable for the first time, and not just a BORE CHORE , a phrase I use at my house! She gave American women the chance to feel ELEGANT WHILE COOKING…and really challenged the pallets of every family! A real HERO of THE HOUSEWIFE!

  • 77
    GladysMP says:

    Julia has inspired so many cooks, me included. Winning her books would be a real thrill.

  • 78
    Chris Conway says:

    I remember watching Julia Child’s show, when I was a child. Thinking back to that time, I recall how full of life she was and how excited she would get about the food. I now understand why she was that way, since I myself have become passionate about life and food. God bless her for all she did for the world of food, and my life as well.

  • 79
    Roslynn Szust says:

    Julia Child made French cooking accessable to everyone. She had such passion and zest for food!

  • 80
    Aileen Atwood says:

    I love Julia Child because no matter what she does she is fearless. And she has always made me believe that I can do anything. Her recipes are inspirational and made me want to study culinary arts. She changed the way of cooking and I thank her so much for that!

  • 81
    Amy L says:

    I used to watch Julia Child’s show when I was a child. She started me on the “road” to becoming a “foodie”.

  • 82
    Lillyan says:

    Julia not only discovered the Joy of Cooking, she mastered the Love of Cooking. When I am in my kitchen and that Tbsp of butter sizzles on the hot skillet with onions & garlic, I think of Julia. This year, instead of making reservations at a fine restaurant, my boyfriend and I have invited our couple friends over for a Valentine’s dinner to channel Julia and Paul. Complete with oversized, red paper hearts, heavenly food and butter, lots and lots of butter.

  • 83
    Lesley Pew says:

    I have been watching Julia Child’s shows for years. PBS in the Boston area has restored some of the episodes and show them in marathons every so often. Very enjoyable to watch and a refresher course in really good recipes that no one makes any more.

  • 84
    farmkat says:

    I love watching Julia Child’s shows. She makes cooking easy – even her flubs are part of it. Everyone makes mistakes – just keep going. Would love this collection. Thanks for offering.

  • 85
    Catherine says:

    I loved her brave indivdualism.

  • 86
    Catherine says:

    I love her brave indivualism

  • 87
    Janice says:

    She paved the way for so many!

  • 88
    Shar says:

    What an extrordinary woman she was! She brought her passion and zeal for life to all she undertook. She is definately a cooking icon who helped bring classic French techniques to the American housewife in a non pretentious manner

  • 89
    Kim says:

    I’ve been cooking from Julia’s cookbooks for years. My favorite recipe is for her Queen of Sheba cake. She was an inspiration, a teacher and an entertainer as well as a fabulous chef!

  • 90
    Carleen says:

    I loved that she made mistakes but didn’t let that stand in her way.

  • 91
    Ron Miller says:

    ya know, cooking is the wife’s department, to me all Julia is a food icon. Outside of the movie about her I’ve never actually tuned in to a Julia child’s show…

  • 92

    I love Julia! I have recently taken on the challenge to complete some of her famous recipes.. last weekend was beef bourguignon!

  • 93
    Carrie Conley says:

    I love her basic cooking style…

  • 94
    Margaret Hadam-Hay says:

    This is the coolest prize! I loved Julia Child since childhood. I would come home from grammer school and watch her cooking show on PBS. She had such an ease about her and never made anything seem fussy.

  • 95
    Kim says:

    Julia Child.

  • 96
    Marsha B says:

    I loved this movie – I’ve tried to get a copy of this book but I wasn’t able to. I printed some of her recipes off the internet they really are great!

  • 97
    Shelly H says:

    I love that she was excited about cooking and did things her way.

  • 98
    Gail says:

    I love that Julia Child was able to master French Cooking to maintain her independence. She also persevered in the face people who told her she could not write a French cookbook for the American people. My Dad used to love Julia Child and I used to watch with him and it was good quality time

  • 99
    Fran E. says:

    Oui, oui. Julia Childs!!!!!!

  • 100
    Anne Clark says:

    I think everyone remembers her voice. I remember wanting to create wonderful meals just like she did. It would be great to have her cookbook to try to re-create my very own dinner parties.

  • 101
    Karlene says:

    I just love Julia Child. She was the forerunner of all these wonderful cooking shows that we enjoy today. She made us believe that we could make anything we put our mind to.

  • 102
    Samara D says:

    Julia Child frequented a restaurant I worked at and developed a bond with the restaurant owner.There is even a picture of her dining there with him.

  • 103
    Angie says:

    Julia had a joy for life as well as a joy for cooking!

  • 104
    JoAnn says:

    Julia Child is a real down to earth cook…no one can come close….

  • 105
    Miss says:

    Her humor!

  • 106
    Faye says:

    I love Juila Child. I remember watching her on TV with my mom.

  • 107
    Katy says:

    I love Julia Child’s easy approach to cooking. I have always wanted to go to France and I know the food is delicious so I’m anxious to try out the recipes.

  • 108
    Jean Fleenor says:

    I have followed Juila all of her TV history.
    I also have several of her books and would love to win this. Thanks

  • 109
    Anna says:

    I love Julia Child! I watched the old episodes of her show and not only she will make you smile, but she will teach you how to embrace the imperfections while you cook. And of course she will teach you pretty much anything you need to know about cooking!

  • 110
    Cheri Madison says:

    Julia Child brought cooking to the masses, making it possible for an ordinary person to create extraordinary dishes.

  • 111
    Carol says:

    Wonderful memories of watching a black and white tv and he showing people how to make different dinners.

  • 112
    Bridget says:

    Love Julia! I remember one show where she accidentally dropped her food (a roast I think) & she picked it up, brushed it off & said to the camera for us to remember we were in the kitchen by ourselves…lol!

  • 113
    Susan says:

    Love her, especially when things just weren’t going right on her show – she so went with it.

  • 114
    Sharon says:

    Putting the lobster in the pot of boiling water — my fondest/funniest memory of Julia’s show. Pass the (clarified) butter, please!

  • 115
    Cynthia Santiago says:

    Julia Child…wow the memories of seeing her on TV and how you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her when she made those succluent dishes! This has to be the coolest giveaway for a chance to learn and cook her way!

  • 116
    Ellee P. says:

    I love that Julia took a risk to find what made her happy in life: cooking and teaching, but not just the technique – the love. Because of that, millions have been blessed by not only her recipes, but the REASON she cooks: Love.

  • 117
    Ginny Drews says:

    I just love her food, her recipe are so enjoyable to cook & she is such a hoot, how much more fun could you have in the kitchen!!!!

  • 118
    Ellee P. says:

    I love that Julia took a risk to find what made her happy: cooking and teaching, but not just the technique – the love. That somehow finds its way into her recipes.

  • 119
    Ginny says:

    I just love her food, her recipe are so enjoyable to cook & she is such a hoot, how much more fun could you have in the kitchen!!!!

  • 120
    Gale Bandsma says:

    This would be the perfect time to get “clean” copies to replace my set of Mastering French Cooking which has seen better days but are worn out and have various spills on them!

  • 121
    Warren Brown says:

    I have to admit I’m not much of a cook (and certainly NOT a gourmet!), but I have loved Julia Child for many, many years! I have always admired her manner and ease of delivery, not to mention her distinctive speaking voice. I am a 61 year old man and due to a disability, I have never even seen the “Julie and Julia” movie. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS PRIZE AND INCREASE MY KNOWLEDGE OF THE LIFE OF THIS “GÉANT CULINAIRE”!!!

  • 122
    Bonnie says:

    Quoting Julia, “Retired people are boring.” She has become an inspiration for me to keep active and learning after officially stopping “work”. She was a giant in so many ways.

  • 123
    Tina Graves says:

    I grew up watching Julia on pbs, but didn’t know that much about her. I loved the movie and it gives me inspiration to learn new things and to not let anyone tell me I can’t do something!

  • 124
    Joanne O'Neill says:

    Hi, This prize has to be the best. I truly admire Julia Child. When I was a child I used to watch her cooking channel all the time w/my mom,this would be a great gift to remember both of them by. Plus,I am always willing to try new recipies especially ones from different backgrounds. I really love them both. Thanks,

  • 125
    Linda J says:

    I love the fact the Julia never apologised for dropping something, that she encouraged you to be creative, and that she took such joy in cooking, just like I do. The more complicated a receipe the better I like it. Yet, the simple act of roasting a chicken is so satisfying too!

  • 126
    Josephine Fabre says:

    I remember watching Julia Child on TV as a child and wanting to be just like her when I grow up, her show represented “comfort” to me I remember a little girl closing her eyes and seeing myself in her kitchen eating her food.

  • 127
    Lakelady says:

    Watching the Julia Child cooking show as a child is what sparked my love of cooking. This prize would transport me back to the days of watching PBS and dreaming of being Julia.

  • 128
    Kathy M says:

    I love the complex, rich flavors of Julia’s french-style cooking. She was also very entertaining to watch!

  • 129
    MarthaC says:

    Her witty personality. I used to sit and watch her on PBS when I was kid.

  • 130
    Jamie says:

    I loved Julia’s sence of humor….she cracks me up. My 16 yr old daughter is a huge fan of Mrs. Child’s and love to cook also!!

  • 131
    Carolyn says:

    She was an awesome TV chef.

  • 132
    Kay Nocerino says:

    Julia Child has always been a fabulous chef that not only enjoyed cooking, but had fun while doing so. I have some of her books, but would cherish the complete set. She focused on being a chef, not a celebrity and that certainly shows when you read or review her recipes.

  • 133
    Donna says:

    Julia is a true Classic! When I was a young girl I could always distinguesh her from others by the sound of her voice! Just love her!

  • 134
    Susan H. says:

    I just loved her fun cooking style. And I loved the movie.

  • 135
    Virgil says:

    when I was young I used to watch her on the TV always enjoyed her show

  • 136
    debby shiver says:

    I think Julia Childs was wonderful i too remember watching her when a was growing up she made u feel like u were in the kitchen with her while she was cooking an showed that cooiking is enjoyable an as a housewife an mother we can make anything. Julie Childs is a gem

  • 137
    Wendy Lawson says:

    I just love the way she cooks. Easy to follow along for any level of chef. Fun and delicious recipes as well!!

  • 138
    Dee S says:

    Julia was groundbreaking. And I loved her immaculate attention to detail.

  • 139
    Karen Rustermier says:

    I used to watch her on TV as a child with fascination. She sparked my interest in cooking. She gave you confidence that you could cook like she did!

  • 140
    Karen Howard says:

    Julia Child is very smart, but a real person with flaws & doesn’t mind having it hang out on TV: & she’s commical. I love her personality & accent. She makes everything look so easy! I think she’s Great. Been watching her since childhood. I miss her.Great Prize Pack. I saw the Movie & loved it so much I had to watch it again!

  • 141
    Ashley Kennedy says:

    I love that Julia Child was a pioneer of her time when only men went to culinary school. She was not afraid to be a strong woman and prove her worthiness of learning how to cook with men. I also love how fearless she was in the kitchen. She made her viewers feel that they too could accomplish even the most daunting recipes. Amazing woman and chef.

  • 142
    Kathleen Persing says:

    Just seeing Julia Child’s name is a comforting reminder of my Grandmother watching her on tv & turning her recipes into wonderful meals for us. Grandma’s “Julia” recipes were always our favorites.

  • 143
    Jeannie says:

    The thing about Julia that stands out for me, even more so than that of her cooking, is how she lived what she said. I mean she loved to cook, she didn’t allow anything, or anyone to stand in her way. She is quoted as saying: ““Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” I think that is more of a lesson, then lesson in cooking she ever gave. I mean you can teach a person to cook, but you cannot teach them to believe in themselves, you can however show them, and that she did.

  • 144
    Martha S says:

    She was a wonderful, entertaining personality! After finally making it to France, I would love to learn how to cook this wonderful food.

  • 145
    Belkys Elkin says:

    I love that all of Julia Child’s recipies were true classics that have held up over the course of time. We never tire of them.

  • 146
    Diane Dallas says:

    Love love Julia!!!! What a wonderful lady! So down to earth & interesting & funny.

  • 147
    Zola Paget says:

    Love Julia’s attitude toward food and cooking – enhances life!

  • 148
    Linda Heuser says:

    We loved the movie and watched it as a family. My husband and daughter are the cooks of the family. Our kids gave my husband the Art of French Cooking for Christmas and I would love to have a copy for my daughter so we can skype and all cook “together” while she is away at school!

  • 149
    Amanda says:

    Love her!! She was hilarious

  • 150
    Robin Coxon says:

    What can you say about Julia Child. She was a very determined woman who believed in herself and set about to succeed at all she attempted. It is my opinion she was one of the first woman libbers.

  • 151
    Candis Nash says:

    When my husband and I were first married 31 years ago, we would watch Julia and try alot of her reciepes. We both would love this prize.

  • 152
    Nancy Hercher says:

    She was the first to raise awareness of excitement to be found in the kitchen and inspire younger women to learn techniques not previously known to them. We are indebted to her for having the vision to do this.

  • 153 says:

    great prize

  • 154

    I love Julia child’s, She is just a true old fashioned cook. I remember watching her as a wee child and trying to talk just like her when I cooked.

  • 155
    Sue C says:

    I grew up watching Julia Childs on WTTW Channel 11 in Chicago. Not only was she a joy to listen to (I loved the way she talked), I loved how she showed step by step how she made a meal and dessert. You could always tell that she loved to cook and share her skills with others. I know that because of Julia, I too have become a success in my own kitchen.

  • 156
    cathryn rauh says:

    i think the thing i loved the most about julia child, and her approach to french cooking was that it COULD be done… it wasn’t beyond someone’s abilities… that with attention and direction most dishes could be recreated in the home kitchen and enjoyed by families… not just some wealthy person who managed to get a table at some fabled restaurant! she put cuisine, not just cookery, in the hands of the masses… and fed our souls, not just our bellies!!

  • 157
    Marie M says:

    Julia Child is one of the true pioneers in cooking al all kinds! And she definitely opened up the field for women! Go Julia!

  • 158
    Jenn Floyd says:

    I love her humor!

  • 159
    Paula Poulos says:

    I love watching Julia cooking on reruns ; I have a beautiful picture of her as a younger woman cooking by a window with a bandeau top on and she is beautiful ~ in love & cooking I cannot watch Julie & Julia enough, great movie for foodies or lovers

  • 160 says:

    Julia is not only a great cook but she is also a great teacher. I’ve really enjoyed her shows,and Im sure I will benefit from reading her material and watching her video. And lets not forget that unmistakable accent she has

  • 161
    bernardina sims says:

    I love the way she makes mistakes and just sips her wine and keeps cooking!

  • 162
    Laura F says:

    This would be a wonderful shower present for my creative niece. She is not afraid to experiment and try new things in the kitchen. And who better to learn from?

  • 163
    Kerry Tofte says:

    These might inspire me just enough to actually cook for my family. If Julia can’t do it, no one can!

  • 164
    Michelle says:

    Julia Child’s cooking show was the first cooking show I watched. I enjoyed watching her through the years.

  • 165
    Chris says:

    I love the way she could catch a towel on fire and say Oh well or not be afraid of eating a few sweets or French Fries. She inspired a whole generation of us to get back in to the kitchen and not be afraid to fail.

  • 166
    Kim Kendall says:

    I’ve been watching Julia Child’s Master Chef series on my local PBS station. I love her knowledge and her adventurous spirit with cooking (and eathing) food.

  • 167
    Lauren Rooney says:

    Julia made it okay to love butter and cream, and make cooking mistakes! I especially loved her on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – my now grown son and I still enjoy her Spaghetti Marco Polo recipe that she shared that day.

  • 168
    Karen Mumm says:

    Julie Childs was such a spirited person and it was a joy to watch her cook!

  • 169
    Mistie McDonley says:

    I love Julia Child, I use to watch her show in my younger days and she was just a fantastic cook. I read the book Julie and Julia and was totally enthrawled with it!! Would truly cherish this prize package 🙂

  • 170

    I haven’t done a lot of French cooking, but love the French food and would love to learn to do it. This prize would be a wonderful way to learn!

  • 171
    joyce blystone says:

    She made mistakes like we all do.

  • 172
    Barbara Hart says:

    I grew up watching Julia on TV. I love her and the way she made cooking fun. The movie was great too!

  • 173
    Mary H. says:

    Loved watching Julia’s tv show! After watching the movie about her, it further intrigued me to learn more about her life and love of cooking.

  • 174
    K. Pugh says:

    To hear her name or her voice INSTANTLY brings me back to childhood. Both of parents were fans of her cooking shows and books. Simply put she was brilliant.

  • 175
    bonbon says:

    oh gosh, Julia was just such a character to watch and enjoy, her voice is what made her.

    it was often hinted that she worked in the underground against Hitler, something she always denied.

    I hope she did, it was an honorable thing for her to do, and frankly I like thinking she did, it makes her all that much more endearable,

  • 176
    Portia A. says:

    I grew up in the age of home economics..Julia Child was a breath of fresh air; she taught me how to cook with feeling.

  • 177
    Beth H says:

    Recently finished reading Julie & Julia. So impressed with her persistence, even on the more challenging recipes. They both encouraged me to continue to persevere in my own life. That’s my New Year’s Resolution. I even wrote to the Revolution for help. No response yet, but have hopes.

  • 178
    Nikki Maxwell says:

    I remember watching Julia on TV as a child with my mom. I thought she was just as entertaining as Big Bird at the time and still do. I love seeing clips of her from over the years.

  • 179
    Pat Wood says:

    I love the fact that this strong, self confident woman was able to tackle an art form with which she was totally unfamiliar and make it her own. Not only did she “master the art of French cooking,” she made it possible for the rest of us to do the same. She was unique: America’s gift to the culinary arts of France.

  • 180
    Jodi Calhoun says:

    I always appreciated that she was so “real” on her TV appearances and I loved her humor.

  • 181
    Kay Gellerstedt says:

    As a child, I watched Julie Child talk her way through all sorts of recipes. She had an attitude of comfort in the kitchen that always made it seem so inviting and user-friendly. No matter what dish she was tackling, it was always a lesson in how to handle whatever situations arose with grace and dignity. It is because of her “lessons” that I acquired a love of the kitchen and of food preparation.

  • 182
    Joanne Keith says:

    I loved it when things didn’t go exactly as planned on the show…she had a grace and elegance….and would go on and tell you how to handle it if it happened in your own kitchen.

  • 183 says:

    It would be a dream come true to win this. I would also love to have this to share with my two granddaughters who are in the culinary field. Also my granddaughters boyfriend who is a chef.We would all enjoy and share between us. Thanks.

  • 184
    Felicia Plastini says:

    I love Julia Child’s personality! She made cooking fun to watch and eat.

  • 185
    stu herrold says:

    Have you ever tried Julia’s recipew for French Onion Soup? If you havent your missing out on one of the finest culinary recipes ever. She was one in a million. There will never be another like her.

  • 186
    DONNA B says:


  • 187
    Jen L says:

    I love my memories of watching her on PBS when I was growing up. We always watched her show. I don’t think my mom ever made anything but she did have a cookbook.

  • 188
    Jen L says:

    The thing I remember is watching her on PBS with my mom and dad. She is the first cooking show I remember and I guess that is why I like watching now. I don’t remember my mom ever cooking anything from her but she did have a cookbook.

  • 189
    Sue says:

    LOVE Julia Child.

  • 190
    Jackie says:

    We have rice made the old fashioned way and would LOVE to try it in a rice cooker! My husband has called me “Julia” in the kitchen since we were married. He would like this…

  • 191
    marge janson says:

    After seeing the movie, Julie & Julia, I’m very interested in Julia Child’s recipes to try

  • 192
    Carol says:

    Was never worried about cooking with butter

  • 193
    marge janson says:

    After seeing the movie, “Julie and Julia”, I am very interested in her recipes.

  • 194
    Toni says:

    I just loved watching Julia Childs cook even as messy as she was.

  • 195
    Irma says:

    I am 56 years old and do remember Ms Childs with fond memories.Her show was what you saw was what you got a natural cook flaws and all, but she was entertaining and warm. I would be honored to win this prize.

  • 196
    Cathy F. says:

    I loved watching Julia Child on TV as a young girl. Now that I am unemployed due to a lay-off, I could use this time to immerse myself into learning Julia’s trade. I wonder if the lobsters will like me……

  • 197
    sherron brimingham says:

    Julia was one of the best cooking shows and she is greatly missed. It was wonderful watching her in the shows.

  • 198

    Every time I saw Julia Child in the kitchen and now the reruns on PBS it was always a joy to see her enjoy the way her foods would come out plus see her taste it yum yum. You can see the look on her eyes and her expressions how she loved cooking, she was the best and I know because of her she has inspired so many that are famous now.She has taught me to like being in the kitchen with her ideas. Thank you Julia in Heaven we miss you.

  • 199

    I love Julia because she is so human. When something doesn’t go right she laughs it off and moves on!

  • 200
    Merilee says:

    I always thought she was a HOOT!

  • 201
    Nikki Daley says:

    I remember as a child watching her on PBS, when one day see dropped dropped something on the floor, picked it up, dusted it off and used it. Oh well! Who hasn’t done that? How like my mom.

  • 202
    Rosemary Rivas says:

    This is an awesome collection. My training as a Home Economics teacher included many techniques pioneered by JC. I recall watching her and others on PBS years ago who began to educate the public in proper techniques to use in the kitchen. This collective group of recipes is an invaluable addition to anyone’s bookcase that will undoubtedly be used over and over.

  • 203
    Theresa N says:

    I love her determination.

  • 204
    Carlene E says:

    Oooh – Cookbooks – My husband loves to cook. I like to cook but am not very successful. Maybe, with the help of Julia Childs, I can get in the kitchen.

  • 205
    Pamela Succaw says:

    I remember watching Julia Child when I was a little girl. I loved the episodes that she used that enormous blow torch. And I learned something very important from her. “You can never have too much butter.” Even though my mother was and still is a great cook, I learned to give my Thanksgiving turkey a nice butter massage before seasoning with salt and pepper, and putting it in the oven to roast. It turns out perfect every time. Thank you, Mrs. Child. You have been a good example to me.

  • 206
    Diane Sargent says:

    I remember watching her before I was even interested in being in the kitchen. The movie was so inspiring to try more of her recipes! 🙂

  • 207
    Wehaf says:

    I love her attention to detail and determination to test all of her recipes completely!

  • 208
    Susan Farley says:

    I’m 54 and I remember watching Julia Childs on TV with my Mom and watching my Mom trying to make some of Julia’s Foods. I always loved watching Julia’s cooking show and I learned alot from her and from the Galluping Gormay. Just a few years ago while in DC I went to a spy museum and found out the Ms Childs worked for the oss and passed on information to the allied forces in WW2 I thought that was such a facinating tidbit of info. I would love to get this prize I love to try different ways to ccoking

  • 209
    Michele Chabot says:

    I love watching Julia! Everything looks so easy and even when she makes a mistake, which is very rare, it’s nothing to fret over! Her accent is also a delight!

  • 210
    Charolett says:

    I simply have adored Julia Child since I was very young and pretended to cook with her during her PBS show. I also remember the phrase “Save The Liverrrrr” and the way she often made mistakes on her live show but always came away looking like the glorious and “real” chef she was. I learned from her that we can always learn new things even at an age when people think we are beyond it. My cooking abilities would greatly appreciate the wonder of her recipes and books.

  • 211

    I just love to cook. I have a very large cookbook collection, but I don’t have any of Julia’s. I watched the movie and it was great, love to see it again and would love to add her cookbooks to my collection. Also, love your site, keep up the good work.

  • 212
    sandi says:

    I loved Julia Child – she was a real person not a put on like so many celebraty chefs today.

  • 213
    pammcd8 says:

    I watched Julia Childs on tv when I was young. Now that I am older I appreciate French cooking much more and the art of eating…

  • 214
    Caroleigh says:

    Julia Child makes it easy to cook like the French any day.

  • 215
    Kathy B says:

    I first remember coming across her PBS show when I was in Jr High – MANY years ago. She piqued my interest interest in fine food. Her true passion for sharing her love of producing wonderful goodies with ease, started my own love of fine cuisine, and a means of preparing it that didn’t take all week to accomplish! Bon Appetite!

  • 216
    Karyn (Grandma Kar ) says:

    I have been watching her for what seems like forever,still always turn on for repeats. I have really seen great respect for her from many chef’s. The only time I have seen her cookbook was when I looked thru a friends and started writing recipes down.Now that I am sixty and on a very fixed income I would love to have this collection

  • 217
    Rhonda says:

    I love that Julia took “fancy” cooking and made it accessible to anyone.

  • 218
    Emily says:

    Just a classic chef .

  • 219
    Sandra S. says:

    I would dearly love to win the movie of Julia. She is a real legend

  • 220
    Danielle says:

    I love how Julia made cooking look effortless. My favorite receipe of hers was for flatbread. She could knead dough but really she was commanding it. I wish I had half her power!

  • 221
    Kathleen Smith says:

    Julia believed anyone can cook and when she made a blunder she would laugh about it and carry on. I loved watching her TV program.

  • 222
    lucy says:

    What a woman–could make mistakes and pitch them and make it her way.

  • 223
    Rebecca H says:

    Loved watching her with my Mom.

  • 224
    Melissa Ricketts says:

    I think Julia paved the way for today’s shows.

  • 225
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    I can remember watching her cooking shows with my Grandmother then talking about what it would be like to meet her in person.

  • 226 says:

    I love to try new recipes and Julia always had a new twist to add to a recipe

  • 227
    deb says:

    always loved listening to and watching julia. she was larger than life

  • 228
    Elaine Kiessling was a crus says:

    I love that Julia Child did not let the fact that it was a predominately male field deter her. She was a crusader and helped to make it easier for me to be able to be a chef and be accepted. Thanks Julia!

  • 229
    Angie says:

    I love her class! She was one classy lady!

  • 230
    Maria U. says:

    Julia Childs was an inspiration to all who followed after her. Would love to learn to cook like her.

  • 231
    Linda Clark says:

    I would love to win this prize. I do not have any of Julie Child’s Cookbook, but I have seen several of her recipes. I love the shrimp recipe she has. It would be wonderful to be able to cook a bunch of her recipes if I win. Thank you for giving me a chance to own her cookbooks.

  • 232
    Samantha C says:

    Julia Child was down to earth.

  • 233
    Martha says:

    Watching “Julia and Julia” and some PBS shows of Julia made me feel like I kinda “knew her”. She was so real, so “herself”. Loved her perseverance and drive. Her recipes are so amazing and well written.

  • 234
    Samantha C says:

    Julia Child was very down to earth.

  • 235
    Linda says:

    I loved just listening to her! Amazing woman!

  • 236
    Linda says:

    Try one more time, my first comment didn’t post for some reason.

    I just love listening her! Such an amazing woman!

  • 237
    Cindy Danao says:

    This would be an honor to win these great books. such a fan 😉

  • 238
    Tami Stapleton says:

    Love Julia for mastering French Cooking and making it easy

  • 239

    I loved Julia for more years than I care to admit. I loved the movie with Meryl Streep and do not own it. Because of Julia I have a magnetic knife rack in my motorhome.

  • 240
    carol j says:

    I absolutly LOVE Julia, She was so funny and loved listening to her talk! What a doll.

  • 241
    Kristi says:

    I really enjoyed the movie, Julie and Julia! I would love to try some of her recipes

  • 242
    cheryl gustafson says:

    Julia Child’s recipes are easy to follow and taste great.

  • 243
    Carol Hays says:

    It would be great to win these great cookbooks from a woman who is an inspiration to cooks everywhere. She made cooking fun!

  • 244
    Margo says:

    Julia led the way for recipe’s to be shared. She was one of the leading women in cooking. I can remember watching her back in the 50’s and 60’s on public education tv. If she made a mistake she kept on going. She once dopped a chicken on the floor picked it up and put it back in the pan. What a treasure.

  • 245
    Deborah Santiago says:

    My husband was totally into Julia Childs shows.
    We even took him to the Smithsonian to see her kitchen. We have and use many of her cookbooks.
    She truly was an amazing chef. She was truly missed in our home.

  • 246
    Joan says:

    Wish she was still with us!

  • 247
    Rosa says:

    Julia Childs introduced me to my first and only love, our love affair has lasted over 20 years!! Meet my love: I love cooking and creating great dishes.

  • 248
    Kym says:

    Love her, so entertaining!

  • 249
    Shari Ballo says:

    I grew up With Julia. Some of my best Memories was wathching her with my Mother, and then trying out her recipes.

  • 250
    Tammi Aldrich says:

    I love Julia Child! She’s no nonsense and if she makes a mistake, she admits it. She was fun to watch.

  • 251
    Susan George says:

    Julia Child changed the way Americans cooked.
    Plus, she was so much fun to watch!

  • 252
    Joyce Ward says:

    I love her common sense approach to what could be out-of-reach recipes.

  • 253
    sue springle says:

    I LOVE COOK BOOKS. Julia has been around for a long time and I would love to have her books.

  • 254
    Shari says:

    I love Julia. Some of my best Memories are watching her with my Mother. And trying her recipes together.

  • 255
    Mary Heather Reynolds says:

    I love that Julia brought all kinds of cooking to the everyday person. I watched her with my mother when I was young and now I share her with my daughter!

  • 256
    Julie says:

    I too remember watching Julia Child on TV though at the time I had no interest in cooking. I’m hoping to give my own daughter the opportunity to get to know Julia.

  • 257
    Barbara says:

    I love that Julia has so much joy for life and cooking! My daughter is learning to cook and has started a cookbook collection…she wants the Julia Childs Cookbook…she and I are both huge fans. Love her spunk!

  • 258

    Julia Child is an icon. She made everything look easy, never got flustered and definitely was an extraordinary human being in ALL walks of life.

    A. Willson

  • 259
    Melissa Pritchett says:

    I love that she made complicated delicious food do-able. My husband and I gained our winter weight using her cookbook last winter. (We lose it every summer being so active!) She really put a love for French cooking in my heart!

  • 260
    Janet says:

    I really enjoyed the way she submersed herself in French cuisine and culture.

  • 261
    Gretchen says:

    I love Julia because she never pretended to be perfect or the best chef in the world. She was honest, and talented. A rare combination!

  • 262
    Elaine says:

    Love Julia. The original thought creator behind televised cooking shows and look what they have grown into today! A real pioneer.

  • 263
    avital b says:

    I love Julia, she is an inspiration not only in the kitchen but throughout daily life as well. She explored areas that many others wouldn’t and took risks.

    I’d love this prize pack!

  • 264
    Molly Garza says:

    She was so unconventional in her cooking and made it fun to want to cook.

  • 265
    Blanca Fernandez says:

    She showed that you don’t have to be a chef to learn to cook good food. Loved that you got to see her make mistakes…made her more human. 🙂

  • 266
    Laurie Reed says:

    When I was young there wasn’t a Food Network or a Cooking Channel, but we had Julia Child. She was inspiring with her beautiful cooking and delicious sounding recipes. I’d sit mesmerized watching her effortlessly turn out the most delectable looking food. How I miss those days….

  • 267
    svanderau says:

    Julia Child is my idol..I watched her when she was on PBS and through out the years..

  • 268
    Karla says:

    I love Julia Child…so real and down to Earth…not plastic like today’s TV Chefs!

  • 269
    Christina S. says:

    Love everything about Julia!! Love that she was able to break the mold of elite French cooking and bring it to the everyday home cook. She was a strong and determined woman and a great role model for me and my 14yr old daughter.

  • 270
    Darah Hart says:

    Julia led an amazing life both in and out of the kitchen! She made cooking fun by playing in the kitchen, and she was s real! She made cooking gourmet food easy for the ‘average’ person! She really was a gem!

  • 271
    Brindi Blessing says:

    Absolutely love that Julia embraced French cooking and fearlessly gave American women access to non-convenience food in an era of processed garbage. Food should be fabulous, glamorous, and satisfying! I feel like she was the first to flaunt the mainstream pushers of boxed and canned non-food. Quite an inspiration!

  • 272
    Laura davis says:

    I love Julia! I love cookbooks! How I would love to win this package 😉 !

  • 273
    Heather says:

    Julia is the best!

  • 274
    JACKIE says:

    I love Julia, she makes classic recipes and she made cooking fun! Would love to have this collection!

  • 275
    Rhonda Gray says:

    I’m a new culinary arts student here in Kansas City at the Arts Institute International. I will be specializing in Baking and Pastry. I love to cook and bake and will be opening my own pastry/sandwich shop after I graduate with my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. Julia Child is one of the greatest cooks that I have ever seen. I would love to be able to cook as good as she did and would love to have this set and be able to serve my future customers her masterpieces.

  • 276
    Kimberly B. says:

    I liked watching her cooking show and how she presented her cooking in a no nonsense way.

  • 277
    gretchen boothe hamilton says:

    I love that I can cook from her recipes and it will turn out well. Now my chef husband and I can cook something together!

  • 278
    Nicole Vraspir says:

    I would love to win this for all the awesome recipes

  • 279
    kathy says:

    Love her . Me and my daughter loves to cook . And my 18 year old son likes watching her it started in class a school . It was black and white . I think

  • 280
    Barb says:

    Julia Child’s passion for cooking is so infectious. It permeates every utterance and all of her books so that cooking becomes an adventure. Her ability to laugh at herself for mistakes or missteps was her greatest charm and made her the best teacher. Would love to own this whole collection.

  • 281
    Barb R says:

    Julia Child’s passion for cooking was so infectious. She made cooking an approachable adventure. Her ability to laugh at herself and her missteps was her greatest charm and made her the most effective teacher. I would love to own this collection. Sorry if this gets posted twice. I hit submit and did not see my comment, so don’t know if it did not go through or if it had to be moderated.

  • 282
    Roger Still says:

    Julia Child was to French cooking to what Paula Deen is to Southern cooking. I have respect for both of these women who really know how to cook.

  • 283
    Kathleen Coleman says:

    Let’s be honest – Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet started it all – didn’t they? Today you have a whole channel dedicated to cooking and hit shows like Top Chef etc… Well they all got their beginnings from the wonderful Julia Childs!!! She was never afraid to tackle anything and to be able to have her collection would be like having the world’s recipes at your fingertips!!!

  • 284
    Tonjia Pitts says:

    Would love to add Julia Cookbooks to my collection. I was hoping for one for Christmas, but received alot of kitchen instead, which is just as good in book 🙂

  • 285
    Judith Ruggles says:

    I love her down to earth cooking and make cooking fun and interesting Would love to have her cookbooks.

  • 286
    Molly Schotzko says:

    I love the way Julia describes food. She also reminds me of my awesome college roommate “Julia” who adored Julia Child and her show.

  • 287
    Jen L says:

    I remember watching Julia Child on PBD when I was little. Of course, our first experience with food tv. I still love watching food prep shows. I don’t think my mom ever made anything, but she did have a cookbook.

  • 288
    Vanessa G says:

    I just love Julia Child! She was super elegant & strived to make cooking a joyous experience for everyone no matter their culinary skill level.

  • 289
    alexis salema says:

    Julia Child was one amazing woman. Having said that it still didn’t make me a French cooking fan, but these books might.

  • 290
    Rosa says:

    What a great giveaway. I loved the movie. Sure would love to own it and all those cook books. Would be a great time in the kitchen trying all those new recipes. Hope to win.

  • 291
    Joan says:

    I love Julia because she wasn’t afraid of making mistakes in the kitchen.

  • 292
    Melissa says:

    I love her humor! When I was in highschool they played reruns of her episodes and I watched everyone I also wrote a 10 page research paper on her! I love the way she teaches you all the little tricks.

  • 293
    Sandra York says:

    I can remember many, many, years ago, watching Julia Child with my Grandma. It was our favorite show. Julia had class and was a true lady, and had a lot of humor. To this day, I miss her and her “charming” voice and personality!

  • 294
    Anna says:

    iwatch Juila Child as a kid and enjoy cooking these cook books would come in handy for me i do love to cook different recipe and also i try to create different types myself and i think these cookbook would help me very much i would love to win these and i would love to give these to my niece when she grownups and can cook for herself

  • 295
    Peggie says:

    Julia was great. She was the first one that I remember suggesting to cook turkeys without stuffing them, leaving a moister bird and less cooking time. Haven’t stuffed one since!

  • 296
    Catherine says:

    She is so funny. I love her sense of humor while she’s cooking

  • 297
    Gwen Radwancky says:

    Julia is multi-cultured, and she loves her wine!

  • 298
    Pat says:

    Needless to say…. Loved Julia… Loved the fact that her Husband made so many of her “Props”…. but above all loved her “Impeccably Clean” Dish Towel…. Miss you Julia…..

  • 299
    liz roland says:

    Julia Childs had THE first cooking show and it was on PBS, many,many years before the Food Channels. She made French cooking appear doable and fun. I took notes. I also loved that her husband was sous chef and bottle washer!

  • 300
    Roz Rickman says:

    Absolutely loved Julia Child when she was on TV. She was this wonderful, zany, “one of a kind” woman. Tried her beef bourganeious (sp)and fell in love with her recipes (sometimes quite complicated). Would be a proud owner of her cook books.

  • 301
    Yvette Moore says:

    Cooking meals can be so overwhelming, what to make and what side to serve. That is why I used to just cook the same things all the time. Finally after my husband kindly said, “I love that meal, but we don’t have to have it every month…do we?” Thus I began asking the family for imput on meals and trying new recipes…. Julia makes cooking easy, I love all her details.

  • 302
    Barb Swiss says:

    Julia always made the recipes seem easy enough for me to follow!

  • 303
    Sarah says:

    The thing I love about Julia Childs is that she learned as she went and was never intimidated by “fancy” recipes. If she did something imperfectly…she moved on and learned from it. It seemed that the flavor was the most important thing. I love that!

  • 304
    Katrina says:

    What is there NOT to love about Julia Child? I love that she wasn’t perfect in the kitchen, but went with the flow. She was so real, funny, heartwarming, and made great food!

  • 305
    Dana Ketchum says:

    I love that Julia was dropped in unfamiliar surroundings and searched diligently for something to keep her busy, something she loved to do. I love that she became educated in a male-dominated field and didn’t simply succeed, but excelled! I love that she took the thing she loved–food–and used it to touch hearts and lives. If only all of us could leave such a positive imprint on lives! So that’s what I love about Julia. What do I love about her food? Everything. 🙂

  • 306
    Julie Kube says:

    The fact that Julia Childs made cooking popular to the regular people.

  • 307
    Diana says:

    I love that Julia Childs was always true to what she loved and believed. She learned on her own and was a great woman because she carved her own way in the world!

  • 308
    Pat says:

    I loved watching her cook on tv. She was a hoot especially when other chefs were on. Her book taught me how to make a great bechamel for any type of gravy or cream sauce.

  • 309
    Trudy Medrano says:

    I love that when I watched her show, I always thought that she was exactly like that when the camera was not rolling (she always came across as being real), and she made cooking look fun!

  • 310
    Sheryle says:

    I liked Julia because, like me, she didn’t start cooking until she was much older and also like the fact that she showed that you didn’t have to be perfect in the kitchen. Love watching some of the old PBS shows where she is seen making mistakes and she just blows it off.

  • 311

    They are fantastic recipes with lots of flavor!

  • 312

    There isn’t a thing about Julia Child that didn’t inspire me. Her method of cooking, her perseverance, her bubbly personality, all made her the legendary home cook and author she will always be. She never let a kitchen mishap bring her down, but smiled and pulled right through. She proved that good food is made with love.

  • 313

    I am reading her cookbook again and I am still impressed that she took the initiative and dove right in and learned a new skill at an age that most women would have settled into domestic bliss. She must have had a huge appetite for knowledge which propelled her into a unique situation of becoming a successful chef. The more I read about her the more I admire this American icon.

  • 314
    Joy Craig says:

    I loved that Julia was always herself. She didn’t try to be anyone else. If she made a mistake, she just went with it!

  • 315
    Terry Devore says:

    I Love her sense of humor and her no fear attitude in the kitchen. She taught a lot of us how to fun with cooking and not to panic if something didn’t go quite right. She also lived a very interesting life and I always enjoyed reading anything written about her and of course I love her cookbooks. I could really not only use these books, but add them to my cookbook collection. I have some that go back to the mid 1800’s. Boy has cooking changed since then!!

  • 316
    Roberta says:

    I rember watching Julia with my Mom when I was a kid and I love her recipe for French Onion soup today.

  • 317
    Jaime Collins says:

    I have loved Julia fir as long as I can remember. I even had my husband watch Julie and Julia with me. I am an intermediate chef and would love to have this amazing prize package.

  • 318
    Patty Kasiewicz says:

    I love Julia because she was the pioneer for women chefs on television and i just loved the way she cooked. she is #1 in my heart.

  • 319
    basketpam says:

    Oh I would LOVE to win this package. I’ve seen Julia Child’s on PBS much of my life but ever since the movies I’ve been dying to get her cookbook and do some of the very recipes in the movie. I plan on starting with the Beef Boug.

  • 320
    Lisa says:

    I didn’t fall in love with Julia Child until I watched “Julie and Julia” but now I’m fascinated. I’ve been saving for her cookbooks. I love how she just did what she was passionate about, learned from her mistakes and lived a life that was full of love.

  • 321
    Helen Cuplin says:

    Julia Childs is a wise, educated woman with backing to provide classy ingredients aND IN-teresting commentary on foods. Her television, broadcast and books reflect her briliance.

  • 322
    Arthur Ling says:

    Julia Child took fancy, complicated French cooking methods and made them easier to undertake for the average cook. She took the fear out of French cookery.

  • 323
    SARAH OSWALD says:

    her voice for sure and also her food!!!!

  • 324
    Mary says:

    I love Julie Child because she cooks mainly roasts which is what I start with for my family as well. Then I move onto side dishes. I admire her much more than the more modern people cooking today on television. Although I watch them too. But she is my fav!

  • 325
    DavetteB says:

    I loved watching her on PBS when I was younger. She was very specific when needed so that you could remember the terms. I also loved her unique accent.

  • 326
    Elizabeth Scheller says:

    I love the way that Julia Child sought to master the joy of French Cooking, and that she cared enough to share her knowledge and love with us!

  • 327
    melissa eldridge says:

    i love her food,i watch her show when i get a chance love her show

  • 328
    DesertSunburst says:


    If anyone tried one of your recipes once
    They would have to do another and another

  • 329
    Becky says:

    I grew up watching Julia Childs on tv, and from there gained a love for cooking. She was so down to earth, and a joy to watch.

  • 330
    karen bennett says:

    I used to love watching Julia as a child she was my first look into cooking outside of my mother’s kitchen.

  • 331
    alaine says:

    I love that she was not afraid to make mistakes, or afraid of butter!

  • 332
    Amber says:

    Everything! She was a regular on my Saturday TV watching (yes sometime ago) and I read that she was a spy. What couldn’t she do? Super magnificent giveaway.

  • 333

    I LOVE Julia Child and her recipes! I have made her pie crust recipe many times and have won many awards with my pie’s at the fair. Her recipes are wonderful!!!

  • 334
    Michaeline says:

    I loved the easy and simple way she described what she was doing. My mom and I used to watch her on weekends when I was a kid!

  • 335
    Carrie Solem says:

    I’ve got the Julia & Julie film, and absolutely love it! I’ve also got one of her books, The Way To Cook (which I inherited from my mother). Julia has been an inspiration for me for quite a number of years, and I don’t know what the world would have done without her.

  • 336
    carol doty says:

    I have watched Julia since I was a young girl and I am 67 now .I have tried her the way she makes her food and it is so good worth the time and effort

  • 337
    Celeste says:

    Julia Child has been SUCH a huge inspiration to me…as evidenced on my food blog. Her quote – “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it” has a lot of meaning to me!

  • 338

    […] honor of the “Ultimate Julia Child Prize Package” giveaway on the blog this week, I wanted to share with you the ultimate Julia recipe we […]

  • 339
    DavetteB says:

    I loved watching her show on PBS and learning French words. I wanted to make coq au vin, but my mom wouldn’t buy any wine ( I was in elementary school at the time)

  • 340
    Lori S says:

    What I love about Julia is that she embraced herself, and everyone else, exactly as they were.

  • 341
    Sylvia F says:

    I love Julia Child. She influenced the way my mother cooks, and my sister, brother and I cook the way my mother cooks, so Julia is responsible for our family’s legacy of great cooks!

  • 342
    Daljeet Singh says:

    A patriot and member of Office of Strategic Services!

  • 343
    sandy says:

    I like getting up and get ready to start my day.

  • 344
    Laura says:

    Julia Child was the best!

  • 345
    diana says:

    Julia Child was not only a great cook she was also a very funny lady. I admire her!!

  • 346
    diana says:

    Julia was not only a fantastic cook, she was also a very funny lady, I admired her!!

  • 347
    diana says:

    Julia child was not only a fantastic cook ahe was also a very funny lady, I admired her!!

  • 348
    tera says:

    i love the way she was so down to earth with everything she did … truely a good person

  • 349
    Ginger Johnson says:

    Lov eher. Had a “Julia” dinner party one evening—all the gals wore pearls in her honor! What a great Lady!

  • 350
    Deborah Walters says:

    My favorite thing about Julia was her voice! Just bubbling over with joy and confidence. How could you not want to try anything with that lovely woman to guide you!

  • 351
    Kathy Sloan says:

    I used to watch Julia on tv. She was amazing just being herself. A very unconventional and determined woman with a love of cooking and life.

  • 352
    Brian Bennett says:

    I loved watching the movie. I loved watching Julie tackle Julia’s French recipes with wild abandon. It’s great (and it’s her legacy) that she taught us not to be afraid of French cooking and cuisine.

  • 353
    Debbie Camp says:

    What an Amazing Woman! She was the best – an inspiration to all women – if you want it – do it & persevere & you’ll succeed! Such a beautiful soul … as well as cook & entertainer extraordinaire! Miss her.

  • 354
    Patti Kish says:

    My Dad (now gone), who was born in 1916, watched Julia’s TV show when I was a kid. She inspired him to learn to be a great cook. He changed the ingredients in every recipe he came across ~ except Julia’s ~ and that says a lot! It’s funny ~ just last night I came across one of her cookbooks, that belonged to my Dad. Great memories!

  • 355
    Elizabeth M Espinoza says:

    One of the worlds remarkable women. She became famous, not because she sought fame, but because she followed her own passion.

  • 356
    Ray C. Amet says:

    I use to watch Julia on TV quite often and would try many of her recipes but I don’t think I ever saw her make this, which is one of my favorite dishes, which I had copied from an old French cook Book I found in a library. I am going to try this because the ingredients are similar but the way of preparing it is a little different.

  • 357
    Denise Stevens says:

    Julia was a joy to watch. Her recipes were very interesting to follow. The recipes were always very good.

  • 358
    Patricia goff says:

    I have never seen Julia Child on tv nor have I tried one of her recipes but I am going to try this one.

  • 359
    Sylvia says:

    I used to watch Julia Child every chance I got. My best friend and I would watch her show as our kids played. Then of course we would try to emulate her. She instilled a love of cooking in both of us. We would have little luncheons for just the two of us and the boys trying something new each time. Just think Julia was the pioneer of Food TV!

  • 360
    Mrs. David Appleseth says:

    Julia Child infused her excellent cooking art with her Happy Spirit and Love of French Cooking.She was a Treasure and an Inspiration For All of us.

  • 361
    Michelle Colson says:

    I was introduced to Julia, by my stepmother, when I was child. She has been part of my whole life. My husband lived in France so having her Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a true joy to have in our home. She blazed a trail for all cooks and want-to-be cooks who came after her.

  • 362
    shirley hundven says:

    Julia a great cook and a woman. She taught me alot about cooking. Thank you Julia! Im still learning.

  • 363
    Sarah Geczy says:

    I emulate her example of tanacity in the face of constant critism by professonal chefs, especially here in America. She opened the door for many women to become fine chefs in their own homes and serve their family’s great food. He love for her husband and his support for her for so many years should also be included in what it’s like to be overcomers!Bring on the butter!!

  • 364
    cindy says:

    Julia Child was my inspiration for the love of cooking. Her recipes are awesome. And she always tasted with her fingers. I bet she licked the paddle blades from the mixer, too.

  • 365
    Deborrah says:

    Julia Child was a pioneer in teaching all kinds of cooking through the television as well as her books! No matter how hard they try these new chefs will NEVER be her equal! What was there not to like about Julia Child?

  • 366
    Sue says:

    I like her determination.

  • 367
    Darla Biederman says:

    I love Julia Child for her unfailing enthusiasm!

  • 368
    Waialae says:


  • 369
    Rebecca Wright says:

    I look up to Julia because she made something of herself against all opposition and was willing to pass her knowledge on. She was and is an inspiration to all the people like me who love to cook( and love butter).

  • 370
    Mary N says:

    Julia Child inspired me to cook everything with wine & passion! To this day, French cooking is my favorite cuisine!

  • 371
    Verna Gass says:

    She truly paved the way for all the cooking shows of today,and her name is still a household word. I doubt
    If many of these “stars” of today will have her lasting
    effect. A real pioneer in cooking for Americans.

  • 372
    katie says:

    Julia Child has touched so many people with her wonderful cooking, sense of humor and her passion for life. She brought superior cooking to an everyday audience -taught many people like myself the basics.

  • 373
    Linda B says:

    I remember watching her as a child on TV and have been a foodie fan ever since.

  • 374
    Linda B says:

    I grew up watching Julia on TV and from that point on I was hooked and became a foodie fan.

  • 375
    PAM M says:

    julia Child is one class act. She inspired me many years ago to experiment, enjoy and love cooking! I do miss her cooking show immensely.

  • 376
    Kate Ramsey-Hess says:

    My earliest food memories are of watching Julia and the Galloping Gourmet on PBS when I was about 7 years old. I fell in love with Julia and her oddly accented high voice, and with cooking. My mother was ill when I was a child so I began following my Grandmother around the kitchen and learned to cook.

  • 377
    Cara Halvorson says:

    One my best childhood memories was watching Julia Child every weekend on PBS with my parents. Her sense of humor was priceless. I will never forget her setting three chickens up on the counter like they were sitting there headless and naked. The bit of chatter she did with those chickens was priceless! She made cooking fun!

  • 378
    LInda Verbeke says:

    My aunt was an avid Julia fan. She taught my daughter to cook and now that I am 66, my daughter has me over for WONDERFUL suppers all the time. Thank you, Julia.

  • 379
    Jobo says:

    After seeing “Julie and Julia” and remembering how much I enjoyed watching Julia Child on tv so many years ago, I purchased “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” First up was her Boeuf Bourginnone. Then came her Coq au Vin ( pretty similar, but with chicken). Her recipes are so detailed that if you follow them you cannot blunder. How great is that?!

  • 380
    Cecelia says:

    Julia Child’s recipes are for the meal you want to prepare all from scratch and serve to that special someone. I love her recipes!

  • 381

    I remember watching Julia with my mom, and then as I became the homemaker watching her myself. She was very normal just like all of us are. She enjoyed being in the kitchen and that is what I have tried to instill in my 2 children. They are very comfortable in the kitchen and enjoy cooking and experimenting with foods. Julia was not afraid to express herself, whether it was a triumph or a mistake.

  • 382
    Keri Skousen says:

    Though I’m a good cook, I have actually NEVER made a Julia Child recipe. The first time I ate REAL french food and bread was at a restaurant in the Back Bay area of Boston and I wanted to melt in my chair. I would have been happy to live there the rest of my life! I would love to have a copy of her books! Thanks for the chance.

  • 383
    Mary Anne says:

    I love Julia Child because my Dad would watch her show and then cook for us. I learned from him what he learned from Julia.

  • 384
    Aimee Pratt says:

    I loved watching Julia as a child. Her philosphy on food and cooking is what has inspired me to change my career as an adult and pursue my passion for food too!

  • 385
    Bergy says:

    I can remember watching Julia cook on TV as a young child. All you had to hear was the “voice” and you knew who was on the air! As I grew older, I was always amazed at how unflappable she was when things didn’t do right on camera or in the kitchen.

    Soldier on! she would say….

  • 386
    Laura says:

    Thanks for the Beef Borg. recipe. I have always wanted to try it. Julia seemed like such a strong kind women. She’s was an inspiration!

  • 387
    Terri Lynn Howard says:

    Julia Child taught me not to be afraid in the kitchen. She was the first to admit a mistake and laugh about it as she continued making the recipe. What a grand role model for enjoying the kitchen she was for all of us!

  • 388
    Liz Tosti says:

    I have always enjoyed reading and hearing about Julia’s recipe but have never attempted a recipe. Recently I spent Christmas in Paris where we all enjoyed traditional cooked beef bourginnone, especially my 21 year old son. Just yesterday I told him I was going to attempt to make it for him when he comes home for college spring break and he was very excited. Then tonight I see this recipe and contest, what a coincidence!

  • 389
    Yvette says:

    Julia Child was a fearless chef who showed the world that good food can be made at home any day of the week, not just for special occasions.

  • 390
    Ann Fitzmorris says:

    Julia’s BOEUF BOURGUIGNON recipe is the best ever. I first ate it at a friend’s dinner party about 1965 and begged for the recipe…this friend did not share recipes. I made such a pest of myself over the next few weeks that she finally told me where she got it and I was then ‘set for life’ after I bought the cookbook.

  • 391
    Ellie Ray says:

    Texas needs to have french books, especially Julia Child’s books!!!! I have been looking for her 1st edition book for a very long time. Love her… Y’all pick me please 🙂

  • 392
    Dez says:

    Being from an economically depressed childhood, I was as far removed from fancy French cooking as one could get. Until I met Julia Child through the magic of public television, that is.

    I became infatuated with Ms. Child the very first time I saw her. I can’t recall the specific meat, but it was large. What I can recall was an imposing woman, but in an almost indiscernibly self-conscious way, repeatedly slapping this meat enthusiastically as she breathless explained the type of cut it was, how to prepare it for cooking, how not to be intimidated by it, etc. In short, Julia was giving pointers on how to successfully court this meat in a style for which she became globally famous. Even in France! As I’d later learn, this was typical of the relationship Ms. Child had with all foods. It was a unique, fun and delightfully insane!

    From that first show it was just the two of us. It was the beginning of an intimate relationship that was to last for decades until her death. Almost. I still see Julia Child hanging out with every single cook that graces the airwaves. It was she that began this crazy, ubiquitous food thing. She was the singular most important influence that drove me to the kitchen.

    She remains as real to me today as she was when I had my first date with her (she was my first girl, by the way). And I’m so pleased that this is the date that *never* ended. She remains the fresh, vibrant teacher of just plain cooking, only in the French style, today as she was way back then. Her information is timeless. Her presentation of that information remains unique and for lack of a better word, intimate.

    I may not win anything with this comment and that’s okay, because this is the first time I’ve taken the opportunity to express my gratitude to (and for) Julia Child, especially in front of those who are equally appreciative of her and her body of work. And that’s even better. Honest!

    Bon appetit!

  • 393
    Karen Arseneau says:

    Would love to see Julia compete in Iron Chef!!

  • 394
    betsy says:

    I love Julia Childs. My sister and I used to watch her show when we were kids. The chance to try some recipes would be fun and challenging

  • 395
    Kim B. says:

    I love Julia Childs french recipes and that she worked hard to learn them. In making anything of hers it’s takes you right into her kitchen.

  • 396
    Kobi Hensley says:

    I love the way she talks and how easy it easy to follow her recipes

  • 397
    dell spier says:

    Julia Child was my favorite. She made everything she prepared fun. She brought about many laughs and good recipes.

  • 398
    Helen Teresa Cain says:

    I love Julia Childs, I wanted to name my child Julia, but was out voted by her dad. I love her down to earth demure and cooking style. I love her voice too. She reminds me of my grandmother a lot might be why I love her so much. THANKS.

  • 399 says:

    Julia was so down to earth,you seemed to know her just by watching her!

  • 400
    Jeanette Bass says:

    I love her sense of humor.

  • 401
    joyce says:

    She also made mistakes.

  • 402
    Harp says:

    Ya know, you have to love a woman who didn’t ‘make it’ until after she got older – hurray, Julia!

  • 403
    lori Ingram says:

    Oh how many times I would walk into my mother’s kitchen as a child and there would be a Julia Child’s cookbook propped up on the counter. She would be reading it so intensely and the meals that came out of it was priceless. I have one left, somehow they all got lost. I would just love to replace them and preserve her memory.

  • 404
    Gina Kenrick says:

    OMG!!!! I absolutely LOVE Julia Child. Being from Massachusetts she was our goddess of cooking shows.

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