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Grilled Pesto Pizzettes and An Italian Tour of Los Angeles

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I recently had the pleasure of joining a few of my fellow Los Angeles food bloggers on an Italian Tour of LA with the folks from Bertolli.  For over 150 years, Bertolli has been dedicated to bringing the authentic flavors of Italy to the dinner table.  Their passion for  high quality ingredients shaped our tour as we explored everything from a morning cappuccino to handmade pasta and even the perfect wine pairing.

Head on over to our Facebook page for a gallery of photos from the day!  An Italian Tour of Los Angeles

Cafe Bella Roma – This was our first stop of the day!  The chef came to the US from Rome and made the perfect cornetti and cappuccino to kick off our tour.

Obika Mozzarella Bar – Authentic ingredients, such as the perfect Mozzarella di Bufala, are what make Italian meals shine.  Check out my recipe below for a great way to highlight mozzarella in a dish.

Primi al Mercato – Pasta is a staple of Italian cuisine and it is fascinating to watch it being made by hand.  The shapes, fillings and sauces offer endless meal possibilities!

Il Norcino Salumeria – Right across from “Primi” is the salumeria. I am constantly searching for the perfect proscuitto in LA and here I just may have found it!  Served with a splash of Prosceco and it was a little slice of heaven.   (I need to start savoring the authentic Italian lifestyle more often!)

Cafe Bellagio – Next we were in for a sweet Italian treat – gelato.  It is the perfect snack on a warm afternoon or a great way to finish off an Italian meal.

Osteria Mamma – We finished off our tour in this cozy and friendly family-owned Italian restaurant.  The dishes were simple and respected the traditions and flavors of the Veneto region.  You know a meal is authentic when it’s made by Mamma!


After a day of exploring authentic Italian food and savoring the carefully selected ingredients, I was inspired to come up with a recipe of my own!  Since our recipe contest theme this week is pizza, I wanted to offer an easy and unique twist on this classic favorite.

These are “Grilled Pesto Pizzettes” or mini-pizzas.  All you need is frozen dinner roll dough, prepared pesto, fresh cherry tomatoes,  bocconcini (mini mozzarella balls), and, of course, Bertolli olive oil.

Grilled Pesto Pizzettes (click here to view and print recipe)

Frozen dinner roll dough

Olive oil

Prepared pesto sauce

Cherry tomatoes

Bocconcini (mini mozzarella balls)

Thaw dinner roll dough and stretch into pizzette crusts.  Brush with olive oil and grill over medium heat for 30-45 seconds on each size.  Top with pesto sauce, halved cherry tomatoes and halved bocconcini.  Warm on grill or in oven to melt the mozzarella.  Finish off with a drizzle of olive oil and enjoy!

This recipe is fast and fun with a few simple Italian ingredients.  When you are short on time, Bertolli offers an array of fantastic Italian meals and sauces so you can experience a taste of Italy in your own home.  From frozen meals, to olive oils and pasta sauces, and even a new line of frozen soups!

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